Bloody halls

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"Hey leader John, you wanted me?"

"yes actually, How old are you and when's your birthday?"

I'm 18 years old and My birthday is May 13th.. Why? How old are you?"

"Child I'm 21 geez I didn't think I looked that old! hahaha."

"hahaha. No no you don't look old! But are you married or have a girlfriend?" Dang it I'm blowing it!!! Bruh he's gonna know I like him!! Great...

"No I'm not married and no I don't have a girlfriend anymore, why do you ask. Do you like what you see?"


"What was that princess?"

"Ok ok maybe" Then I felt like the room was getting really hot and so I ran out of there... Great I blew it... He's never gonna like me now...

I'm in love with the leader of the mafia but I know we can never be together... I'm 18 and he's 25.. That's to big of an age group.. I think! Maybe it would work..

When I was sitting n the couch thinking I saw someone in the corner of my eye and the I saw boss sit next to me. That brought me right out of my state! He looked at me in a dreamy look or just his beautiful killer eyes looking at me...

"Princess, look at me.You know I don't like repeating myself!" With those words I looked at him and started blushing again.

"Princess, you know I like you right?" I straight up dropped my jaw and was so happy!!

"W-what? What did you say?"

"Wow it's that hard that I like you princess? I honestly thought you knew but haha you couldn't hide it either!"

When he said that I blushed hard and stared in his dreamy eyes. Oh how I wanted to kiss him right then and there!

But when I was looking in his eyes something didn't seem right...

His eyes were full of something but I didn't know what it was til I looked at his face...

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