Hollowed Nightmare

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Chapter 4

Kailey awakens the next day in her new room at the hospital. As she sat up in the bed she looks around the room again only to see that nothing has changed. Was a small brown desk on the opposite wall of the bed with a wooden chair. The room also had a small wardrobe to fit her clothes into as well as one window and a few decorations. There was also a small bathroom so she can take showers and get ready for the day.

Before she was able to get out of bed she heard a knock at the door and a male’s voice speak. “Kailey, this is Nurse Oliver, may I come in?” He asked waiting for a response.

“Sure.” She said covering herself back up in the blanket that she had.

The door to the room opened up slowly so he didn’t startle her in any way. He walks into the room and closes the door behind him. “I hope you slept well. Are the medications helping you with the pain? I came up here to check on you to make sure you are okay and also to see if you would like breakfast. We can bring you something from the kitchen if you would like.” He said trying to show his concern for her.

Before she could say anything her stomach started to rumble from being hungry. “I am feeling fine.” She said hesitantly still covered.

Oliver laughs a little bit as he hears her stomach growl. “Well you might seem fine but I think your stomach says otherwise. I will go get you something to eat, is pancakes good?” He asked looking at her still as he puts his hand on the door handle. She gives a slight nod before laying back down into the bed. “Alright, I will be back with that in just a few minutes. After that we need to talk about what you will be doing today.” He said as he opened the door and walking out closing the door behind him.

She waits a second before quickly rushing out of bed and jumping into the shower before he arrived back to her room. As quickly as she had jumped into the shower she was out and getting dressed quickly not even noticing the mismatched socks she had put on. Before she could brush her hair though she heard a knock at the door again. Quickly she runs back to her bed with her dripping wet hair. “Come in.” She said sitting in her bed again.

Oliver opens the door and walks in with a tray in his hand with pancakes on a plate and what looked to be banana slices and orange slices in cups. There were a few cups of syrup on the tray as well as some plastic utensils. He walks over to her and places the tray down on her bed and then looks at her. “Oh my, you are going to catch a cold if you do not dry that hair. Your shirt is already getting soaked with water Kailey.” He said as he walked into the bathroom to grab another towel to hand to her.

She looks at him for a second before taking the towel from his hands and placing it on her head to try to cover her hair. She opens the sleeve where the plastic utensils were and grabs them out before touching her food. Oliver grabs the wooden chair from the desk and places it in front of her. “Today I would like to show you around the area some and then you can meet the six other people that are staying here with us. They are all nice in my eyes so I really hope that you give them a chance. If you feel like you are being pressured though let me know and I can always take you back to your room.

I just don’t want you leaving this hospital until all your injuries are taking care of and healed all the way.” He said as he watches her eat the food that he had brought her. She scarfs down the oranges and banana slices before moving onto the pancakes. She takes a drink from the carton of milk that was sitting on the tray before talking.

“I don’t really like meeting new people.” She said before she started cutting into the pancakes with her fork.

“It is just a formality that I introduce you to the patients here and also to get you accustomed to the hospital here. They will be in a meeting together here in about half an hour and I would like you to join them. I will be there with you to meet them and Doctor Ziva will also be in the room as he is trying to help them.”

She eats the rest of her food before slowly nodding to agree. She gets up from the bed again and runs to the bathroom to try and dry her hair. She grabs the brush from the drawer in the bathroom and starts brushing her hair. Soon she was out of the bathroom and ready to go as she looks at Oliver. “I’m not sure if you are excited or just ready to get this over with.” He said getting up from the chair and putting it back where he got it from.

He opens the door and motions for her to go first as he follows behind her and closing the door. He takes the lead down the hallway showing her the rooms that the other patients were in and many other rooms. They went down all the floors as he showed her everything there was to show in the hospital except the basement which was off limits to patients and even himself. He had one more room to show her which he saved for last as it took them about thirty minutes to walk all over the building.

He comes to a stop in front of a metal door with a small window on it and looks at her. “This room is the meeting room, I never understood why this door is metal but pay it no mind since it’s just a door to me. We are going to go inside now and you will meet the other patients that reside here at the moment. Do not be alarmed though they might seem scary but I don’t think they are that bad of people, plus Doctor Ziva is in there at the moment too.” He said looking at her before putting his hand on the door to open it up for her.

As the door opened everyone in the room turned to look to see who was about to walk in. “Hello nurse Oliver, I hope you were able to convince her to show up to meet everyone.” Doctor Ziva said as he saw Oliver standing there. Kailey pops her head around the corner to see him. “Ah, so I see you were successful, come in child we are not here to harm you.” He said motioning her to come into the room.

Kailey walks into the room slowly holding her hands across her chest and looking down to the floor. “Well hello there cutie, how’s it going?” A young male with average red length hair and green eyes said as he sat there in a chair closest to the door. Kailey backed away from him slowly keeping her distance from everyone.

“This here is Kailey, she just woke up from being unconscious I would like you all to be kind to her and show her some respect.” Doctor Ziva said to the six people that were in the room with him. Kailey looked up to see who all was in the room for a second. From furthest away was a young Caucasian woman with short blonde hair and green eyes. Next to her was a young Caucasian male with medium green length hair and brown eyes which seemed a little spaced out at the moment.

Next to him was a Caucasian male probably in his late twenties early thirties with short brown hair and brown eyes. Followed by a Caucasian woman with medium brown length hair with brown eyes staring at her. Next to her was a tan male looked to be from either Brazil or Ecuador with black hair and brown eyes. She already saw the other guy that was closest to her as she stayed where she was.

“I guess names are in order, well to your left or furthest from the door you have Laura, followed by Tony, then David possibly, next to him you have Casey, then Antonio and last but not least is Jason. They are all here because they had some traumatic experiences that I wish to help them with. Jason here is recovering from a coma and a concussion so he sometimes has a hard time. Why not sit and stay a while why they tell their story, I would be glad to have you here.” Doctor Ziva said to her as he got up to grab her a seat closer to him away from Jason.

She looks at him and then to Oliver who was still standing in the doorway and slowly walks to the seat next to the doctor. “Why not get on to the subject at hand then. Everyone here has something that they fear or has something wrong with them that we deem necessary to help before we let them go out into the world again. Some peoples fear is not to serious but some kind be devastating. So Laura, what is it you are afraid of?” Ziva asked looking at her.

Laura looks at him quickly and thinks for a second before giving him her answer. “Dolls, Mannequins.” She said as she shuddered from the thought.

“Ah, so you have Automatonophobia, fear of mannequins and Pediophobia, fear of dolls. Well that is a common one to a lot of people so don’t be alarmed by it. I will help you overcome those fears and hopefully by the time you leave you won’t be afraid anymore.” He said to her smiling.

“Thanks.” She said holding her head down to look at the tile floor.

“No problem that is what we are here for after all. Now Jason are you afraid of anything?” He asked turning to look at him.

Jason looks at Doctor Ziva and looks down on the floor too. “Well you see ever since I came out of the coma I can’t look at a mirror or at myself anymore. I feel like it isn’t who I am anymore.” He said still looking down.

“Hm, that sounds like it might be Eisoptrophobia, the fear of mirror’s or ones reflection. Might have happened when you fell into the coma from the concussion during that game. We will do what we can to help you since that is what we are meant to do.” Doctor Ziva said to him turning to look at Tony. “Tony, are you here with us or spacing out still.” He said looking at the man with green hair

Tony snaps his neck to him and looks. “Huh, I’m afraid of things yep, needles being one, yes sir that’s me.” He said not sounding to be in his right mind.

Doctor Ziva looks at him puzzled. “Nurse Oliver, I think Tony needs some attention if you could take him to his room for treatment I would be grateful.” He said looking to Oliver who nodded his head and walked over to Tony. As soon as Oliver touched Tony’s shoulder he went crazy like something was out to get him. He started scratching his arms and trying to get Oliver’s arm off him before being forced out of the room as everyone watched in fear.

“Tony has a mental health issue that we are trying to cure him of but being a recovering drug addict is hard for him to overcome as well.” He said looking to Kailey who looked more scared then the rest of them. “Casey here has two phobias to overcome as well, Arachnophobia; the fear of spiders and Claustrophobia; fear of enclosed spaces.” Casey gives a sneer at Kailey before looking away from her.

“Antonio here has Demonophobia or fear of demons also a fear of ghosts which is a hard case to fix since I am a man of science. David here has a unique case which I’m not even sure if this is David at the moment.” He said looking at David.

David looks to him for a second and tilts his head slightly to the left. “David, you said? Well I am afraid that he isn’t here at the moment.” He said in an Irish accent.

“Ah then you are Mary.” Doctor Ziva said as he looked at him.

“Right you are there Doctor.” He said as he looks around the room. Kailey looks at him and is confused by what is going on.

Doctor Ziva looks at Kailey and notices her confusion. “David has multiple personalities like Mary who is defensive over David which I could see as a mother figure and then David who some traumatic experiences created Mary.”

“Hello there young lady it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Do not be alarmed by me as I am a gentle soul.” She said smiling to Kailey who just looked at her in both confusion and fear.

Oliver walks back into the room and looks at Doctor Ziva. “He is back in his room and sleeping peacefully for now.” He said closing the door behind him.

“Great to hear, I think Kailey here has had enough time here for today, why don’t you take her back to her room and she can explore later after the meeting. I do not want to cause fear in our patients.” Doctor Ziva said looking at Oliver. Kailey looks at Doctor Ziva and then to Oliver as she got up and walked past him through the door. Oliver looks at the doctor once more before following to catch up to Kailey who was just standing on the side of the wall.

“Are you okay?” Oliver asked after he closed the door to the room.

“Why am I here? I get that you think that I am endangered but I don’t belong here compared to these people afraid to things.” She said putting her hands on her face.

“You might think you are different from them but in all honesty both Doctor Ziva and I think otherwise. We both feel like you are hiding something from us and I am just here to help you. I am not going to hurt you and he isn’t going to hurt you either so you can talk to us. We have heard many things and I have taken classes on both medical sides mental and physical.” He said standing there.

“There is nothing wrong with me, I fell down the stairs that’s all.” She said as she started to walk away from him back to her room. Oliver shakes his head and follows after her. “I know where my room is so I can get back on my own, thank you.” She said as turned and started going up the stairs to her room. Oliver was going to say something but sometimes it’s better to let silence talk for a while.

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