The Grayson Recordings

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Tape 2: Side A

"June 20th 1:20am....I held Marlene for what felt like hours, but it was only a minute or two. The shock of seeing her with that red marker.....I felt like I was going to die. When she explained that she got up to get some water and found it on the floor...I completely broke down.

She asked why I was so upset, and saw how I got more upset when she asked about the writing on the mirror. I told her it was grown-up stuff, and that I needed to take her to my sister's house until things settled down. Hammond kept trying to contact on my way, but I had to ignore him. I was too focused on getting Marlene to safety to get distracted FROM LIVING.

"June 20th 2:02 am.....There is no hope there is no future we will soon be the ultimate you will not you are human you will not live forever you are nothing you are but a small speck on the lens of a camera all humans are nothing life is meaningless we are but one and we will succeed."

"June 20th 2:30am. I dropped Marlene off at my sister's place, who was freaking out when I told her the long and short of the situation. I made sure Marlene couldn't' hear us. She berated me on how we didn't know what was going on and what we were going to do. It this was any other person, I would have cussed them out right then and there. Police don't have all the answers and only do the best we I just sinned things to seem more in control to reassure her. She's just freaking me.

"June 20th 3:07am. Hammond and I met at the nearest house where there was a distress call. We arrived , expecting to see a scene of hurt citizens and blood everywhere. After we got there, I began wishing that was the case.

The house was completely normal....which to me is far creepier than having an obvious crime scene. They must have been kidnapped end of all life as we know it. Hammond thought the same thing. But we can't prove there are missing people....after all maybe they booked it out of there. What was so weird was just how freaking NORMAL everything was. Even the beds were made....despite the fact that a call came in 30 minutes ago stating they were woken by noises outside....seemingly a group of people.

Things took an even darker turn when we called it in to dispatch, only to be met with noting but static. We tried five times, but still nothing. Hammond and I both looked at each other, and started booking it towards the police station when I got a call on my cell from another officer. And if Hammond keeps sipping his coffee so loudly Iswearheisgoingtodierighthereinmypolicecaraghhh. Apparently there was a huge disturbance at the hospital, and needed anyone to come help. The way he described it, we really needed a SWAT team.
Considering the lack of response from dispatch, we had to help an officer in need and made our way to Mercy Hospital.

"June 20th 4:39 am. We arrived on scene to find that groups of people that Infected were mindlessly attacking others at the hospital. Some were smart and ran away when approached. It was a hopeless situation....anyone they bit were soon going to join them and we couldn't just go in there guns blazing but....we didn't really have much of a choice.

Officer Jenkins helped us allgoingtodieallgoingtodieallgoingtodie barricade off areas where the Infected were grouped together. In the process we had to fend off other Infected . It didn't take long before it was complete pandemonium, and people were fleeing the hospital altogether, which was hilariousanddelicious for the best.

Problem is, we ended up getting ourselves boxed in by the Infected.....and had no other choice but to retreat to the locker room. That's when Officer Jenkins discovered......(gulp)....that he was bitten. We told him that we'd wait until he turned, no sense in rushing things.

I wish we hadn't...he used his last moments to call his wife. We were in such close quarters we couldn't even give him the privacy. Hearing him talk to her for the last was almost unbearable. Hammond just sat int he corner...I think he's in a mild state of shock.

Right as Jenkins began to turn...I heard him say something. I don't know if what he said was what made me snap....I'm not sure of anything really because I blacked out. But the way Hammond relayed it to me....I began mumbling wildly before I pummeled him to death with his own police baton.
Hammond didn't intervene....he couldn't. He was already in shock, and I freaked him out even more...understandably.

When I came to, the only thing I knew for sure was that there was blood all over my clothes, and I was standing in front of a broken mirror. I dropped the baton in disbelief...and rocked back and forth for a while. After I got a hold of myself,Hammond told me what happened, I remembered again what the voice inside my head told me.

--We have her now. If you want her back, meet us at Riverdale Cemetery. But first you must do something for us.--

After the voice, an image of my partner with his throat slit open flashed over and over in my mind.
In a zombie-like state, I walked over to the broken glass from the mirror, and slowly reached down to grab a shard..."

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