The Grayson Recordings

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Tape 1: Side B

"Parker Grayson here again.....June 15th, 6:32 pm. I just got a notice from dispatch that I need to get to a scene immediately. I didn't believe what they told me, but when I got there I had to. This was of course another 114, but for some reason they scrawled my name "Parker Grayson" all over the walls of the house in blood from the victim. I was asked why the Infected may have done this, which I of course did not know. Perhaps they know I'm the person in charge of the case and they're somehow....taunting me.

My partner Hammond is really weirded out that the Infected know my name, but why wouldn't they? They can hear us, and they share this hive mind so....why wouldn't they? The toying with's not something a bacteria would do of it's own, is it? Is it possible that a bacteria could have thoughts like us? I'm not sure what's more unsettling, a bacteria that's mindless and only care to reproduce itself, or one that's smart enough to think on its own like that. I have to murder everyone to find out what's going on.

This is by far the strangest case I've ever been involved in. It seems the more answers I get, the more questions I have. To make matters worse....someone leaked information to the media so now they have confirmed information about what's going on. The CDC will probably be taking still bugs me why they're not already involved. I'd be relieved , considering they probably know what they're doing with this situation more than us. Yet, It scares me to think what measures might be taken to contain the situation. I can only wait and see.

"June 16th, 2:25am. I was woken up ten minutes ago by a phone call. The voice was hoarse and scratchy, and it only said my name...when I asked what it wanted it just laughed and said that I already know. When I asked what they meant, they just laughed some more and hung up. I'm having dispatch send some officers to my house to keep a lookout. It seems whoever has it out for me knows where I live, and I can't take any chances. Oh God, what if they get Marlene? I couldn't live with myself....she's all I have left.

"June 16th 12:44pm. When I dropped Marlene off for school this morning, I couldn't help but feel a little knot in my stomach after I dropped her off. She kissed me on the cheek as she usually did, but it felt so bittersweet. I was failing her....if I can't figure out what's going on she could be in danger. I laughed hysterically until I almost choked.

After getting to work, I learned that one of the officers checking on my house last night found some bushes near my windows that had been disturbed, and hand prints on my window. A chill went down my spine as I had no idea that I was being watched, perhaps by the creep that had called me. How long had this been going on? The officer assured me they'd keep at least one or more officers patrolling my house from here on seeing as they were targeting me.

June 18th 2:35pm. As I sat at my desk today looking over the evidence, I noticed my partner seemed to keep sipping his coffee loudly. I couldn't stop imagining stabbing his hand with a pencil

June 18th 4:00pm. More calls today about attacks, They all seem to keep getting away. I've stop keeping count by now. The days seem to be running together more...I just can't sleep. The CDC has gotten involved now, and is quarantining all of the victims' homes to study any left over remains of bacteria. They're talking about potentially quarantining the entire city. If they do...I'm not sure what's going to happen next. This is getting really scary.

June 18th 11:13pm. I'm really freaking out right now. CDC started doing some testings (cough) today with lab rats to clock the official time of the Infection again. Until now, it's been one or two days. My blood ran ice cold when the rat turned in a matter of minutes....squealing and attacking the cage ferociously. Similar tests of the hive mind showed positive as well. Hammond was sipping his coffee the whole time WHY WONT HE STOP!

The Infected in captivity have shown more improvement in their vocal capability. They can speak small phrases now, and seem to be much more intelligent than they appear. The problem is that they aren't very compliant in answering. Perhaps they're smart enough to not let us understand the nature of this Infection. Worst of all, before I left, one of the Infected called me out by name. When I asked what he wanted, he grinned the most devious grin I've ever seen and asked, "How is Marlene doing?" It took three officers to keep me from pulling out my gun and shooting him in the face right then and there.

June 19th 7:15pm. I just got home, and saw that my psychiatrist has called again to check on my progress. I've told her repeatedly that I just don't have time. I've hardly had time to sleep, running from one house to another over reportings of the Infected as well as attacks. The CDC is already having talks with the mayor about containment, which is a hot debate. Do we sacrifice the lives of our city for the greater good while also dooming us in the end? Not an easy decision, and I'm glad I'm not in charge of that.

Every moment I'm at home, I just sit with Marlene and play with her for as much time as I can. Somehow I can't help but feel like the worst is just around the corner. Every moment is precious, and when she keeps asking me what's wrong, i don't know what to say. I don't want to worry her but I hate to lie to her too... especially when she looks at me with those big, brown eyes.

So I lie, and it takes all I can not to break down when she asks. So many are looking up to me for answers, the city, my daughter, and the chief is yelling at me about getting results....this pressure is just too much. I almost just wish the CDC would take over completely and relieve me of this case. I checked in with my patrolling officer, who assured me that everything looked fine. His smile was a bit strange, it was almost too hard , as if forced. Maybe I'm just going crazy...looking into things too much. I'm taking a hot bath with a bottle of something alcoholic, doesn't matter what at this point.

June 20th 1:20am. My phone woke me up out of my sleep in the tub, and I almost ruined it by splashing around in surprise. Apparently there was a huge surge of phone calls about activity which sounded like the Infected. WE WILL ALL SOON DIE. They were calling every available officer to assist. Groups of people were spread all over the city, and almost every phone call had the eerie sounds of breaking glass and screaming. From the way the dispatcher described it, there was something big going on.

I practically leapt out of the tub and dried off, and as I turned to leave the bathroom, something froze me dead in my tracks. Written on the mirror of my bathroom in red marker were the words "Won't You Join Us?" As I stood there, confused transfixed on the words and meaning, alarm bells went off inside my head, and I turned to run out to check on Marlene. Before I could, Marlene suddenly showed up in the doorway. She....(sob) she was...(sob)...she was holding a red marker in her hand...."

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