Bloody halls

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I want to leave this crazy house!!!

Karly was really pale and looked like she hadn't slept for days... I felt bad for her but then I remembered I was still mad at her.

When I was looking her up and down checking to see if she was ok she said," S-sis? I'm sor-sorry that I was avoi-avoiding you... I was sa-sad, mad, and str-stressed that I-I couldn't get a j-job.. I'm re-really s-sorry..." She was so weak but managed to have a single tear streak down her cheek.

She started softly crying and lifted her shirt up to show me..... a huge scar on the side of her ribcage... She said," Sis when I'm gone... p-promise me that you'll leave this house and never come back... p-please promise me..." I started crying seeing her in so much pain...

Thinking of her seeing and going up with mom, dad, and my little brother...

She looked so weak and scared and sad and scared for me and mad that she couldn't help me. I was going to get her a drink when I saw....him...

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