Hollowed Nightmare

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Chapter 3

Kailey Brisel Awakes in a hospital bed in a panic as she sits up in the bed quickly feeling light headed as the blood rushed to her brain. She looks around the room to see no other beds occupied and has no idea of where she was or how she got there. She tried to get up out of the bed but couldn’t as she was chained to the bed by her left arm. She panics again as she tries to pull the chain off her but with no avail; screaming for help as she couldn’t leave her bed.

Just then the doors to the infirmary opened up and a young male walks in with dark brown hair and glasses looking to be in his late twenties walks over to her. “Do not be alarmed miss. I am here to help you, my name is Nurse Oliver and I have been keeping an eye on you for some time since you got here. I am glad you are finally awake after being asleep for a day and a half. I bet you are starving and probably thirsty to go with that so why not sit back in the bed and I will take the chain off your arm. Then I will go fetch you some dinner before we can speak.” He said as he walked over to her showing his sympathy towards her.

She calms down a little bit as she gets back into her bed still afraid of this guy she has never met before. She feels slight pain all over her body like she was a punching bag for someone. As Oliver took off her chain she quickly looked at her arms and felt her face for any irregular things. She didn’t notice that she was bruised from head to toe in what looked to be domestic violence. She started to cry as she saw the bruises on her arms and knew that something had happened to her.

Oliver looks at her and see that her long brown hair was tangled up slightly. He tries to put a hand on her shoulder but she shudders and turns away from him not wanting anyone to touch her. He looks at her in sadness as he walks away to go fetch her something to eat for dinner. Kailey sat there crying until he came back with a tray of food that was prepped by one of their attending cooks they had at the hospital. “Please try to eat something and when you are ready to talk I will be right outside those doors waiting for you. I will come back in to talk to you when you get done eating but take your time.” He said as he places the tray of food down on her bed and walked back to the doors. He gives one little glimpse back at her before walking out the door and back to the reception desk.

Doctor Ziva walks up to him as he gets back to the desk to talk to him. “Has the patient recovered consciousness yet?” He asked looking at him worried.

Oliver looks up at him from the desk. “Yes doc, she just came to just a few minutes ago but I don’t think she wants to talk right now. I just gave her something to eat and hope that she will open up after that a little bit so we can figure more out about her. She seemed so terrified of me, that I think something happened to her in her life that just isn’t recent.” He said with a sad expression on his face.

The doctor sighs. “I can think of a few things but that would just not be right to assume until given a proper diagnosis. Just check up on her from time to time I think you might have more luck talking to her than I would. I still have the six patients on the other floors to see so I will come back to check up on her when I get done.” He said as he walked away from the desk to the stairs leading up to the second floor. Oliver sits and does some paper work for about thirty minutes before he decides to go check in on the new patient.

Kailey sits there still wiping away the tears she had as she was eating the dinner that Oliver had left for her. She turns her head to the left as she hears the doors open up again to see him walk back into the room. She gives a slight pause of hesitation as she tries to back away from him in the bed she was in. Oliver stop about half way into the room before looking at her. “I am not here to hurt you, I am just wanting to make sure that you are okay. May I look at your arms to see how bad the damage is?” He asked as he stood there to see her response.

She hesitates for a second before nodding her head slowly. Oliver walks over to her slowly as he tries to not spook her too much. He lightly grabs her arm to check it out and he starts to graze over the bruises that she had all over her arm. “May I ask what happened that you have all these bruises? You are in a safe place here and all I want to do is help you.”

She swallows the food she had in her mouth before quietly talking to him. “I think I was pushed down the stairs.”

He looks at her and notices that she had icy blue eyes that were red from crying and then back to the bruises. “The stairs did this much damage to you?” He asked slightly shocked by what she said.

She nods her head. “I don’t really remember what all happened. I just remember the fall before blacking out. Wait what is today?” She asked panic in her voice.

“Today is October 23rd and you are in the hospital. Why what is wrong?”

“My guardians, they must be worried about me.” She said quickly.

Oliver looks at her and then sadness in his face. “I am sorry to tell you but I haven’t had anyone come to see you and no one has called about you.” He said sadly.

“Oh, okay.” She said looking sad but also cautious.

“Why don’t you finish eating and then the doctor will come check up on you. We will both be here to help you with your recovery.” He said to her as he walked away from her and back to the doors. The doors open up again and he walks out of there back to his desk. “Something just doesn’t seem right.” He thought to himself as Doctor Ziva walks back towards him.

“The other patients are doing okay at the moment so why don’t we go back in to see her. Did she give any answers or seem off at all?” He asked looking at Oliver.

“She seemed to be hiding something. I think she might have been abused in more than one way in her life at some point.” He said to him with sadness in his voice.

The doctor puts a hand on his shoulder. “Let us not jump to conclusions just yet. I think we just need to make sure that she hasn’t sustained serious damage.” He said to him as he started walking towards the infirmary.

Kailey was sitting there on the bed still staring off into space as the doors opened up and she see Oliver come back in with an older man. She pulls the covers over her head as she tries to hide. “Do not worry child, I am the doctor here at this hospital I am here to just to make sure you are healthy. I see you have many bruises that seem to be quite dark so may I check them?” Ziva asked as he walked over to her.

She pulls the covers down off her face and nodded slowly. Doctor Ziva looks at the bruises more closely as he graze them with his hand. “I know this is hard to wake up in a hospital after a day and a half of sleep but I will need you take your clothes off and put this gown on. I am for sure going to need an x-ray of your internal organs to make sure your ribs are still in one piece and nothing is bruised.” He said as picks up a gown from the other bed and hands it to her.

“We will leave so you can change into it but I just want you to know that you are in safe hands here.” He said as he walked out of the room with Oliver. Kailey watches as they leave and then closes the curtains for more privacy before slowly taking her clothes off to put the gown on. Hesitation in her movements as she didn’t like getting undressed in unfamiliar places. A few minutes later the doctor comes back in without Oliver. “If you are dressed please follow me to the x-ray room.” He said as he stood there waiting for her to come out from behind the curtain.

She pops her head out from behind the curtain to look at him with fear in her eyes. “I can tell something has happened to you, but I am here to help you and not harm you.” He said to her trying to give her some peace of mind. She slowly walks out from behind the curtain holding her hands across the body to cover herself more than she already was. “Please follow me.” He said as he walked towards the door and waits for her to follow. She follows him slowly not sure of what is going on still.

He takes her to the x-ray machine and gets a few images done for him to look at. He sits her down in a chair in the room to explain the results. “Well, it looks like you have a few fractured ribs and a few bruised ones. You also have a lot of bruising on both arms and legs that I think you need to heal up before you even decide on leaving the hospital. I am going to give you some medicine that will help with the pain and let them heal on their own. I will give you some ice packs for the bruising but I think it’s better if you stay in one of our rooms for a while.” He said to her as he got up from his chair to walk to the door.

She stays quiet as she listens to his explanation and watches him get up from his chair. She stands up from her chair and follows him back down to the first floor where Oliver was doing some work at the desk. He sees both of them come down from the elevator that he forgot they had and stands up from his chair. “Your clothes are already in a bag for you, do not worry I left everything the same.” He said giving her a slight smile.

She takes the bag slowly from his hands and then walks away from the two of them close to the stairs. “She will be staying here for a while so make sure you have her down in the books.”

“Do you know her name? I haven’t asked her for it.” Oliver asked looking at him.

The doctor looks at her. “What is your name?”

“K-Kailey.” She said with a slight stutter in her voice.

“Alright I will put Kailey into the system. I hope we have some time to talk when you are feeling better.” Oliver said before sitting back down into his chair to put her into the computer.

“Come, follow me to your room. If you need any assistance don’t be afraid to ask. Oliver is here to help as am I. I have my office on the second floor so I might be closer since you will be on the third floor but I hope we can help you.” He said as he walked with her to the elevator to go to the third floor to her new room she will be staying in for a little while.

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