Hollowed Nightmare

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Chapter 11

“Dolls, it just had to be dolls somehow down here in this terrible tunnel.” Laura said as she stood there frozen as she looked at the dolls that were standing in front of her and Kailey. Kailey stood there for a second before she jumped in front of her and kicked the doll as it hit the wall nearby. She grabbed the second one and threw it against the wall and took Laura’s hand and pulled her down the passageway to get away from them.

The dolls turned their head in the direction they ran and slowly got back on their feet. “Laura, you can’t run from us we are here to play with you.” A young girl said in a creepy voice.

“Yes Laura, don’t run and play with us you can invite your friend as well.” A young boy said almost identical to the girl’s voice.

Laura has a fear of dolls and it messes with her mind all the time. Kailey kept pulling her as they ran down the passage until they came to a metal door. “I wouldn’t go that way if I were you.” The small porcelain doll said as it appeared behind them. Kailey opened the door and pull her into the room before closing the door on it. They looked around to see where they were and found out that they were now in a small utility closet full of gym equipment.

Kailey looks around for a light or a flashlight to give them some sense of where they were. Laura finds a flashlight on one of the shelves and bangs it on her hand before turning the light on. “Surprisingly this has some light.” Laura said shinning it around the closet to see the equipment. “Where exactly are we?” She said as she finds a door and opens it up to see a small gym on the other side.

“Well from my point of view, I have a sense we are in either a school or an after school club thing.” Kailey said as she walked out into the gym to inspect it. They both stand in the gym for a few to look around but then hear the laughing of children around them as they could see dolls sitting on the basketball hoops on both sides of the court and a few mannequins sitting in the stands. The laughing getting louder as there was an echo in the court as they stood there in shock by the dolls and mannequins.

“I hate to say that the doll said not to go this way was right. This is much worse.” Laura said looking around at all the dolls and mannequins.

Kailey looks at them in disbelief. “Yea, I am starting to think this was a bad idea as well.” She said as she grabbed Laura hand again and pulled her across the gym to the door on the other side. Inside the hallways of the school they could only see one way to go as they head straight down the hallway. They passed by many wooden doors as they kept running until one such door opened on its own.

They stop for a second to look at each other and then look into the door way as they see a mannequin sitting down in a chair dressed up as a police office. There was another mannequin standing in the corner looking almost like a princess dressed in a yellow dress and wearing a crown on its head. Just then the TV that was in the room turned on and started to flip through channels and stopping on one channel. It seemed like a video recording but from the distance they couldn’t see much of anything. They both decide to walk into the room to look closer at the image on the screen.

Once inside the door closes on them with a bang as they jump from the bang of the door. They turn to look at the door and try to open it but it was stuck as if someone was holding it closed. They turned and looked at the TV and noticed something weird as they inspected closer they could see the outside hallway and someone holding onto the door. It turned its head and looked at the camera as if it knew that they were watching it.

They were shocked by what they saw as it look almost like a life size doll. Had to have been about four feet tall with glass looking eyes that moved so mechanically. Its head moved to the side as it watched the camera before the TV shut off and the door opened on its own slowly. They moved close to the edge of the room until the mannequins came to life and grabbed Laura by the back of the arm. Kailey tried to help but was caught by the police mannequin as if they were trying to subdue them.

The mannequins moved with such robotic like moves as if someone was pulling their strings. They squirm until one of the mannequin limbs popped off and Laura helped Kailey get out of her embrace as they dash through the door hoping to not run into the four foot doll. Once out of the room they could hear the sound of clicking as the mannequins started to move out of the room. The hallway split off as they both chose to go right and down the hall as they could hear laughter from children coming from the hallway. The chill running down Laura’s spine as they kept running as they kept hearing the laughter.

Just as they came to another split in the road they could hear the clicking coming from behind them as well to the right so logical choice was left to them. As they headed down the hallway they came to a door that blocked their path. Kailey kicked the door opened and was surprised by what they saw. It was a large room filled with machines and mannequin parts lying around the room. The room was a workshop that built mannequins for stores and other properties.

Laura looks at Kailey in shock. “I thought this was a school not some horror fest.” She said as she looked around and back to Kailey.

“Well the classrooms and the gym would suggest a school but maybe it was a warehouse after the school and we just so happened to be lucky to find the one place I would like to avoid as well as you.” Kailey said looking around seeing mannequin heads and bodies lying on conveyor belts and the floor. Just then the machine started to turn on and it started to slowly engage as it started making mannequins. “Come on really?” Kailey said as she pulled Laura through the machine filled room as the mannequins started to be assembled.

They busted out of the room and down the next hallway before taking a small break to breath. Laura looked at Kailey as she smiled. “Thank you for being here with me. I swear if I was alone I probably wouldn’t have moved since I’d be too afraid to.” She said as she sat down on the ground for a few to catch her breath.

Kailey sat next to her and looked at her. “Well you’re welcome I may be the newest person in this group but I am not heartless.” She said to her as she sat there staring at the ceiling. A few minutes go by as they sat there talking until they decided it was time to get going again. There had to be a way out of this school warehouse thing they found themselves in and hopefully the guys are alright too.

They run down the hallway in hopes of finding the exit but is then stopped in their tracks as four porcelain dolls stare at them from in front. Kailey looks and sees stairs leading upwards and decides to run with Laura up the stairs to the next floor. “I don’t want to go upstairs but got no choice if those dolls are everywhere.” Kailey said as she ran to the last step and looked both left and right for the safest route. None is probably a safe route as they look once more before deciding which way to go.

The left hallway seemed to be the quietest since they got there as they started to relax and walk. They moved into a classroom and sat down for a second as they tried to decide their next moves. They needed to get back to the first floor in order to probably leave but the dolls blocked the path so maybe there was another staircase somewhere. They decided it was the best option as they sat there contemplating until they could hear the laughter of children again. “Found you. You’re not very good at this game of hide and seek.” The voice said as they looked around for the source.

They found a doll staring at them from the doorway as they got up slowly and backed away from it. Just as they backed away the felt something touch their legs as four stuffed dolls with a sown on smile looks at them with their bright green sown eyes. Laura jumped as it reminded her of that night when she was visited by that one doll that appeared in the night. “You’re it Laura.” The doll said not even moving its mouth almost like a ventriloquist does to their dolls.

Kailey kicks the doll in the face as she grabs Laura’s hand again and making a mad dash down the hallway. The four dolls turn to look at them as they ran down the hallway as they start to move down the hallway. Laura and Kailey make it to the end of the hallway as a set of double doors stood in front of them. They opened the doors and saw a cafeteria in front of them as they took a moment to catch their breath. Before they could get much of a rest though they could see mannequins standing in working stations as if they were about ready to serve.

The lights turned on in the cafeteria for a few as they could see more of the room without the flashlight. Just as they were looking around they heard an intercom turn on inside the cafeteria. “Welcome to lunch kiddies, today’s menu is going to consist of a delicious treat of human meat.” The voice said over the intercom before the lights flickered off and hen back on only for the two to notice that they were surrounded by mannequins.

“Hell to the no on us being food!” Kailey said as she kicked one of the mannequins knocking it back against another as a domino effect happened. Grabbing Laura by the hand again she dragged her out of the room as she tried to muscle her way through the crowd of mannequins. They finally got out of the room and ran down the hallway as they could hear something coming from in front of them as they stopped and looked for a room to hide in. Just a foot away was a door in front of them as they ran into the room and closed the door behind them.

It was pitch black inside the room they ran into as they didn’t know what they had gotten into until their eyes adjusted as the flashlight gave off a dim light. The light from the flashlight helped them see more as their eyes adjusted to the darkness as fear struck both of them. Fear struck Laura like a deer in headlights as she stood there frozen, her eyes wide as she saw what was in the room. Kailey also feeling fear she was going to be having nightmares about dolls and mannequins after this. They stood there in the middle of the room as they were surrounded by dolls on shelves from each wall.

Kailey tried to open the door but it wouldn’t budge as the dolls they could tell started to turn their head to look at them. Could hear the cracking of wood and porcelain as their necks turned probably for the first time in centuries. Could hear the laughter of children from in the room as they panicked trying to get out of the room. “Worse nightmare ever!” Laura said as she tried to get the door opened as they could hear the laughter from the dolls and talking as they stood in there. “You will play with us forever and ever.” They could hear from one of the voice as many more echoed the words to mimic the voice.

David and Oliver Ran through the halls the creatures still following them as they could hear the hissing and footsteps from them. They decided to take a quick left and into a classroom as they close the door behind them quietly as they hoped to hide from them. In the room they saw a chalkboard and two closets that they ran and his in until they felt like it was safe. As they stood in the closets they could hear the footsteps of the creatures outside the door walking past. Just when they thought it was safe come out the door to the room opened up and a dark figure hovered in as if it had no legs.

The dark figure had no appearance as Oliver and David snuck a peak through the slit in the closet. They could hear a hiss coming from the figure and then more hisses as the two creatures came out from behind him as they roamed around. David covered his mouth to cover his breathing as he didn’t want to make noise. Just then the intercom came on in the distance as they could faintly hear a voice saying something about lunch and meat. The two creatures turned and walked down the hallway as the dark figure hovered out of the room with a hiss.

They stayed in the closets for a few minutes to make sure it was clear before they slowly got out of the closets and looked at each other. “Do you know what that voice said?” Oliver asked being curious.

“I only heard something about lunch and meat. Which is making me hungry so that’s not nice.” David said as his stomach growls slightly.

Oliver laughs a little bit. “It’s probably dinner time by now. I don’t know how long we have been down in that tunnel before we made it here to this hell hole.” He said sitting in a chair that was at a desk. After taking a little break they decided to head down the hallway that they know the creatures didn’t just go down and hoped to find their way out. Oliver taking the lead as they continued to walk down the hallway until they turned right.

Oliver and David felt uneasy as they kept walking as it was super quiet where they were and they weren’t used to all the quietness. They soon came to a door that looked awfully familiar as they opened it up and to their shock found the room they didn’t want to go to. The two creatures hissed as they turned around to see them standing there in the doorway. “Well, shit.” Oliver said as they turned and ran as the two creatures followed behind quickly on their tails.

Just as they were getting further away from the creatures something tripped Oliver as he fell over to the floor breaking his wrist as he tried to catch himself. Oliver tried to bite down on his lip to stop from screaming but it was as if his voice was gone. David who was slightly in front of him kept running thinking that Oliver was behind him not knowing that he had fallen. Oliver got up and started running again as he held his wrist as he tried to catch up to David who should only be a few feet away. The darkness slowly invading his vision as if something was trying to blind him.

Oliver tried to keep running but ran into a locker as he fell down on his back for a second as he could hear the hissing coming from the creatures. They were getting closer to him as he tried to get up but was stuck as if someone was holding him down. He couldn’t see anything as the darkness covered his eye sight. “Nice of you to drop in, my creatures are almost complete so stop struggling and become something greater.” The voice said as Oliver recognized the voice as Antonio who left way back at the beginning.

“Antonio, is that you are you okay?” He asked not knowing the truth of Antonio.

“I am more than okay, I am fantastic and you will be just what I need for my two lovely pets.” He said as he laughed. Oliver could hear the laughter and then the hissing of the two creatures as they got real close to them.

“Let me up we can get out together.” Oliver said not really understanding what Antonio meant.

Antonio gets off of him and looks down at him. “You do not understand do you? I am not Antonio and you are now food for my pets. Enjoy the afterlife or whatever you believe in.” He said as he motioned his two pets to chow down on Oliver. He could hear Oliver screaming in pain as the two creatures tore out his eyes and ripped out his tongue before devouring his insides. The blood curdling screams as his eyes were being ripped out or being clawed at.

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