Hollowed Nightmare

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Chapter 12

Kyle Smith was on the verge of a breakthrough as he had been working on his article for months. Kyle never gave up on trying to find out the truth behind the long awaited hospital that opened up a few months back. He still remembers that chilling photo he took of some black humanoid figure that was staring at him. He didn’t have it on the computer though since the picture deleted itself after he saw it but he never gave up on figuring out the truth. He was about to meet with an historian of the area in just over an hour and decided to get ready to leave as he packed up a briefcase with some paperwork.

He walked out of his study and into the living room to spend some time with his wife before having to leave. He and his wife sat and watched some news before he got up kissed her good bye and left for his meeting. He got into his car and drove off down the road in hopes that the historian had something for him that was useful. It took him months to pull the right strings in order to get as much information as he had. He could feel like something was bit off as he drove down the road though as he swore he saw something in the corner of his eye.

The drive was quiet as he took his time so he didn’t get there early as he finally made it to a parking spot a few feet from where he was going to meet. He walks into the small café and order a latte from the barista at the counter as he sits down and waits for his name to be called. It was a slow day in the café as it was just him and a few other people drinking and relaxing. His name was called a few minutes later as he went and grabbed it as he sat back down in the chair waiting for his contact to show up. Five minutes go by as he sips on his latte as the historian walks into the door with a briefcase in his hand and orders a drink from the barista before walking over to him.

“Hello Kyle, my name is Allen and I am the one you talked to over the phone. I have brought you some interesting stuff so let me just get my coffee and I will start.” He said shaking Kyle’s hand and smiling before he went over to the counter to wait for his drink. He came back and placed his coffee on the table before he sat down and took a sip of coffee. “Slightly chilly out today wouldn’t you agree?” He said trying to make small talk.

“Yes it is a little bit chilly out today but sadly it looks like it will be a mixture of snow and rain tonight.” Kyle said sighing a little bit.

Allen looks at him and then to the briefcase. “Well why don’t we get right on into it then shall we?” He said as he opened up his briefcase and pulled out a decent sized folder full of papers. He sits the folder on the table and closes the briefcase before putting it on the floor. “Alright, so I found some interesting stuff that has happened in the past near there and also some more recent things.” He said as he opened the folder to show the paperwork before he searched through it.

He pulls a few papers out of the stack and looks at him. “Alright, well let’s start here.” He said as he placed two pages in front of him. “This is a news article about a woman who drowned in the lake just a few miles from the property. The thing about this case is that the police have captured her killer as she was murdered by her husband. I guess the guy came home drunk one night and lost it when they had an argument. She was found at the bottom of the lake in her white nightgown weighed down by rocks chained to her ankles.

This happened in nineteen fifty four, so it was quite a long time since that happened.” He said looking at Kyle who was listening closely to what Allen had to say. He pulls out the next sheets of paper with a big new article on it and places it on the table. “So this next one is quite sad. In nineteen sixty seven there was a janitor that worked at an elementary school. His name was Wan and he worked there for many years. Well one day he just had it when the kids were playing around in the halls and he started to kill the kids one at a time. He covered their mouths with duct tape as he did very disturbing things to them.

By the time he was done he had killed about fifteen kids before he was subdued by the police and he was executed that same month. It was one of the worse tragedies to befall this city. The school was shut down shortly after that as the kids were sent to different schools, now onto more recent events.” He said as he grabbed some more paperwork out and put them in front of him. “So this is from a fire about ten years ago that happened on the property before the hospital was built there. There was an electrical fire that started on the third floor of the building and it was a work night.

Employees were finishing up there work when a fire started on the third floor and the people on the third floor and above were caught in the fire. There were about ten people killed in the fire and about a dozen hospitalized due to third degree burns. The building didn’t burn down but it was demolished a year later because everything in the company was toast. To this day they still have no idea how the electrical fire started but it was a scary scene to see.

Lastly I want to talk to you about the most recent things that I have found out about and that has to do with the hospital. So they started building the hospital about three years ago. I pulled some strings and found out a few interesting facts I thought you might want to know. So when they started the ground work it was going smoothly but after they had the ground work done something happened to the workers. They started to get sick mysteriously as if they flew out of the country and back and came back with some bug.

Some of the workers were admitted to the hospital that was near them so they could get treated. The doctors were baffled by what they had found since it was rare to find case like this but something was attacking their immune systems. Once they had enough workers they continued the construction but that wasn’t all. It seems that whatever blueprints they had were altered in some way. I was given this schematic yesterday to have you look at so you could see the difference.” He said as he grabbed the schematic out of the folder he had and unfolded it for him.

Kyle took a look at the schematic and noticed some interesting things that probably wouldn’t be in any hospital. “You telling me that this schematic is what really it looks like on the inside? There is a whole bloody tunnel system under the hospital. Where does it go?” He asked looking for the answers.

Allen looks at him. “Well you see, that is the curious part about it. I got to talk to some of the workers there and they didn’t even know about the tunnel system. Some of the other workers never showed up after the construction was done either. The tunnel though seems to go all the way to that old school I told you about. I have no idea what they built a tunnel all the way to that school which is miles from the hospital. I do have one weird thing that a worker did tell me though before I left him. He said the voice told them to, as if someone was in charge there.

I don’t really understand what really happened but something strange really did happen in that hospital before it opened and I have a feeling it has to do with these cases I have shown you. Unknown electrical fire plus the massive murders that took place I would be careful if I were you. Something just screams danger when near that hospital.” He said as he finished his coffee and got up from the table.

“To you it’s dangerous but to me it means a scoop ready to be plucked and told. I don’t know what is going on either but I plan to get to the bottom of this.” He said as he got up and held out his hand to Allen. Allen shook his hand as he gave a quick good bye and left the café. Kyle grabbed the documents and then schematic that he was given and put it all in his briefcase before taking the rest of his latte with him and out to his car.

He got into his car and sat there for a moment as he tried to figure out what he was going to do. He called his wife and told her he would be late coming home tonight as he wanted to do some digging of his own. After he hung up the phone with his wife he started to drive as he knew he had to get down to the bottom of this. He drove a few minutes before reaching the front of the hospital as he looked up at it as the night started to take over. He got out of his car and was instantly hit with a strong gust of wind as it knocked the air out of him.

He bends over as he tries to catch his breath as he then slowly ascends the staircase to the front doors. He tries to open the front doors but was unable to as he looked in to see what was going on and all he could see was desks and chairs up against the door. He knew something was going on inside since there things up against the door but was it one of the people from inside or something else. He needed to get to the bottom of it as he went around the building to see if he could find any other way in but couldn’t find one. He decided that the only thing he could do was to go to the school and hope to find the tunnel that went to the hospital.

He got back to his car just in time as the sleet began to fall as his windows get covered in the icy rain. He waits for a second to figure out where he needed to go as he also waited for his car to warm up. He knew that something was wrong and if there was anyone in that hospital they probably needed some help. After a few minutes of figure out where he needed to go he started to drive that way as he followed the gps to the location he was told about. The drive was long and quiet as the sound of the wind was the only thing that was heard from outside as the sleet kept falling.

A couple miles out of the city was the school that was the destination of a mass killing brought about by the janitor. He slowly pulls up to the abandoned school on the long cement road full of holes and cracks from the lack of maintenance. He looks at the huge school as he pulls up wondering how any kid could go to this school and not get lost in it. Looked like a maze from the outside as he grabbed the flash light from the back seat and sat there for a second taking in how massive the building was. It was time for him to get to the bottom of the answers he was looking for as he turned his car off and got out of his car before turning on his flash light and taking one last look, before walking into the school building.

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