Hollowed Nightmare

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Chapter 5

Thunder cracks in the dead of night shaking the very foundation of the hospital. A storm raging outside like no other as the wind started to pick up like a tornado was about to touchdown. Oliver sat there listening to the rain as he sat there at the front desk finishing up some paperwork. The lights started to flicker as it seemed like the power was about to go out. “It didn’t say it was going to rain today.” He thought to himself as he listened to the storm outside.

The power goes out for a few seconds as he sat there in the dark looking for a flashlight. He finds a flashlight in one of the drawers and gets up to find the breaker. Not sure where it is since no one has ever showed him. He decides to search in the basement since that was the most logical place for a fuse box. He never walked to the basement before since that was off limits to most people and he never had a reason to go down there but guess this was an exception.

He takes the stairs down to the basement and walks towards the basement door hoping it didn’t need a key. He pushes on the door but it doesn’t budge an inch, so he decides to pull on the door and it swings open slowly. He points the flashlight down onto the floor and walks forward not sure what he will find in the room. He turns and faces the wall and looks for the fuse box that should be on the wall but side steps to the left an inch every second until he finally reaches the fuse box.

He opens the box and looks at the diagram on the box lid and then started turning fuses back on in hopes to turn the power back on. After one last click of the switch the lights turn back on and he finally can see what is in the room. Just to the left of him was a passageway which didn’t seem like part of the original plans of the hospital. Something just seemed eerie about the tunnel he was now looking down. It wasn’t just dark in the tunnel the presences itself felt dark and ominous as well.

Oliver turned around and walked back to the door but the door suddenly closed on him trapping him inside the room. Panic running through him now as he pushed on the door with all his might but it wouldn’t budge like something was holding the door from the other side. He quickly looks around the room for anything that might help him open the door and finally notices a crowbar in the right corner of the room. He runs to the corner and grabs the crowbar in hopes that it will help him free himself from this room.

Putting the crowbar into the crack in the doorway and frame he pulls with his might to open the door as the door creeks a little bit before it slammed shut again on the crowbar. Just as the door closes again on him he could hear a sound coming from the tunnel like someone was walking down it. The footsteps were getting louder with every step; getting closer to the room he was in. Oliver takes the crowbar in both hands and walks towards the tunnel to see who was walking down ready to hit whoever was down there with him.

Looking down the tunnel he notices nothing out of the ordinary even though the footsteps were getting closer to him still. Gripping the crowbar tight he walks into the tunnel slightly to see if anyone was coming down the tunnel but still nothing. Just as he was about start walking back to the room h heard the footsteps moving faster as if someone was running towards him. He turns around and runs back into the room with the crowbar still gripped tightly and turning again to look down the tunnel. As soon as he turned around this ghastly looking figure runs at him screaming as Oliver swings the crowbar only to have it go right through him.

Freaking out at what he just witnessed he quickly runs back to the door and tries to open it again. The ghastly figure reforms behind him as he slowly walks towards Oliver who finally opens the door and slams it shut in the figures face. Without catching his breath he books it back to his office and shuts the door before catching his breath feeling his heart racing. Not sure if what he just witnessed was all in his head or something he could not explain since he never seen anything like that before.

Laura Kelsey woke up with a jump as the thunder cracked as the storm kept relentlessly hammering the hospital. She laid there in her bed listening to the rain and thunder; her heart beat fast as she was startled. The lights flickering on and off as the storm made its way through. Just as she was about to close her eyes to try to go back to bed she heard a little girl say her name from behind the hallway door.

She looked towards the door as she kept herself covered in the blankets seeing a small shadow from behind the door. “Laura.” The little girl said again as the voice whispered towards her like some kind of echo. Freaking out slightly she lays in her bed still not knowing who was behind the door. “Why are you ignoring me, LAURA?” The little girl voice seeming to have gotten slightly more aggressive. Laura could hear a little girl laughing as if she was in the room with her.

“Whoever it is, go away!” Laura exclaimed as she hugged her sheets tightly. Just as she finished saying that the door to the hallway slowly opened with a creek. Laura hides under the sheets in hopes that this was all a bad dream and she would wake up soon. It became quiet for a few seconds as she laid there under the blankets listening to hear any movements or sounds but it was silent. She popped her head out from under the blankets and instantly froze as she was now looking at a one foot female doll with bright green eyes and a sown in smile staring at her standing on its legs.

“Peekaboo I see you.” The little girl voice said as Laura figured out the voice was coming from the doll. The lights go out for a split second and the doll was no longer in the doorway looking at her. Laura quickly scans the room to see where I had gone; was it all a bad dream or did it just vanish. She took a sigh of relief before turning her head to the right only to have come face to face with the doll that had appeared next to her bed. The creepy sown on smile and the big green eyes staring at her like she was staring into Laura’s soul.

Just as she was about to run from the bed the lights went out again incasing her in darkness. Her panic rising as she now couldn’t see if the doll was still in the room or if something was about to happen to her. Tears forming in her eyes as she laid there covering herself with the blankets again hoping it would all go away. The lights turn back on a few minutes later only for her to slowly pop her head out of the blankets and see the doll was gone from the room leaving the door opened. She laid there weeping as she couldn’t control the fear or the tears from forming until she finally fell back asleep from crying.

Antonio Denardo was sitting up on his bed listening to the rain hit the window he had in his room trying to relax. Thinking about his mother who probably missed him every day he was not in touch with her. Hoping that things would be over and done with soon so that he can go back to the way he was hoping to live. Being from Bolivia has been rough for him and his family since the country is one of the poorest in South America. They moved to America in hopes that things would be better for them but so far it hasn’t been the best.

Antonio was in the hospital because he has been seeing things that haven’t actually been there before. Doctor Ziva thinks it’s all just in his head but something else seems to be wrong and Antonio can’t explain it. When he was a child he saw things other people could not see and when he told his parents they thought he was crazy. Now in America they sent him to get some professional help in hopes that something could be done. Even now he sees things he cannot explain to anyone even though it is slowly driving himself mad.

He looks around his room knowing full well that he is not alone as he feels the eyes or presences of someone or something watching him. Just then he sees a shadowy figure appear out of the wall to his right as it glides across his room to the other side and out of view going through the wall. The rain slowing down slightly as it seemed to let up a little as he could hear himself think. He gets up from his bed and looks out the window to the left of his bed and doesn’t see anything due to the storm outside. He walks around his bed to the other side and puts some shoes on to take a little walk but as soon as he opens the door to the hallway he is faced with yet another black shadowy figure staring back at him.

Frozen with fear as he stood there staring at the mass in front of him he could see a dark smile appear from the figure. The dark mass hovered its arm over Antonio and swings his arm downwards in a swift motion as a burning sensation started on his chest. The dark mass disappears in a puff of smoke and Antonio is gasping for air as the pain struck him hard. He took the shirt off that he had on and went to the mirror that was in his room and looked to see if something was there on his chest.

To his disbelief there were three claw marks going at a sixty degree angle about two inches in length down his chest. Blood was slowly dripping down his chest as the wound still hurt like hell and felt like it was on fire. He runs out of the room and down to the first floor where Oliver was sitting in his office. Oliver was half asleep by that time as he jumped awake as the door slammed opened as Antonio rushed in.

Oliver looks at him in shock. “What happened?!” Oliver asked looking at the wound that was still bleeding.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I said it, I don’t even believe it myself but it hurts like hell!” Antonio said in a panic.

Oliver runs over to him and takes a look at the wound as he puts his hand near the wound it emulates heat like a small fire. Oliver has never heard of this before and had no idea what to even explain what it was but the best course of action right now would be to clean up the wound and bandage it. Oliver takes him into the infirmary and cleans up the wound with the required tools and medicine and then bandages the wound before sitting down in a chair.

“Are you sure you didn’t do this yourself?” Oliver asked not knowing what else to say.

Antonio looks at the Oliver in confusion. “You think I had the audacity to go and cut myself three times as well as make it burn? Oh yes nurse I am so not right in the head that I did this myself.” He said being slightly irritated at the nurse making assumptions. “All I know is that I was sitting in my room and some shadowy figure went from one wall to the other. Then when I got up to go take a walk out in the hallway I was met by this dark shadowy mass that smiled at me and then scratched me. I told you that you wouldn’t believe me.” He said turning away from Oliver.

Oliver thinks for a second before remembering the time he was in the basement a few hours ago. “Yes, it does sound crazy but I also had some weird thing happen to me that I couldn’t explain so I can’t say I don’t believe you. Maybe it would be best if you just slept in here for the night and then tomorrow you can go back to your room.” Oliver said getting up from the chair and walking towards the door.

“I will sleep here tonight I guess but I can’t explain what happened.” He said as he grabbed a blanket off the bed next to him and covered up with it.

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