Hollowed Nightmare

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Chapter 13

Kailey and Laura eventually broke down the door to the room they were stuck in as the dolls in the room started to animate in front of them. They quickly got out of the room and ran down the hallway the voices of kids echoing behind them. Kailey couldn’t see where she was going as Laura had the flashlight. Kailey made sure to stay close to Laura as she turns the corner and her shirt got caught on something as she could hear the rip and feel the shirt become looser. She screamed as she tried to get the shirt untangled from whatever was holding it until Laura flashed the light on it and noticed it was a mannequin.

Laura gasped as she saw the mannequin just pop up in her face as she tried to help Kailey. By the time she had gotten untangled her shirt was half way down her shoulder almost like an eighties outfit. She tried to fix it but it kept falling off her shoulder as she just tried to ignore it and kept moving with Laura behind her. Just then they heard the familiar voices of two kids from the tunnel echo from in front of them. “We told you not to go the way you did but now we have more friends to play with.” The little girl voice said as they appeared in front of them in the dark. A shadow cast half way off their faces where they could only see one of the eyes.

“Yes, more kids to play with all of us, aren’t you excited? You see though you two haven’t been playing fair and I think it’s time for your punishment.” The boy voice said as they stood there looking at the two dolls in front of them. Just as he said that Laura could feel a sharp pain in her leg as she looks down and sees a doll to her side with a knife in her leg. Laura couldn’t talk as she cried in pain and fear. Kailey turns around and looks to see the doll with the knife in its hand as she kicks the doll down the hall. She takes the knife out of Laura’s leg and throws it at the doll in front of them.

The doll falls down onto the floor as the knife impales it in the chest almost center where the heart would be if it were real. Kailey looks at Laura and tries to comfort her as well as tries to get her to move so they aren’t stuck in that location. “We need to go! I hope you can run at least for a bit.” She said as she helped Laura to move as they run past the two dolls. The girl doll tilts her head to the side as she takes the knife out of the doll and holds it in her hand.

“That wasn’t very nice of you. Now we are going to have to punish you even more.” The girl voice said as the boy doll got back up on its feet slowly. Could see the cotton and stuffing protruding out from his chest from where the knife was.

“I concur with you sister, let us punish these two with our new friends.” The boy voice said as they stood and watched them run off into the darkness.

Kailey and Laura kept trying to run for as long as they could before Laura had to stop from the pain in her leg. She sat down on the floor and held her leg as the blood kept running down her leg. Kailey ripped up her shirt more as she gave enough cloth to Laura to wrap up her leg to help stop the bleeding. “You didn’t have to rip up your shirt more in order to give me that.” Laura said as she saw more skin on Kailey as the shirt looked to have seen way better days.

Kailey looks at her and then to her shirt. “Yeah I know but I didn’t want to have you rip up your shirt since mine already is ripped. I may be trash but I don’t want you to look like trash with me.” She said as she sat down next to Laura for a few.

Laura looks at her. “Why would you call yourself trash? You are not trash you are the nicest person I have met and are brave to be honest. Without you I would have been dead a long time ago.” She said as she stared at Kailey.

“Let’s just say my life has no meaning. I have been used by guys my whole life for things I don’t dare repeat. When I awoke in the hospital I was sad because when I fell down those stairs I was hoping to kill myself. I couldn’t bare the pain and the suffering anymore of being used or being taken advantage of. I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone to feel the way I do.” She said as she started to cry.

Laura gave her a hug to help her calm down a little bit. “I am sorry you feel that way I wouldn’t want anyone to go through that either but killing yourself is never the answer. You may feel like nothing in this world can make you happy but you are wrong. There are many things that you could do to make life easier. So if we get out of here together then let’s go and give you some peace and find you happiness. It’s the least I can do for you since you are saving me time and time again.” She said as she wiped away the tears from Kailey’s eyes.

Kailey tried to give a smile but gave her only a half-smile as she was still crying. It was quiet where they were which was unusual for such a hectic time they had. A few minutes go by as they sit there on the floor and Kailey gets her composure back before they could hear shuffling from the hallway they had come down. They knew they had to get up and run again before they were caught by the creepy dolls. Kailey got up first and helped Laura up to her feet as she helped Laura move as she tried to put as much weight on the injured leg as she could.

“Laura, where are you?” The little girl voice said as it echoed down the hallway towards them. Just then they could hear. “Laura.” From many different voices as if there were many voices coming down the hallway at them. Laura started to freak out as she tried not to cry as well from her voice being said by dolls. Just as they thought they were in the clear they had run into an even bigger problem as four mannequins stood in their way. One of which looked almost live like as Kailey froze in fear as she saw the mannequin was none other than a clown that she hated so much. It had the makeup and the outfit almost perfect as it started at the two of them with the other three mannequins dressed up behind it.

They could hear the voices calling out Laura’s name more as they had to try get around the mannequins. Just then the clown mannequin had taken a hit to the side as the other mannequins fell down after that one. Kailey and Laura looked puzzled as to who it could be that hit the mannequin because they didn’t do it. Then they saw who it was as he walked into the light of the flashlight. “Women need to stick together I say.” Mary said in David’s body. Laura and Kailey hug David tight as they were glad to see someone they knew besides themselves.

“I am so glad to see you but right now we need to hide or run.” Kailey said as she took a step back from him.

“Well running behind me is probably a bad idea no offense since something was chasing Oliver and me, before we got separated.” She said as she pointed back the way she had come from.

“Yea we can go behind us either since I think there is an evil doll army behind us.” Kailey said as she pointed back behind the way they came.

Mary looks at them slightly confused at them. “A doll army? You mean to tell me you have been running from a doll collection this whole time while I have been running from hell hound one and two? Lucky you two are.” She said trying to crack a joke.

“I probably don’t want to know what you are talking about.” Laura said as she stood there looking at David.

“Let’s just say Jason is dead as his eyes and tongue were taken out of his skull by these creepy ass creatures that were chasing me. They probably got Oliver by now since I didn’t see him behind me when I last looked. So I have been wondering around this huge school hoping to run into someone. Have you seen Casey around lately?” She asked wondering.

Laura looks at her with a dull look on her face, “That slut, I hope is rotting away in some ditch somewhere. I could care less if she makes it out of here or not. She always thought of herself so highly it made me sick listening to her.” She said giving her opinion on the subject.

Kailey looks at her and laughs. “I didn’t get to know her for long but she did seem to try and get into Jason’s pants a lot.” She said laughing a little bit before hearing the voices getting closer to them. “We need to hide.” She said as she looked around for a room or something to hide in.

Mary looked at them. “Just a few feet back from me was a classroom so let’s hide in there.” She said as she showed them the way. They get to the classroom door as they open the door and head inside as they could see a chest in the corner large enough to fit one of them in and then a closet that might be big enough for the two of them to squeeze into. “I will take the chest I think you two would have a better chance fitting in that closet together.” She said as she open the chest and took the toys out of it before figuring out how to squeeze into the chest and closing the lid on him.

Kailey and Laura look at each other and then run to the closet as they put the stuff out of the way as they try and squeeze into the closet. The voices getting closer to the door as they finally get into the closet and close the door behind them. Closet was more spacious than they thought as they had enough room to move around in. Just then the door of the room open and they could hear giggling coming from inside the room. “Laura, where are you? Come out and play with us.” The girl voice from earlier said as they tried to look for them.

“Yes Laura, come play with us.” Another girl voice said as they giggled together in unison. They scan the room with their sown in eyes before the door closes as Laura and Kailey could hear a sad sigh coming from the dolls as they exited the room. After a few minutes of waiting in the closet they got out and help David out of the chest before looking at each other.

“By the way Kailey what ever happened to your shirt?” Mary asked in her Irish accent.

“Mannequin tried to undress me.” She said as she tried to cover up with what she had left of a shirt. “Did you ever find a way out of this hell hole of a school?” Kailey asked changing the subject.

“I have not found an exit yet which is weird since this may be a huge school but there is no way none of us could have not found an exit by now.” Mary said as she tried to figure it out.

“Honestly I wouldn’t doubt something was forcing us to not find the exit. I mean dolls, evil creatures and whatever else that might be trying to kill us, don’t want us to leave.” Laura said thinking. Just as they were talking they could hear a creak in the floor as if someone outside the hallway walking down the hall.

Kyle opened the door to the school as he turned the flashlight on and scanned the entranceway as he hesitated to walk into. He didn’t really believe in the supernatural but an old building like this probably had its own demons in its midst. As he walks into the entrance way he door to the front door close as he looks around thinking it was the wind that closed it. Inside the entrance way was a big symbol for the school on the floor as well as some staircases leading upwards. He noticed a hallway to his left and right as well as he decided which way to go.

He decided to walk down the right hallway as something was telling him to go that way. He followed his gut and intuition most of the time as it hasn’t let him astray too much. The flashlight shining down the hallway as he couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary besides the usual lockers and classroom doors. He took a left down the hallway and came across something strange as there were dolls lined up in the hallway on each side of the wall. He stood there puzzled for a second as he tried to figure out why the dolls were in such weird spots. What’s weirder was that the dolls were facing in his direction as if they knew he was coming down the hallway.

Slowly he walked past the dolls not noticing that the dolls heads were slowly turning to look at him as he walked past them. He stopped for a second and turned around and didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary besides the dolls facing he direction he came from. He kept walking down the hallway as he couldn’t get the sense that something was watching him as he walked the hallways. Just as he turned down another hallway he noticed a black figure pulling what looked to be a little girl into a room. He ran down the hallway and stopped in front of a door as he took a breath and swung the door open.

He didn’t see anything in the room as he looked inside initially curious to find out what he saw he walked into the closet which turned out to be the maintenance closet. He searched the room not seeing anyone but as soon as he was about to leave the room something caught his eye as he bent down and grabbed a small plastic ring off the floor. As soon as he grabbed the ring off the floor a small figure showed up from behind the wall where the ring was as the spirit screamed and goes through him as he falls to the ground trying to catch his breath. He coughs as he loses his breath for a second as he was scared half to death by the spirit. He sits there for a second trying to piece what just happened as he looks at the ring that was still in his hand.

The ring was painted silver with a red and silver gems in them. It was probably one of the kids’ belongings who didn’t make it out of the school due to the janitor. He gets back to his feet and puts the ring in his pocket as he continues down the hallway as he still didn’t know what happened just now. The flashlight shining down the hall as he kept wondering the abandoned school with no signs of life. He gets to the end of a hallway where he tries to decide if he should go left or right next.

Just then he hears something weird coming from the right side of him as he heard what sounded like giggling from kids. There shouldn’t be any kids in this school so how could there be any noise at all. He thought to himself as he decided to investigate the noise coming from the right. He could hear the giggling disappearing into the darkness as he walked to try and catch up to the voice. Before he could do that he could hear talking coming from inside of a classroom.

Just as he opened the door to look in to hear voices he was pushed into the room and the door slammed shut on him. He tries to open the door but it wouldn’t budge as if something was holding it closed. He looked around the room and could see two women and a male staring at him as he caught their attention. They put fingers to their lips and told him to be quiet as he was quite confused on who they were. A few minutes later they could hear the door click as if it unlocked.

“Now that we have a second to catch our breath yet again from the scare. Who the hell are you?” Mary asked in her Irish accent.

Kyle looks at her confused wondering if the guy just had a female voice. He was still trying to wrap around what happened since arriving in this school. “My name is Kyle Smith, I am a reporter trying to figure out the truth about the hospital that is a miles from here. I was told that this school had some kind of connection and there was a tunnel under the hospital that lead here so I came here since I couldn’t get into the hospital. You three are who?” He said looking at the three of them wondering.

Laura looks at him. “You are a reporter? What made you want to inspect the hospital” She asked curious and not trusting him at the moment.

“Well I got curious since it took so long for it to open and I heard that many things happened to delay the construction so I wanted to find the truth out so I can write about it.” He said to them not wanting to tell them everything.

Mary looked at him. “Well how can we trust that you are not some imposter that is trying to kill us like everyone and everything else in the school?” She asked staring at him.

He pulls out a business card and hands it to her as he shines the light on it. “This is my card, I am a reporter and I am trying to find the next big scoop.” He said looking at him.

The three of them convey with each other for a few minutes to see if they could trust him before they broke up and looked at him. “My name is Mary even though technically David is the primary here.” She said as she pointed to David’s body. He looked confused as she said this.

Laura looks at him and looks at Kailey who was trying to cover up as much as possible. “I am Laura and this is Kailey.” She said as she tried to get in front of Kailey to hide her skin. Kyle looks at Kailey and then to the other as he takes his coat off and hands it to Laura.

“She looks cold and might need this to cover up so she should wear this until we can get her some proper clothes. Where are you from?” He asked curious.

Kailey looks at the coat and quickly puts it on and zipping up the coat. It was a little big for her but better than not having it. “We came from the hospital.” She said before hiding behind Laura again.

“You three are from the hospital? What happened there, are there more of you?” He asked with many questions in his mind.

David shakes his head. “Sadly, no one else is alive besides us three as far as I know. Oliver who was the nurse that was helping us might have died a little bit ago. He was behind me but then I didn’t see him when I turned back to see if he followed me. How did you get in here?” Mary asked still in control.

Well I came in by the entrance to the school which isn’t very far from here to be honest.” He said.

“Fantastic then let’s get the hell out of this place. If you have questions then ask when we are alive and out of this place. I would not suggest going in any further or you might end up like the rest of them.” Mary said as she stood up and help the two girls up to their feet. He gets up and opens the door to the classroom only to see a doll standing in the doorway.

“Boo! I have found you Laura!” The doll said with its red glued on gems and sown on smile. The doll seemed more chaotic that the rest as it had different colored eyes and the smile seemed way creepier than the rest. Kyle looked at the doll as he was confused and worried that he just heard it talk as he kicks it into the wall and gets the three out of the room. The four of them run down the hallway and make a left as he tries to remember the path he took to get here.

As soon as he got to the end of the hallway he turned the corner and saw the dolls all facing his way once again as they all bent their head to the side. “You can’t leave us Laura. You and your friends will stay here forever and ever.” The dolls said as it appeared behind them. The flashlights that Laura and Kyle were holding started flickering as the lights went out keeping them in total darkness for a few before the lights turned on and the dolls were almost right next to them.

“Yes don’t run Laura, you and the rest are not supposed to ever leave here. Poor Casey, poor Jason and Oliver and yet I haven’t been able to kill you three yet which I am surprised. The fears you have inside paralyze you, but with help you overcome them in some way. I am amazed that you made it this far given the obstacles you had to face to get here.” Antonio said as he walked out of the darkness behind the doll with red gems for eyes.

“Antonio, you are alive?” David asked as he regain consciousness from Mary.

Antonio laughs. “I love when you all think that Antonio is still alive just because you see him in the flesh.”

“What are you talking about Antonio?” Laura asked looking at him.

“Antonio has been gone for quite some time. He watched as Casey died, Jason and Oliver die and he will watch as the three of you die. Well actually make it four since this guy was never a part of my plan for bodies and carnage. Another life will not matter to me as this is the end for all of you.” He said as he snapped his fingers and the lights went out.

Laura held onto Kailey as their life was about to end as David tried to bat away any incoming dolls that might try to attack. Kyle on the other hand had other plans as he lit a flare he had kept in his pocket for emergencies. As the flare lit up the room the hallway became more ominous as the dolls looked even creepier as it there sown on mouths were now sharp teeth about to sink their teeth into them. “We need to hurry out of here!” Kyle said as he grabbed a hole of David and then to Laura who dragged Kailey along with her. They fought their way through the hallway past the evil dolls trying to eat them alive as the flare kept their vision intact.

The turned right down the hallway as they were now face to face with the two creatures David was running from as they growled at them. The creatures looking weird as they had eyes of both Jason and Oliver as if that helped them see more. Kyle swung the flare at the two creatures as he wasn’t too fond of getting close to them. Someone had to be the hero here he thought as he tried to swing the flare again as the two creatures backed off a little bit. The flare would only last for a few more seconds as he swung the flare at the creatures again as it hit one of them in the face as it backed away trying to put out the burn on him.

The other creature moves forward as he saw the light dimming from the flare. Kyle grabbed the second and last one out of his pocket and lit it as it sparked to life blinding the creature for a short time. “When I say run I need you to run past these two creatures and get to the doors to the front they should be up ahead to the left!” Kyle said as he looked at the three of them.

“What about you?” David asked looking at him.

“Don’t worry about me, I will be right behind you as soon as I get these two to not follow.” He said as he swung the old flare at the creatures and then threw it at the one further away as it burned again. The newly lit flare he swung into the creatures face as he backed away trying to see. New eyes made it hard for it to see as it wasn’t used to the light yet. “Now!” He said as he lunges forward at the creature closest to him. As soon as the three passed him he jumped to the side and then swung at the other creature to blind it.

The two creatures growled and hissed as they were getting irritated by the annoyance of the flare. He decided to walk backwards as he blinded the two creatures and he tried to get out of the exit. The three of them get to the exit as they take a sigh of relief and look back to see Kyle still fending off the creatures. The flare slowly going out on him. David decided to help as much as he could as he grabbed what looked to be a part of a flag pole as he ran towards the creatures impaling one in the chest. The creature howling in pain as the pole gets further impaled into the creature.

The other creature hissing even louder as it sees its mate being impaled by the pole and tries to bite David in the shoulder. Kyle whacks it across the face with the flare as it burns hot on the eyeballs of the creature as it falls down in pain as it tried to scratch the pain away. Kyle takes David and runs from them as Antonio tries to stop them by appearing in front of them. With the full force of not being able to stop Kyle shoulder tackles him knocking him to the ground and then throwing the flare down onto a pile of leaves he didn’t notice when he came into the building. The leaves catch fire as the flare ignites them as the small fire starts to burn, they quickly get out of the school.

Just then the school started to slowly catch on fire as the fire popped along the floor catching more things on fire. Kyle didn’t know what was happening but he didn’t care as long as he made it out alive with the three survivors. They all took a deep sigh of relief and Laura, Kailey and David took in deep breaths of fresh air as they haven’t seen the outside in a while. The sleet still coming down as Kyle’s car was covered in the ice and snow. “Get in my car!” He said as the fire started to burn more engulfing the front door and the entrance way.

They could hear the screaming of voices as the fire burned in the building as they got into the car and didn’t look back after that. Kyle had no idea what he was getting into but he felt good saving some people’s lives. He drove quickly down the road to get as far away from the school as he could with the three of them in the car. After driving back into the city hey could hear the fire department go down the road as they were probably responding to the fire. He parked the car and then looked at the three of them. “I think with what just happened it would be best that I take you to the actual hospital so they can check you three out. After that I can take you home to my house and my wife could prepare you something to eat and stay for the night.” He said waiting for their responses.

Laura looks at him. “I think I am the only one that need looked at since I have a stab wound in my leg.” She said to him.

Kailey looks at her. “I am going to go with her since I have nowhere else to go.” She said holding onto Laura.

David looks at Kyle and shrugs his shoulders. “I guess we are going to the hospital for some treatment.” He said as he sat back in his seat and looked at the inside of the car.

Kyle agrees and drives them to the hospital and checks them in as he waited for the three of them to be checked out. He stayed with Laura and Kailey since David had his own issue to deal with. Once the nurse left to get the paperwork ready Kyle looked at the two of them. “Do any of you have parents that I could call?” He asked.

They looked at each other and then to him. “No, my parents died when I was twelve from a car accident and then I was sent to a foster home. I have foster parents but I don’t really want to see them anymore. They didn’t really seem to care much about me since their son was so much better.” Laura said looking at him.

“I don’t have any parents. I have been passed around by many people.” Kailey said as she closed herself off to him.

“Then you two are going to come home with me. I mean I may not be the best host but my wife and I will love to have you two stay for a while if you would like. Don’t worry though since we are the kind to take care of our own.” He said smiling at the two of them. They looked at each other again and nodded before looking back at him. “Great then it is decided.” He said just before the nurse came back with their paperwork. Laura was put on crutches for a few weeks just to make sure the leg healed well. Kailey was treated for some minor cuts and bruises she didn’t even know she had.

David came up to them moments later and smiled to them. “It looks like my parent have been worried sick about me and so they have told me that they are coming to get me. They also wanted to thank you for saving me from whatever that crap was. I told them that I was abducted by some guy that was in the hospital so they don’t think I am crazy.” He said laughing a little bit.

Mary pops up for just a second to talk to the girls. “It was nice meeting you two and you better keep each other safe. You guys remind me of sisters so I hope you all stay well.” She said before leaving.

“Thank you Mary!” Laura said as she waved good bye.

Kailey looks at her. “Thank you as well!” She said smiling a little bit. As Laura didn’t see that smile often on Kailey. Laura smiled at Kailey who looked happy for once as the three of them walked out of the hospital and rode in the car to Kyle’s house for a good nights’ rest. The next day arrived as Laura and Kailey woke up in the same room as they smelled home cooked pancakes with a hint of cinnamon in the air. They looked at each other and then got dressed before walking down for breakfast. The rest of the day went smoothly as Kyle tried to get answers from them to the best of their abilities.

He wrote up his article and submitted it to the papers around the city for distribution as he sat and waited for a call back about it. A week later and the paper had been published about the scandal and the horrors of what happened in the hospital before and after the construction. As for the fire that happened at the school during their escape the fire department had put it out but not very extensive damage was done on the inside and outside of the building no bodies were reported only melted dolls and mannequins. The cause of the fire was the flare Kyle had thrown down in the escape but no leads as to who started it in the department’s eyes. Paranormal investigators now investigate the hospital to this day as Kailey and Laura live in a bigger house with Kyle and his wife after they moved to a different city. The four of them had become somewhat of a family that was thrown together last minute but they were happy to be somewhere they felt safe.

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