Hollowed Nightmare

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Chapter 2

Kyle Smith known to be the best known reporter in the state was on a case of a lifetime. He was tasked to uncover the truth about what happened inside the new hospital that had just opened up. Many things reportedly happened while the building was being built as it took over a year more than it should to open. As an independent reporter he didn’t have limits that some reporters have. He heard rumors of things to have gone awry in the creation of the building and so he decided it was time to uncover the truth so people knew what happened in that year time span.

Kyle lived with his wonderful wife in a small home on the outskirts of Cincinnati. He was married to his work as much as he was married to his wife. She approved of his commitment to report the truth to the people of the city and one day maybe make a name for himself outside of the state. He was sitting in his study looking at old newspaper about the news of the building and figuring out clues and information that could be important to the investigation.

He has been working as a reporter for about five years now and he loved what he did. He uncovered many different conspiracies in the city along with even helping the police with an investigation once. Some thought he was a Private Investigator and he got phone calls from people needing help. He thought about doing that if things with south with his job he had now but he was determined to uncover this conspiracy of the hospital.

He got up from his chair and walked out of the study, closing the door behind him. Walking into the kitchen he saw his wife who had long brown hair with green eyes making dinner as he walked up behind her and gave her a kiss before walking to the refrigerator to grab a drink. He grabbed a soda from the fridge and opened it up with a pop. He takes a sip of the soda before placing it onto the table to help her with dinner.

Dinner was done about twenty minutes later as they sat down and ate their dinner with the casual conversations. He didn’t say much about the investigation as he did not want to get her involved just in case something were to happen. After dinner he helped clean the dishes and then walked to the living room to grab his coat and hat. He opens the door and turns to look at his wife. “I will be back later so if you don’t want to wait for me I will understand.” He said as she walked up to him.

She gives him a kiss and puts her hand on his face. “Just be careful out there. You never know what is going on in that hospital.” She said with a calm voice.

“I won’t be going inside the building, I am just going to check out the surrounding area and maybe see if I can find some kind of anomaly.” He said as he walked out the door.

“Hey, you kind of forgot about your camera.” She said as she grabbed it from the couch that was close to the front door.

He walks back to her and smiles. “What would I do without you?” He asked smiling.

“You probably would go crazy.” She said sticking out her tongue playfully.

“You are probably correct with that statement.” He said giving her a quick kiss again before heading to his car that was in the driveway. His black nineteen sixty eight Dodge Charger starting right up as he turned the ignition on and backed up out of his driveway. He takes the less traveled road to the hospital in hopes to find a good spot to hide out in for a few hours just to scope out the building. He finds a reclusive spot about a block away from the hospital and parks his car in a parking lot.

He turns the car off and gets out of the vehicle, as he closes the door behind him and starts walking towards the hospital with camera strap around his neck ready to take some photos. Takes him a few minutes to walk around the block to the building and notices some people walking out of the building as he stands there and takes a photo of them unaware. As soon as the coast was clear he got closer to the building in order to look more closely inside. He could see windows on every floor about five windows each on each floor.

The blue and white building looking fresh still as it just opened. He decides to walk around the building to see if there were any anomalies in the schematics. He starts taking photos of things around the building and inside if he could get a glimpse of what’s on the inside. Something just didn’t add up in his gut, like someone was trying to hide the truth of this building by being a hospital. “He will get to the bottom of this.” He thought about that in his head.

Just as he was about done walking around the building a cop pulls up on the side of the building and the cop rolls his window down to see Kyle standing there snooping. Kyle notices the cop and sighs as he walks over to him. “Hey there officer, having a good night?” He asked trying to strike up a conversation.

The cop nods his head before talking. “What do you think you are doing out here Kyle? Don’t you know that it isn’t polite to trespass on private property?” He asked looking at him with an eyebrow raised.

“Private property? Where is that sign at, I could have sworn I did not see any sign that said that.” He said trying to look innocent.

The cop gives a quick chuckle before he sighs. “You know for a fact that it is private property. I will give you a warning tonight but I expect you to leave.” He said still sitting in his car.

Kyle looks at him still and sighs. “You caught me, I will leave. Don’t you think it weird though how it took so long for this hospital to be built like some kind of supernatural force was stopping it from being built?” He asked questioning him.

“I only work for the city I don’t get paid to ask questions about the buildings being built here. Is it weird a little but I am not going to question it.”

“I will get to the bottom of this eventually, but for tonight I will leave in peace and do some studying of my own in the meantime.” He said as he started walking away back to where he parked his car. The cop sitting in his car as he watches Kyle walk away from the hospital building. The cop leaves after seeing him walk to the other side of the street heading to his car.

Kyle stands there for a second and turns around to the building taking one more photo before walking back to his car. Something told him to take a photo at that exact time, call it his gut or intuition. He gets back to his car and gets in; starting his car and heading back home to look at the photos he had taken. Something just didn’t feel right to him as he drove back home not knowing what is happening inside the hospital or what on earth happened back then.

As he gets home the sun had finally set for the night and his wife was still awake as the light was on in the living room. He turns the car off and gets out as he walks to the front door to open it his wife opened the door and stood in front of him smiling. “Welcome home dear, you weren’t out very long.” She said as she moved to let him in.

“Well I got caught by the police so I had to leave. I didn’t want to make a scene since I am doing this undercover in a way. I have some photos I took though so I am going to go look at them real quick. How about a movie after I get done with the photos?” He asked looking at her as he took off his coat and hat.

“Sure I can make us some popcorn but don’t take so long that the popcorn gets cold.” She said as she closes the door behind him and walks into the kitchen to make it. He walks into the hallway and opens his study as he walks in and sits down in his chair. He turns the monitor on to his computer and takes the memory card out of the camera to place it into the computer to check the photos.

As the photos loaded nothing looked out of the ordinary at first a few garbage cans overflowing from waste that people used. A few raccoon’s eating through the garbage in another photo and then the couple that walked out of the hospital as he got there. What stood out the most was the last photo he took as he zoomed in to see what the heck he was looking at. Something had to be wrong with the photo because he swore nothing was there when he took the photo but in the actual photo stood a black humanoid figure standing in the doorway right above the staircase looking at him. At least he thinks it was staring at him since it had no face but something gave him the chills as he kept looking at the photo. Just as he was about to share it with one of his friends the photo disappears from the computer.

He panics as he looks for the photo again but it vanished as if he never took the photo in the first place. Someone or something did not want to be known or else that photo would have been still there. A virus maybe would explain it but it was not just a mere coincidence that he had that feeling to take the photo and catch something on it. Something really was going on in that hospital and now he was even more curious as to know what it was that he saw. He decided to let it go for tonight and go spend some quality time with his wife before bed. He got up out of his chair and walked back out the door to the living room.

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