Hollowed Nightmare

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Chapter 6

The morning came quickly for some but not for all as they could not get back to sleep after the night they had. Oliver was checking in on Antonio every so often during the night to make sure the wound he had suffered didn’t continue to bleed while Laura couldn’t stay asleep due to her hearing voices throughout the night. Tony who was in his room the whole entire day and night yesterday woke up and stretched for a second before getting up out of bed and walking to the bathroom to do his business. After Tony had gotten done with the things he had to do in the bathroom he walked back to the bedroom and sat on the edge of his bed waiting for someone to walk into his room.

The door opens as Tony stares at Oliver as he walks into the room with an unsettled look on his face. “Good morning Tony, breakfast is ready if you would like to come down.”

Tony continues to look at Oliver before standing up and walking out the door to get breakfast. Oliver closes the door behind them and follows him down to the small cafeteria they had. They get down to the first floor and enter the cafeteria where the other were sitting at different round stone tables eat and not socializing very much. Tony grabs his food and sits down next to Laura who was alone at the table she was at.

Oliver who was standing in the corner of the room monitoring them saw Laura who looked frazzled. He walks over to her and sits on the opposite side of her and tries to talk to her. “Are you okay today Laura?” Asking with concern in his voice.

Laura slowly looks up at him with dark circles under her eyes. “I didn’t sleep very good last night, I kept waking up because I kept thinking I heard voices. Something happened last night during that storm and I can’t explain what.” He said putting her hands to her face.

Oliver looks at her concerned because he wasn’t the only one that had a bad night last night. He looks to see if Antonio was in the cafeteria as well but didn’t see him anywhere in the room. “Laura, after you eat lets go talk about it, I will listen to what you have to say so don’t worry.” He said before getting up from the seat and walking back to the corner to wait until she was done eating. Laura finished eating what was on her tray before getting up and putting the tray away and walking towards Oliver.

Oliver grabs a few food items and takes it with him as he and Laura walk out the cafeteria door as to the infirmary. Once inside the infirmary Oliver notices that Antonio was laying on the bed holding his chest slightly. “Are you doing okay today Antonio?” Oliver asked as he walked to him.

He looked up at Oliver and nods slightly before sitting up in the bed. “I still have this pain in my chest but I slept okay I guess could be better without the nightmares and pain.” He looks at Laura who popped her head around Oliver. “What’s she doing here?” He asked curious as to why she was standing behind him.

“Well, she was having trouble sleeping and had something happen last night she said so I wanted to ask her about it. What better way than to compare notes and see what all has gone on since last night?” Oliver said as he went to grab two chairs that were stacked up in a corner. He brought two chairs over so that Laura and him can sit in and talk with Antonio. Laura looks at him before sitting down in the chair and then to Antonio, not sure why he was there.

Oliver sits down in the chair and looks at Antonio and then to Laura. “Alright Laura, tell me what happened last night? Do not worry we are here for you.” He said trying to give her comfort.

Laura sits back in her chair and looks at the two of them. “I woke up last night because of the thunder and when I was trying to go back to sleep I heard someone or something say my name. I stayed quiet but it just kept saying my name outside the hallway door. The door opened up on its own I remember hearing it because I was under my blankets. It was quiet for a little bit so I thought it was gone but when I looked out from under the blankets there it was in the door way. A doll was literally staring at me in the doorway like some kind of prank someone was trying to pull on me.

The lights went out and he doll disappeared from the doorway and so I thought I was safe but when I turned my head there it was next to me staring. I freaked out and was about to run out of the room but the lights went out again making me panic even more and then when the lights came back on she was gone. The doll looked so freaky and terrifying, it had this sown on smile and big green eyes I felt like it was looking into my soul.” She said as she started to cry. Oliver gives her a quick hug to try and comfort her before looking at Antonio.

“So it looks like it wasn’t just you Antonio that saw something really weird last night. I also had an experience last night in the basement when I went to turn the lights back on from the power outage. I was in the basement trying to turn the lights on when all of a sudden I could hear these footsteps coming from this tunnel which is in the basement. I looked but didn’t see anything but all of a sudden the footsteps got quicker until this ghastly form jump out at me and freaked me out making me try to get out of the basement as quick as possible. The door felt like someone was holding it shut from the other end when this was going on so I couldn’t get out. This was probably an hour before you came down with your injury.” He said to Antonio.

Oliver places the food down on the bed for him since he forgot that he even grabbed food for Antonio. He slowly starts to eat the food that he was given enjoying the blueberry muffin and banana as well as a chocolate milk. He finishes the food and then takes a sigh of relief before slumping back down into the bed. Oliver gets up from his chair and then starts to look at the bandages that he put on him early this morning. “I am going to take the bandages off so I can give you new ones so hold still.” He said as he reached for the bandages and undoes them looking at the scar that was slowly starting to begin healing.

Laura gasps at the sight of the three claw marks that Antonio had on his chest as Oliver revealed it. The claw marks still seemed as red as this morning but at least it wasn’t bleeding anymore. He put his hand over the scar and could still feel heat coming from it as he went out of the infirmary for a second to grab something. Laura gets up from the chair she was in and looks at the scar more closely. Antonio getting a little nervous around her as he has not been around many women in his life.

Oliver comes back a few moments later with an ice pack in his left hand and hands it to Antonio. “This should help with the cooling that wound down, but I am surprised that it hasn’t cooled down by now. Something just seems odd about that scar.” Oliver said sitting back down to wait a little bit before bandaging up the wound again.

“Thanks, hope it helps too.” Antonio said as he puts the ice pack on his scar and winces in pain from the coldness of the ice. Instantly he feels a bit better as the ice soothes the heat from the scar that he had gotten.

Laura sits back down in her chair and just thinks about what happened early this morning as it wasn’t just her that had been affected but two others as well. Laura starts to play with her short blonde hair as she starts to stare off into space not noticing anything around her. A few seconds later she heard a little girl laughing coming from behind her as he jumped and turned around to see nothing there but the wall and bed. She could hear the faint taps of footsteps on the tile floor as she looked around the room not seeing anyone but Oliver and Antonio sitting there looking at her.

The footsteps getting progressively closer and then turn around and be faint again like someone was running up to her and then away. She turns around again but again doesn’t see anyone around the laughter of the little girl echoing through the infirmary as the sound reverberates off the walls. She turns around again and this time notices not one but two dolls in the corner of the room farthest away from them with their heads tilted at an angle. The sown on smiles and big green eyes staring right at her like she was seeing twin dolls. He backs up and trips over the chair as she falls backwards and hits her head on the tile floor knocking her out cold. Oliver quickly springing to his feet to help her into a bed as Antonio jumps out of bed and helps him dropping the ice pack on the bed.

Casey sits in the cafeteria next to Jason flirting with him as she plays with her shoulder length blonde hair as she stares into Jason’s jade green eyes. “So how about you and I sneak off out of here for a little while, I can make it worth your while.” Casey said moving her hand down her shirt showing him slight cleavage. She gives him a slight wink before getting up out of her seat making sure to bend over in front of him for a second and walking over to drop off her tray.

She gives him another quick glance before walking out the door of the cafeteria. Jason looks around real quick before he quickly drops his tray off and walks out the door after her. He sees her going up the stairs and so he follows her up the stairs but when he got up to the next floor she was gone. He looks around for her but eventually he gives up the search and goes back to his room to play on the computer he had in his room. He opens the door to his room and notices that he was not alone as Casey was sitting on her knees on the bed naked.

She motions for him to come over to her with her fingers and licks her lips. He quickly closes the door behind him and shoves the chair to his desk up against the door handle so no one could interrupt them. He starts ripping his clothes off and throwing them everywhere in the room and noticed her clothes nowhere to be seen but he didn’t really care. He jumps into the bed as she embraces him in a hug he nude body touching his as he became turned on more from her nipples touching him. They fall onto the bed and he starts to play with her trying to make her lust for more.

He kisses down her smooth skin and stops for a second before moving back up to give her a kiss but then he notices that Casey was not who she looked to be. He was now staring at a figure with wet dark hair that covered one of her blackened yes and when past her shoulders. The figure had gray skin and looked to have been dead for a few years as the figure slowly moved its arms to try and embrace him. He could hear as the bones started snapping in place as she was trying to move. He quickly jumped up out of the bed and grabbed his pants tripping on his shoes and hitting his head on the chair that blocked the door.

He throws the chair to the wall and tries to open the door but it wouldn’t budge. The gray figure slowly sat up and started moving to get off the bed as he kept trying to escape. He started to scream for help as he continuously banged on the door in hopes someone would hear him on the second floor. He could hear the cracking on the bones again as the figure turned its body and started to stand up. He could hear the figure breathing heavily as if trying to catch its breath as it moved closer to him.

The cracking of the bones getting louder as it kept inching closely as it was walking slowly from its brittle bones. He could smell the decay coming from the figure as he kept trying to open the door the smell getting stronger as he was about to vomit. The cracking of the bones getting louder as the figure reached out its arm towards Jason and touching his shoulder. He turns his head to see the boney fingers of the figure on his shoulder as he tried to bust the door down in his attempts to flee the room. The figure was about to embrace him when the door finally broke open breaking off the hinges at the top as he rushed out of the room screaming down the hallway and down the stairs.

Tony who was just getting out of the cafeteria heard Jason screaming as he came bolting down the stairs blood on his forehead from where it collided with the chair. He trips on his feet on the last step and falls to the floor where Tony runs over to him and checks to see if he is okay. He sees the blood on his head and falls backwards as he backs up quickly. Kailey who heard the screaming from the cafeteria ran out the door and saw Jason laying on the floor with blood on his face and Tony on his butt away from him. Casey comes running down the stairs to see what happened when she sees Jason laying on the floor trying to move she screamed and ran over to Jason trying to help him.

Laura who was in the infirmary heard the screams of Jason and Casey and got up from her chair and listened for a second before turning around and getting Oliver’s attention. “I think someone was hurt!” She said as she bolted out of the room down the hallway. Oliver quickly pursues Laura down the hallway to see Jason lying on the floor unconscious.

“Out of the way!” Oliver said as he was pushing them out of the way to get to Jason. He could see the blood running from his head as he quickly looked around for a towel or something to put the pressure on the wound. “One of you for into the infirmary and grab me the gurney from there so I can wheel him in there!” He said as he took off his white lab coat to put pressure on the wound. Laura runs back into the infirmary and looks around the room looking for the gurney but has no idea where to look.

Antonio who was still sitting in the bed gets up and looks at Laura who bursts in the door. “What happened?” He asked curiously.

“Jason is unconscious on the floor next to the stairs!” Laura said as she was in a hurry to get back to help. She finally finds the gurney and then runs out of the room back down the hallway.

Oliver stops her right in front of him and looks to David who just walked out of the bathroom. “David, help me put Jason on the gurney please!” He exclaimed as David gives a look of shock as he doesn’t even know what is going on. David grabs the feet of as Oliver grabs the top half of Jason and lifts him up on the gurney. “Thank you.” Oliver said trying to stay calm as he rushes him to the infirmary.

Antonio watches as the doors open up and Jason is wheeled in on the gurney that Oliver was pushing. Oliver starts to check Jason for his awareness and vitals before going and sending him to check his injury. Oliver wheels Jason back into the infirmary after the scan and bandages up his head also putting in an IV into his arm for liquids and antibiotics. He looks over to Antonio who was still in the room and walks over to him. “When he wakes up please let me know, I am going to try and find out what happened to him.” He said as he turned around and walked out of the room down the hall.

David walks up to Oliver and asks what happened to him but not even Oliver knows what happened yet. David looks at him confused for a second before sighing. “That poor boy I hope he will be okay. He seemed like such a nice boy even though he had his flaws.” A womanly Irish voiced said from David’s mouth.

“Mary, I see that you have come out to say hello. I don’t know what happened to Jason but I plan to find out.” He said looking at David who wasn’t himself at the moment.

Casey walks up to them slowly with tears in her eyes. “I was the last one to see him. We were in the cafeteria and I was trying to get him to follow me but when he got out of the cafeteria he disappeared from my view. I know he followed me a little ways but then when I turned around he wasn’t behind me so I don’t know what happened after that.” She said to them putting her hands to her face.

Kailey comes walking down the stairs and looks at Oliver. “Um, I think you need to come see this for yourself.” She said as she walked back up the stairs to the second floor. Oliver followed behind with David behind him until they came to Jason’s room which had the door off one of its hinges. “I found the room like this and the door too.” Kailey said pointing into the room to show the mess and what seemed to be some kind of black liquid on the floor.

Oliver looks at the door and moves it farther back to see the extent of the damage and hen walks into the room to inspect the mess of a room. He crouches and looks at the dark liquid on the floor and then puts a finger in it to see what it was but it wasn’t just water but some kind of ooze, felt almost slimy like. David comes into the room and looks around. “Boy, if this was my son he would get an ass whooping for this.” Mary said still in control of David’s body.

“Yes well I don’t think that he made this mess, something is going on in this building and I can’t really explain it. Have you seen Doctor Ziva around?” Oliver asked curious to know where the doctor has been this whole time.

“I have not seen him at all this morning and yesterday I don’t remember seeing him very much, how about you dear?” Mary asked looking over to Kailey who was still in the doorway looking at the two of them. She shakes her head in disagreement not knowing where the doctor could be at a time like this.

Just as they were wondering where the doctor was he came around the corner in a hurry towards Kailey. “Sorry I am late, I was making sure the mayor was doing better and I forgot to tell you. What happened in here and where is Jason?” He asked puzzled.

Oliver gets up and walks over to Doctor Ziva. “Jason is in the infirmary with a liner fracture to his front skull because he hit his head on something and then he fell down the stairs. I gave him an IV for liquid and antibiotics and wrapped his head up to stop the bleeding but he isn’t waking up yet. Antonio is also in the infirmary because he was attacked last night from something and he is watching Jason for me.” Oliver said looking a little stressed out at the moment.

“My lord I am sorry to have missed all this, I will go down and check on Jason and Antonio right away.” He said as he rushed down the hallway to the stairs. Oliver watches as he leaves and then looks to Kailey.

“Thanks you for showing us this, I would imagine that it is hard to look at so why don’t you go back to your room. I will come to check on you later after this whole situation is taken care of.” He said smiling putting a hand on her shoulder as she winches thinking she was going to get hit. She nods and runs off to the stairs to her room before Oliver turned around and went back to look at the room. “Is it just me or does it smell like something is decaying in here?” He asked smelling the air as David was still in the room.

“Well something is quite pungent in the air that is for sure I just don’t know where it is coming from.” Mary said looking around the room but then find something odd on the wall next to the door. “Oliver, look at this.” She said as she pointed to the wall behind him. Oliver turns around and notices a dark ooze like handprint on the wall as if something was in the room besides Jason. The hand print was smaller than Jason’s hand so who could have been in the room with him that freaked him out so much to break the door. Something was seriously going on in this hospital and it was starting to make Oliver nervous.

He walked out of the room with David and closed the door as best as he could before going down to the infirmary. “Good luck Oliver.” Mary said before walking away from him to her room.

Inside the infirmary Doctor Ziva was taking care of Jason making sure everything was good before going and checking on Antonio who was just sitting there watching before Oliver walked into the room. “As I said I did everything that I could to help him so we just have to wait until he wakes up to see what happened to freak him out the way that he did.” Oliver said walking over to Doctor Ziva.

“What about Antonio here, what happened to him?” He asked looking at the scar that was on his chest.

Antonio looks at Doctor Ziva before answering him. “Well do you want the truth even though it is some seriously messed up shit you might not believe or a made up story which you might believe?” Antonio said with a slight sarcastic voice.

“Well I want the truth I am a doctor after all so how would I help if I was given false information?”

Antonio looks at him still. “Alright well then might want to sit down then because it’s going to be a wonderful story you might not believe.” He said before telling him about the dark entity that was flew into his room and out of a different wall and then the dark entity that was in front of him when he open the door that gave him the claw marks that the doctor can clearly see on his chest.

“You’re telling me that some kind of demon attacked you?” Doctor Ziva said with disbelief in his voice.

“I did say that I don’t think that you would believe what I had to say but you wanted the truth and clearly the scar right here on my chest isn’t proof enough.” He said pointing to the scar on his chest.

Doctor Ziva looks at Oliver and then back to Antonio before looking at the scar more closely. “You are right I don’t really believe you but I don’t think that you did this to yourself so I have to ask who could have done this to you without you knowing who it is. I mean it could all be in your head and when you pictured the person it was some entity that you couldn’t explain but maybe it was David or Tony someone else in this hospital that could have harmed you.”

Antonio looks at him with a dull expression on his face. “You really think that someone other than myself wanted to cut me? You think that David or Tony could have had anything to do with this? Come on doc are you hearing yourself here? I get that we are at a mental institute but I don’t think that I would picture Tony or someone else as a dark entity that I could see through.” He said taking a deep breath before relaxing again.

“I don’t think that he is lying Doc, I mean, I to have some weird things happen to me last night and so did Laura which would make this more than just a coincidence. No way did three people in the hospital see or experience different things at different times of night unless we were gassed with some kind of hallucinogenic which is ridiculous because I know for a fact we have none of that here in this building. Then again I had no idea that we have some tunnel in our basement which I want to ask what the hell a tunnel is doing in our basement.” Oliver asked questioning Doctor Ziva.

Doctor Ziva looks at Oliver. “You were in the basement? I thought I had locked that up. The tunnel isn’t a tunnel it is just more space to put supplies at when we do get more stock in. Don’t worry about it.” He said quickly.

Oliver looks at him wondering if that was actually the truth or if he was trying to cover something up. “If you say so but I am going to go check on Kailey and the others before doing some more of my paper work that I have piled on my desk. Give me a head’s up when Jason wakes up so I can be here to check in on him and see what happened.” He said before walking out the door and checking in on the other patients.

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