Bloody halls

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After I fell I saw..

The man right behind me.. and Karly was laughing? After I saw Karly laughing at me I got sad, confused, scared, and... mad!!
I was so mad now!! I hated her not telling me what's up!! I hated her not telling that she was sick!!! I hated her avoiding me!! I hated her laughing at me!!! she never used to laugh at me... She would always stand up for me but now... I'm sick of her..
When I looked up I saw that the man was laughing too... At me.. I tried to stand up and run again but it was no use so I sat down and said," Just kill me.. Do whatever you want to me I don't care anymore..."
After I said that to him he looked at me with a confused look and I saw that he actually had a face!! He wasn't faceless!! So that means Karly wasn't faceless either!!
So I looked over at Karly and...
She actually didn't have a face...?!?! But that made no sense!!
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