The Grayson Recordings

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Tape 2: Side B

June 20th 4:50 AM. I'm on my way to Riverdale Cemetery. Hammond will not be joining me...not in this life anyway. After I did what I had to do, I cautiously exited the storage room, prepared to defend myself by whatever means necessary to get out of there.

To my surprise, many Infected either walked right past me as if they didn't notice. Some stopped, and locked eyes with me for a second, following me out of the area. I feel like I'm beginning to understand now.

June 20th 4: 53 AM. Ring around the rosies, voilets are blue, it's the end of the world as we know it, and you know it too! The lights are so funny oh God they are so funny! Just so funny!! SEe how they DanCE as I drrrrrive by! The lights are so blue! So blLLllLuuuEE! SEe how they fLaSH AnD ffLLaaSsH!

(sings in a children rhyme fasion)
And I...see..the bodies! They were ve--ry naugh--ty!
They are so red red red red red red red red liquid pouring out like a watefall gushing forth like we are the plague upon your world!

I'm almost to the cemetery now and I'm not sure what to think. The streets are so quiet. It doesn't make any sense with all that's happening.

June 20th 5:02 AM. I arrived at the cemetery, and was instructed by one of the Infected to get out of my car. I was escorted to the gate, and walked in. Quite omoniously, two rows of people standing on both sides of me formed a long path through the cemetery, seeming to lead to some end point.

They said nothing to me...only watching me with their eyes as I walked through. No one's mouth ever moved, but I swore that in my head I kept hearing people say, "it's him, that's him." No one answered me when I inquired. I just DIED kept following the row of people.

When I got to the end, I found a familiar-looking man...he was holding Marlene. I wanted to rush forward and bash his brains in, but he shook his head when I reached for my gun.

I asked him what he wanted, and he narrowed his eyes at me and then I heard a voice in my head say, "you know." I said out loud that I don't, and he stepped to the side, and pointed to a gravestone in front of him.

My nerves on edge, I walked closer to glance at the grave. It was an open grave, with an open casket inside. I shouted at him that there was no way I was getting in there. Being buried alive was the last way I was going to go. The strange man shook his head and pointed to my sleeve and then to my elbow. I took it that he wanted to roll up my sleeve and I did. Marlene watched in terror the entire time.

After rolling my sleeve up, I looked back at him, and then he pointed to a spot on my arm. A shockwave of dread hit me as my eyes registered that the mark was a bite.

"Oh my God, I've been bit!" I shouted. "When did this happen?" The man held up one finger.

"I was bitten at one o clock?" The man shook his head side-to-side, then pulled out a folder with a stack of paper inside and handed it to me. I read what seemed to be a case file. It contained a picture...of him. I looked up in disbelief and he pointed back to the paper.

I read a case of a man that had come into contact with an experimental substance, and was being looked into by the police due to suspicious circumstances. I was one of the questioning detectives.

Apparently the man could not talk, and unexpectedly bit me during the interview. Then I realized why he held up one finger. I was the first to be bitten...

"So why the grave?" I questioned him further. He then pointed to the headstone with my name on it. It had a start AND end date on it. It was dated six months back.

"No...this can't be." I said. "I'm not dead."

He then handed me two more papers. One was my death certificates. It then dawned on me why he showed me the grave...apparently I came back. The second piece of paper was also a death certificate, with Marlene's name on it.

I felt my knees buckle in disbelief...there was no way she could be have...but she had an open grave right beside mine. The man pointed to Marlene's calf, and there was a bite mark there. I vomited several times. This couldn't be real.

Apparently this Van Gogh could bring back the dead. Then the voice in my head spoke.

"You turned after you got home that day..and bit Marlene, and you both died from a bad reaction to the bacteria. I thought at first you both were incompatible, but you weren' were very compatible because you came back," the man spoke into my mind.

"But....we don't act like you. We aren't compatible...we can reject your will to spread this Infection further."

"Haha, is that so? Is that why your teeth match all of the bite marks of the victims?"

"You're bluffing."

"Perhaps you should listen to your own recordings, Mr. Grayson. The ones you are required to make due to your incident six months ago, the one where you bit your own daughter then to came back from the dead. If you had, maybe you would have caught on sooner. You really should check in with your psychologist more often."

"I won't do this anymore! I'm going to save this city, and kill every last one of you!"

"No, you won't. You cannot kill your own kind You may have your daughter back now. I wanted the chance for you to fully accept things as they are so that you do not have to live a lie any longer. Your mind cannot be trusted."

"These are lies! All of them!" I shouted, and threw the papers in his face.

At this, I took Marlene in my arms and ran all the way back to my car. We held each other for a very long time in my car, and she asked me if we were okay. I told her I didn't know, and drove her out of town to a relative's place to be safer there. Maybe I can clean up this city if I don't have to worry about her any longer.

June 25th 6:15 PM. They found a cure! Four days ago, the CDC was called in began doing tests and said to have found a cure. Ever since, the reports of attacks have dwindled and everything has been since contained. Even Marlene and I were given a shot, and the test results show that the infection is gone!

Now this hahahahaha nightmare can finally be over, and I'm even being hahahahah awarded for exceptional work in my hahahaha investigation. Promotion here I come!
Strange though...I heard on the news there were some odd happenings going on where Marlene was staying at this week. Those people will soon join us!

June 30th 4:01 PM. Now that things have finally settled down, I called my psychologist and made an appointment. I apologized for not having got back to her sooner. She was unusually calm about everything and even said that I no longer need to record myself because I've made exceptional progress so this will be my last tape. In fact, she said I should just throw them away. Apparently it was only a legal precaution, anyway.

Strange though...she gave me a weird smile right after she told me that which made me uncomfortable. I think I'm going to give them a listen before I BURN THEM BURN THEM ALL!

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