Bloody halls

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I woke up around 5 am to get something to eat when I saw someone sitting at the table...
He didn't look familiar... OMG!!! I didn't know him!! A stranger was in my new house!! I am so- wait what is that on the walls... What is that!?!? It was a thick dark red almost black substance on the walls at 2:57 am...
WAIT- I-is t-that bl-blo-blood?!?!?!
yes... What I saw on the walls was... blood... I don't know how it got there but all I know is there is blood in the halls and there is a creepy scary unknown man sitting at my table!! I looked around and there was blood on the table, couch, floors, and on the walls... I think about 5 minutes passed and the man was on a computer writing something... I was curious so I peeked at his computer and it read, 'I saw a little girl in one of the rooms and then a teenager and the teenager had the scent of the disease on her but she's gone now'..
....I didn't know what that meant.. But I knew I had to see my sister and tell her everything!
Without hesitation I slowly walked to my sisters room trying my best not to make any noise. Once I got there I whispered, "Karly?.. p-ple-please wake up!!! There is a creepy scary man in the kitchen and blood everywhere, please wake up..." She didn't even move when I whispered that in her ear... Normally I don't even have to say anything for her to be awake and know that I'm in her room.
Then.... I saw something that made me scream....

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