Hollowed Nightmare

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A group of people have started living in the newest hospital in Cincinnati, Ohio run by a renown Doctor. Their nightmares will soon become reality as a force beyond their control takes over their lives. The mysteries of the past might just have something to do with it among other demonic influences.

Horror / Fantasy
Erik Wiles
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Hollowed Nightmare

Hollowed Nightmare

Written by: E.B.Wiles

The City of Cincinnati, Ohio is finally about to see the grand opening of their new hospital wing as the Mentorzo as it has been named finally opens today. After countless setbacks and accidents; the building has finally been finished and a slight little crowd gathered outside the front door to see the ribbon ceremony as they await the Mayor. A little after ten in the morning the Mayor’s vehicle finally arrives as he steps out of the car he was in and walks up the stone staircase to the front door of the building. The clouds were moving slightly in the sky as they blocked the sun as he turned around to face the crowd. The mayor was slightly overweight as he looked to not be on a very strict diet.

An older gentleman in his late fifties with light short gray hair and glasses walks up next to him wearing what looked to be a lab coat, as he shook the mayor’s hand he turned and faced the crowd as the journalist and news reporters there started to take pictures for their respective clients. The mayor clears his throat before talking as the crowd got quiet to await what he had to say. “Today on March 13th, after many setbacks we are finally about to open the new building to help out our families, our loved ones, people we care for, in hopes that they can finally get the help they need in order to move on with their lives and to help them with everyday living.

This here is Doctor Ziva, a renowned Psychologist from the United Kingdom. He is here to help in any way he can to make our loved ones feel safe and secure in their time here. I for one am glad that he could be here to help with this new transition into the new generation of healing. I won’t keep you long as it looks like it will be raining soon so without any further ado let the ribbon be cut and so we can finally get this started.” The mayor said with a smile on his face as he takes the big scissors from a guy that walked up the stone staircase in front of him. He cuts the ribbon and poses for the pictures and Doctor Ziva stood there next to him smiling in the photos.

The mayor stood there for a second as he drops the scissors onto the ground as he clutches his chest with his hand. His eyes starting to roll back into the back of his head as he collapses on the ground next to the doctor. The doctor quickly tends to the Mayor as he begins to do chest compressions on him. The crowd in a panic as they see the Mayor fall ill while the journalist and news reporters where takings pictures and videos.

The paramedics came out quickly as they were just around the corner on duty. They took the mayor into their ambulance and rushed him to the hospital. The crowd quickly dispersing as the commotion ended as the doctor walked into the new building. He closes the front doors and walks to the reception desk which was stationed to the right near the doors. Just as he walked behind the desk the doors opened up to reveal a young male around his late twenties, early thirties. He had short brown hair and black rimmed glasses that covered his blue eyes.

He walks into the building and looks around for a second noticing the white walls and the small amount of rooms in the reception hallway before noticing the doctor standing there looking at him. “Hello, my name is Nurse Oliver, I am here to see the doctor to this building.” He said looking at him.

The doctor stares for a second before laughing slightly. “Well you are looking at him young man, I am Doctor Ziva; many people just call me Doc though.” He said in a thick British accent walking over to Oliver. “I hope you are ready to help patients, because I feel like we will be having some here soon.”

Oliver looked at him and holds out his hand to shake his. “I am as ready as I ever will be I guess. Is there a place I can set down my things?” He asked taking the book bag off his back.

The doctor shakes Oliver’s hand and then walks forward and opens a door to Oliver’s right. “This room should suit your needs I think.” He said smiling walking into the little office space.

Oliver walks in after him and looks around the room to notice the brown framing on the floor connecting the white painted walls. A solid oak desk with a nice comfy looking chair behind it. There were lights was positioned on each in of the room corners to give adequate lighting for his work. As well as a filing cabinet that was to the left of the desk. There was a couch positioned on the other end of the wall across from the desk. “This is my room?” Oliver asked quite surprised to see how well the room looked for someone that just got out of medical school.

“Why of course it’s yours dear boy. I have my office on the second floor since I like to walk the stairs each morning before getting the day going. You have a couch in here just in case you are feeling tired or if you have to stay late. Wouldn’t want my nurse to be feeling ill when I need them the most.” He said laughing a little bit before walking out of the room. Oliver follows behind him, closing the door as he exits. “Now this is just the reception area so we don’t really have much here on this floor but the infirmary is going to be down the hall here.” He said pointing towards the far left wall where a hallway started.

“This hospital has three floor and a basement so I would not want you to get lost so I would suggest you familiarize yourself with the layout before we get patients. I will show the infirmary though just in case we do have an emergency that we need to use it.” The doctor said as he started walking towards the hallway. He turns down the hallway and points to the signs as he goes of the Infirmary. Storage areas line the hallway as they walk past and to the doors to the room.

The double doors to the room opened up on their own as it was motion censored as the two of them walked into the room. “This is the infirmary, not much to see here though since we only have a select few beds just in case.” He said as Oliver looked into the room and saw four hospital beds in the room with privacy curtains and the essential tools needed in the room.

“So what else is there to know here? Since this is my first actual nursing job I don’t really know what all needs to be done at this specific place.” He said slightly confused.

The doctor laughs a little before walking out of the room. Oliver still following him around. “Well that is for you to learn. I mean everyone learns at a different pace and I am not going to hold it against you if it takes you a little bit of time to actually memorize this building. I saw the plans as they were building it so I have a feel for where everything already is. Don’t worry too much though, Just do your best and I bet you will do great here.” He said smiling as he stopped to look at Oliver.

“Alright, thank you Doctor Ziva.” He said smiling, feeling relieved to hear that from the doctor.

“Do not worry about it Oliver, and call me Doc I am not all that mean you have to call me Doctor Ziva. Doc is just fine with me.” He said smiling still as he walked back to the front desk. “Why don’t I let you get used to your surroundings and if you have any questions just come up to the second floor. I will be in my office, it won’t be hard to find since it’s just us two in the building for now. When you get done why not go home and get some rest you will need it for when the time comes and we have patients.

Not to worry though about your hours. I will have you paid for the full time today and stop by tomorrow for an actual day of paperwork and patient’s if we have any tomorrow. If I have patient’s come in I will give you a call.” He said giving a small wave before walking up the stairs up to the second floor.

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