Hollowed Nightmare

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Chapter 10

David, Oliver and Jason run down the tunnel as they were being chased by a spiderlike creature. They were separated from Kailey and Laura as they lost sight of them when a mysterious fog came up out of nowhere. There was a split in the tunnel to either go left or right and they most likely took left since they went right and couldn’t find them. The three of them kept running as they didn’t feel safe being in the location not knowing if the creature was still chasing them or not. After a bit of running they stopped to take a breath and see if the creature was still following them and it seemed like they lost it for now anyways.

After a quick break they started walking down the path they had chosen and hoped they would run into the women again. A little over half a mile they finally came to a metal door which looked slightly rusted. They inspected the door first before pushing it open to see that they were now standing in what seemed to be a boiler room. Oliver looks around for a second before talking. “Is this some kind of boiler room? Where are we even at?” He asked slightly confused to their situation.

David looks around the room while Jason helps look for any clues but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary. “I think this is a schools boiler room. I would sneak down to one when I had a chance to have some fun.” Jason said as he stopped and looked around. There seemed to be a red liquid on the ground as he put a finger down and touched it before smelling it. “Smells like oil.” He said wiping his finger on his pants.

Oliver thinks for a second before speaking. “I do remember of an abandoned school that was a few miles away from the hospital. I don’t know if this is the one I’m thinking about but maybe it is.” He said as he leaned back against the wall.

David looks at the two of them and then walks to the door which he hoped went upstairs to the first floor. “Let’s just get out of here while we can. I want this night to be over as soon as it can.” He said as he opened the door and started walking up the stairs. The two of them followed his lead as they went up to the first floor and looked around. The school was a lot bigger than they had hoped as they couldn’t see the end to the hallway they were in or where the door was.

The three of them walked down the hallway and then found a bathroom before they all stopped and used the facilities before going back to searching. It was a bad smell in the bathroom as they walked in sue to it being moldy and dirty. Jason got done and used a paper towel as the water didn’t work anymore before walking past the mirrors in the bathroom. He made sure not to look at them as he was afraid of his reflection but before he could past the last mirror something caught his eye. The mirrors he noticed in the corner of his eyes looked to have changed directions as if they never left.

His image was on the mirrors as he looked at them for a second and saw the horrifying image of what he looked like as he looked deformed and mutilated. The images looked at him and smiles with an evil smile before he ran out of the bathroom before anything else could happen. The three of them finally started searching the school again until they noticed something moving up ahead in the distance. A humanoid figure was walking down the hallway to the right so they could finally see the end of the hallway.

Was Kailey and Laura in the school already too? Oliver chased after the shadow with David and Jason following right behind him. As soon as Oliver turned the corner he couldn’t see anyone down the hallway as it became black as if night had fallen already. Jason however saw something different as someone was behind them for a second. He got David’s attention but it was too late as the figure disappeared before he could see it.

Jason knew he saw something there but David didn’t believe it as he turned back and followed Oliver who started down the hallway. Jason couldn’t but help feel like someone was watching them and following them as he looked back every once and a while to see. Oliver stopped for a second as he heard static coming from one of the room as he followed the noise to a door behind him. He looked at the two of them before opening the door and seeing a TV on just static on the screen. Oliver walked into the room before the door closed on him and closing him away from David and Jason.

Jason tried to shoulder slam the door so it would open but it didn’t budge. Oliver also tried to break the door down with his body before he hurt his shoulder on a nail that was protruding from the door. He looked around the room in search of something that might help him break the door down. He notices a fire extinguished in the corner of the room as he picks it up and slams it against the door knob as he did this about five times before it broke off. The door knob fell off on the other side as the door swung open and Oliver walked out dropping the extinguisher on the floor.

Before he could get all the way out of the room the TV turned off and felt a sharp burning pain on his arm. He checked his arm and with what light he had could see that he had a burn mark on his arm that looked like a hand print around his arm. Something was in the room as he quickly got out of the room and took a deep breath. He felt a cold chill go by him as he shook for a second from the coldness. “Let’s get out of here.” He said as he started walking down the hallway again.

It seems that whatever was haunting those in the hospital had followed them all the way to this school. What is the connection between this school and the hospital Oliver wanted to know but knew nothing would be good about the answer. The three of them finally found their way to the end of the hallway as they were faced with either going right and then left down another hallway or going left and not seeing beyond that. The three of them took their time to decide before they chose to go right and then left down the hallway.

Before they knew it they were faced to face with another Jason but slightly deformed as it looked at them with wide eyes and holding an axe in its hands. Jason looked at this close for a second before turning around and running back down the hallway screaming. The doppelganger looked at the other two before it ran at them swinging he axe down in between them. Oliver decides the best course of action would be to kick the clone and then make a run for it. The doppelganger falls to the ground for a second before it stood back up and picked up its axe seeing the other two run away from it.

The doppelganger dragged the axe across the floor as it followed behind them slowly. Jason was further ahead of the other two as he kept running and going the left way they didn’t go down. He hoped that the other two would follow him so he wouldn’t be on his own. The hallway narrows as he kept running almost out of stamina as he notices that the hallway breaks apart up ahead and there was a decent size gap across to the other side. He looked to the right where there was a slight opening but not big enough to squeeze through as he used the rest of his stamina to jump the gap and land on the other side.

Jason falls on his back as he tries to catch his breath and to regain some of his stamina before going on down the hallway. He listens to see if the other two had been following him but not footsteps could be heard yet. He was just about to get up and run when he heard footsteps coming down the hall quickly from where he was before jumping. “Jump!” He said as he could hear the footsteps clearer now. He could see David and Oliver running down the hallway as they both jumped over the gap barely as they landed on the other side.

“Nice jumps, could have done well in the long jump.” He said trying to crack a joke.

David looks at him with a stare. “Don’t try and joke with us. You left us to die to your doppelganger.” He said as he sat down to catch his breath.

“I don’t like looking into reflections and that was kind of like looking into a mirror. Which was not a very good thing for me so I ran away from it.” Jason said as he sat back down to give them time to breath.

Oliver looks at the two of them shaking his head. “Can we all stop arguing please, we got away from that weird creature and we are safe so let’s relax for a second?” He said looking at the two of them. Before he could say anything else though the three of them could hear the laughing of children and a bell ringing as if the end of class or day. They looked around and didn’t notice anything but the voices they kept hearing. They got up and started walking in hopes to find a reason for the voices but further down the hallway they stopped and stared in shock.

They looked down the hallway as they saw what looked to be a little girl laying on the floor. Their senses playing tricks on them they thought as the hallway looked new or freshly polished no dirt of dust anywhere. They could see the lockers of the students from the past as if it was occurring right now. The little girl laid there motionless on the ground until the three of them could see the legs raise into the air and her being dragged across the floor to a room. The three of them looked at each other before quickly running down the hall to see where the little girl went.

The girl was in the classroom laying on the ground with many other kids of different ethnic groups. Horrified at what they witness as they see a male in his late fifties balding standing in the corner holding his hands to his head. “What happened in this school for it to be shut down? Was it the events they were witnessing?” The thoughts came into Oliver’s head before he noticed that they were not alone. He looks down both hallways and notices children from age’s five to ten standing next to their lockers.

Had to be about forty kids lined up down the halls as he got the other two attention and showing them. They look on in shock as they never seen this many spirits in one place ever in their life. Then again they never noticed spirits ever in their life until just the other day. The kids slowly turn their head and look at them as they reach out a hand out to them. Tormented spirits left here to go day to day living their final moments.

“Those poor kids. How could someone do that to kids of all things?!” Mary said as she woke up from her slumber letting David sleep. “I swear if I ever find someone beating up kids I will make sure they wished they were never born!” She said furious to see all the kids in the hallway.

Oliver looks at David. “We can’t do anything for them now as much as it pains me to say this but we might end up like them if we don’t get out of here.” He said looking at her. Just as he said that he could hear something coming down the hallway from where they came from. Oliver looks around to find a place to hide but then the spirits pointed to a door across the hallway. Oliver got the other two attention before running to the door in hopes that these spirits were trying to help and not kill them.

“I can’t believe we are taking refuge from spirits so we don’t die from some creature out to kill us.” Jason said dumbfounded as he hid under a desk in the back of the room. Mary hid in a closet in the room close to the door. Oliver found a storage unit near the back of the room just big enough for him to fit into. They stayed as quiet as possible until they heard the door open as they stayed as motionless as they could.

Oliver takes a quick peek through a slit in the unit and sees the black figure as if it was like a glitch in a system. It kept moving and twitching as I stood in the door way looking around. It didn’t seem to have any kind of weapon in hand but it didn’t feel safe to come out either as Oliver could feel the malicious intent of the figure. It gives out a low growl as it seemed angry and vanishes out of view in a quick blur. Oliver slowly gets out of the unit as he looks around the room before motioning for the other two to come out of hiding.

Jason pokes his head out the door and sees no spirits around anymore as he relaxed for a second. “I don’t know what we are going to do. This school seems to be massive for being an elementary school. How did kids find their ways to classes?” Jason asked confused.

“Well I don’t think they ever moved from their classrooms. Do they even leave their classrooms for other subjects besides gym class and lunch?” Oliver asked trying to put things together.

Jason looks at him. “I don’t even remember elementary school so possibly. I know high school switching class every forty five to an hour for about six classes.” He said thinking.

Oliver looks around the room and sees the blackboard in red lettering it had the word help on there. It wasn’t there just a few minutes ago when they were trying to hide from the figure. “We should probably get going before it decides to come back in here.” He said going out the door and waiting for them to follow. He could feel the sense someone was watching them though as he turned around and saw a face staring at him almost next to him.

The face was gray with no eyes that he could see with a creepy smile. He fell to his butt as he got spooked as the face disappears into the darkness. David walks up to him and helps him up. “Are you okay?” Mary said still in control.

Oliver nods his head and takes a deep breath. “Yeah, just getting slightly paranoid that things are watching us everywhere we go. He said as he started walking down the hallway but was then stopped in his tracks as he heard Jason scream. He turns around to see Jason being held from behind by a gray figure as it covers Jason’s eyes and pulling him away into the dark. “Jason!” Oliver said as he went after him.

Jason squirms as he tried to break free from the clutches of this figure that came up out of nowhere. He could feel the coldness of its touch and the smell of rotting flesh as he tried not to gag from the scent. Flailing his arms in frustration as he finally landed a hit on the creature as it let go making a screeching noise. He falls to the ground for a second and covers his ears from the screech. He gets up to his feet and look at it quickly before running away from it.

The creature had no face but a mouth and it looked so creepy to look at as it gave him chills just by staring. He ran down the hallway not looking back so he can gain distance between him and the creature. He thought he would be gaining distance but unfortunately he wasn’t as the creature had longer legs and arms. He turns around the corner and is instantly caught by surprise as another creature a little bit shorter than the one behind him was now in front of him. He shoulder checked the creature knocking it on its back for a second as he ran passed the second one in hopes to get away.

He must have moved far away from the others as he didn’t see them in the area at all. He blasts through a door and is found confused as he somehow ended up in the gym of the school. He finds a cart in the middle of the gym as he looks inside and finds small dodgeballs that he thought he could use in his favor. The two creatures ran into the door a few minutes later as was instantly pelted with dodgeballs. Surprisingly the balls were keeping them at bay for a second until he threw the last one in the cart before he ran out of the gym.

Didn’t seem like these creatures were going to give up as easily as he kept running as he didn’t hear the screeches or footsteps as he took a quick break to catch his breath. Maybe he actually did get away from the creatures as he now had to find his way around the dark school to find the others. Walking down the hallway quite a ways away from the gym he could hear footsteps in the distance from in front of him. He quickened his pace as he tried to catch up to his friends who might be ahead.

Going down the hallway he could see the doors to the classrooms all looking the same now as he passed them. The footsteps getting louder as he got closer to the noise as he quickened his pace more. Finally he was close enough to recognize someone as he walked up and saw Antonio walking down the hallway. He grabs Antonio’s shoulder and turns him to face him. “Antonio, you made it out of the tunnel?” He asked smiling at him before he noticed that Antonio was not who he looked to be.

Antonio looks at him with a slight angle in his neck before laughing and snapping his finger. As soon as he snapped his finger the creatures from earlier materialized behind him. “Become whole my children.” He said as he disappeared into the darkness. Jason wide eyed and in fear as he knew he couldn’t run from the creatures so close to him. Oliver and David could hear a blood curtailing scream coming down the hallway from all angles as they stopped in horror as that was Jason’s voice.

They knew that he must have gotten killed by something but that didn’t stop Oliver from running down the hall to try and help him. Oliver came down the hallway and could see Jason laying on the ground on his side. He ran over to him and put his hand on his shoulder and tried to shake him but he wasn’t moving. He turned him over and was horrified by what he saw as Jason had no eyes in his socket anymore and his stomach was ripped opened with his organs all over the floor. He could also see that Jason was missing his tongue as well as his whole face since it was a disaster.

He fell down on his back and tried to hold back in horror as best as he could as David came down the hallway and saw the gruesome mess that Jason was in. David sat down in shock against the wall as he knew something was seriously wrong with this whole thing and he just wanted out. The two of them sat there for a second before they could hear growling coming from down the hallway they were facing. Two gray skinned creatures with long arms and legs walked down the hallway towards them as they noticed that Jason’s eyes were in use in one of the creatures.

Its long tongue extending out as it moved side to side down the hallway inching closer to them. The two creatures screeched as it pierced their ears as they covered them and got up from the ground before running in the other direction in hopes to run from them.

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