Hollowed Nightmare

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Chapter 7

The day was slow like almost every day around the hospital Oliver was doing some paperwork in his office before Antonio knocked on the door and peeked his head into the room. “Jason is coming to.” He said before he closed the door and walked back to the infirmary. Oliver finishes up the last page he was on before getting up out of his chair and exiting his office to go check on Jason. He gets to the infirmary and sees Jason moaning a little bit trying to move his head from side to side.

“I wouldn’t move too much just yet, I wouldn’t want you to hurt yourself more.” Oliver said as he walked up to Jason who looks over to him. “How are you feeling?” He asked looking at him.

Jason looks dazed and out of it a little. “I feel like I got hit by a bus and my head took the blunt of it.” He said laying there.

“Yeah you do have a linear fracture in the frontal skull but don’t you worry I have made sure you are being taken care of. You just can’t get passed the head injuries can you?” Oliver said trying to crack a joke.

“That’s probably why I have a splitting headache right now huh.” Jason said holding his hand to his face.

“That’s one reason yes. Now Jason do you remember anything that happened this morning?” He asked standing there still. Antonio bringing Oliver a chair over from his bed and then jumping back into his bed. “Thanks for the chair.” He said looking at Antonio and sitting down before turning his attention back to Jason.

“Well it might sound farfetched but I will try to remember what I can. I remember being in the cafeteria with Casey and then she wanted me to follow her somewhere but after a few minutes I lost her and so I went back to my room and there she was naked on my bed. I am not kidding that it looks exactly like her she felt so real and alive her skin so soft and plump. So I did what anybody would do and got naked as well and got embraced by her.

We started to make out and do some other things and when I came up from her chest to kiss her she wasn’t Casey. This thing wasn’t even alive I don’t even think, I could hear the bones crunching like they haven’t moved in years. The smell of decaying flesh was starting to fill my room and she just looked so hideous. Gray skin with long damp dark hair the sounds from some kind of zombie movie. I tried to get out of the room but I tripped and hit my head on the chair and then the door wouldn’t open like someone or something was keeping it shut.

I didn’t know what to do besides try to bust the door down and so I did eventually and ran down the stairs but after that it gets foggy. I don’t know what that thing was but it wasn’t human in the slightest bit.” He said shaking slightly from the sheer remembering of the figure.

“Sounds like whatever this thing is, it can read our mind or thoughts and it knows about the people in this hospital. That’s just a guess though since I am no paranormal person or a psychic. Then again I would hope that it’s just in our minds and not anything bad but I am starting to think something is in this hospital.” Oliver said putting his hand to his chin thinking.

“Speaking of things that might be in this hospital, doesn’t the doc seem quite calm in the situation? I mean if I had found out that my patients were being harmed then I would go and try to figure things out but yet he just seemed too calm to me.” Antonio said wondering about Doctor Ziva.

Oliver looks at Antonio and then starts to shake his head. “Now that you mention it he did seem quite calm. I mean I have been hearing thins before last night but nothing bad. Things moving on their own is another thing that I have seen happen but he never seems to mind it like he embraces it.” Oliver said thinking now.

“What if something was going on with the doctor, like he was in cahoots with the demons?” Jason said not even thinking about what he said.

Oliver and Antonio look at him before shrugging the suggestion off. “I don’t think that would be the case. I mean why would the doctor, who is known throughout all of England be some crazy person working with devils.” Oliver said trying to give answers even though he is questioning things right now.

Antonio yawns and lays down on the bed he was on. “Well I am going to take a nap so if anything happens let me know so I can get the hell out of this place.” He said before closing his eyes to try and sleep.

Jason looks at Antonio before doing the same. “Yeah, I think I will take a nap too this headache is killer.” He said before closing his eyes as well. Oliver looks at the both of them before sighing and walking out of the infirmary to his office. He gets back to his office and sits down in his chair until his eyes felt heavy until he couldn’t keep them opened any longer. Sleep was a big embrace he felt as he drifted off into a deep sleep putting his head on his arms and onto the desk.

Tony woke up and stretched like he does every morning and then looks outside but to his dismay it wasn’t morning. Did he sleep a whole day a way or did he not even sleep at all. He still felt tired as though he never slept but he had the energy like he did sleep. The moon was out and brightly shinning as he looked up at the night sky wondering what day it was or if it was still the same day as to when he went to sleep. He decided that it would be good to go walk the hallways to see if anyone else was awake at his time of night.

As he opened the door to the hallway the light outside switched and the feeling became distorted and eerie. Not even paying any attention to the outside and the weird color change he walked out into the hallway and instantly froze in disbelief. The hallway was not correct in the slightest as he noticed the lime green glow against the darkness and the red mist that was on the floor. He felt very uneasy about this as it didn’t even seem like the same place he has been living at for the past few weeks.

Tony decided that the only option was to move forward into this weird looking hallway in hopes to find someone to see what he sees. Moving through the mist he could feel the sensation of tingle going throughout his body like some kind of energy was jolted into him. He moves down the hallway hoping that everything was still the same when it came to his memory of where he was. He finds the stairs and goes down them only to find himself in front of a door which was weird since there was no door to the next floor. He opens up the door to find himself on the rooftop of the building and stares out into the night sky which was just as dark and green as it was in the hallways.

He turns around and goes back through the door and up the stairs to reach the hallway he started in. Something was completely off about what was going on right now and he had no idea how to explain it. The doors to the other rooms looked to be of pure metal and hard to push or pull open. He had the sense that someone was watching him but maybe he was being paranoid. This darkness plus green light makes it seem quite eerie and the red mist wasn’t helping his case to figure out what is going on. Did someone drug him with some new drug that gave him this kind of side effects? He wasn’t feeling to good standing in one spot for too long though.

Tony turns around and notices that the way he came was no longer there as a wall was now in front of him. He turns around again only to notice that the hallway seemed longer than usual now. He looks back one more time but the wall was still there and so he decided to walk forward in hopes of escape. Going through the hallway was tedious as it looked to never end as he kept walking. As he kept walking he eventually saw a shadow in the distance unable to see who it was he called out to it in hopes that it would stop and come to him.

He walks quicker in hopes that it’s Oliver or someone else just making sure things are going good in their rooms. He slowly catches up to the shadow figure and instantly is shocked to see that it was neither Oliver nor someone he knew in the hospital. The figure stood there motionless with its gray arms down to its side and long dark wet hair covering her face. The white gown that she had on was soaked and stained with what looked like muddy water.

Tony looks down the hallway to see the end of the hallway finally but in his horror it was a wall. He had walked all this far only to find out he was going to a dead end that had a not so healthy looking woman standing in his way. Tony backs up slowly to not spook the woman but he lost his footing on something and fell backwards. The woman slowly and noisily started to turn around the face him as he could hear the bones crunching together like they haven’t been moved in years. He looks down to see what he had slipped on to see many different kinds of worms on the floor where he had placed his foot.

He feels something crawling on his hands as he tried to catch himself on the floor and looked slowly to see what was on his hands. There were many more different kinds of worms and centipedes crawling on his hand as he could feel the many legs of the centipede crawling over his hands. He shivers in fear as this was one of his nightmares come to life as he was face to face with the creepy crawlies of the night in his eyes. He looks up at the woman real quick and could see one of her eyes showing through her hair and instantly knew he needed to run away.

The woman’s yellow blood soaked eye gazing upon him as she tried to move closer to him. He hesitantly gets up on his feet and is then stuck with a decision of either running back the way he came which he could see was now filled with centipedes and worms, or try to get past her and hope there was an exit he couldn’t see at the wall. He didn’t want to take the chance of going past the woman and it really being a dead end so he decided to face the fear and go backwards in hopes that it wasn’t a dead end again. He also remember the steel doors to rooms so maybe he could be safe inside one of the rooms. He started running down the hallway trying to dodge as much of the creepy crawlies that he could.

He decided that he would go into the first room that he finds in hopes that someone was in the room that he knew and try to get their help. The woman was following him down the hallway as he could hear the cracking of her bones echo off the walls. The moaning of her disembodied voice crackling through the hallway. It took him a few minutes to get to a door but he eventually came to one and pried his way into the room moving the door ever so slowly being as heavy as it was. Inside of the room he was hoping to find someone he knew that could help him but to his horror all he saw were stairs leading downwards.

Last time he went down the stairs it somehow lead him up to the roof of the hospital which didn’t make any sense. He had no other choice though as he started to run down the stairs in hopes to get away from this nightmare. The ceiling crawling with centipedes as a few of them fell on to his shoulders scaring him half to death. He could feel one trying to crawl into his ear as he quickly try to bat it away with his hand but flailing them instead as his trips down the last few stairs. The floor still covered with worms and centipedes as he fell taking a face full of their guts as he squashed them.

He hastily stood up and flailed his arms to get the guts off his face as he was now covered in centipedes and millipedes. As quick as he got up he was dashing down the hallway until he came to a door that looked almost lively. He slams his body against the door in hopes that it would open but it did not budge. He looks at the door and see a small hole just big enough for his hand to fit into. He thought for a second that it wasn’t a good idea but he had no other choice since he didn’t know where that woman was as it’s probably better than being where he was at the moment. He sticks his hand into the hole and tries to feel out anything that might be a handle or a key to the door.

A few seconds later he feels something slimy on his hand and a sharp pain as he pulls it out and notices two holes in his hand that looked quite inflamed. He holds his hand for a second before trying once more with the same hand in hopes to get out of the place he was in. Just then he felt what he imagined to be the door handle and tried to pull it as it clicked but nothing happened. He tries the handle again but nothing happens as he is standing there with the centipedes and millipedes crawling all over him. The feeling as every leg of the centipedes crawls all over his skin and body some getting into his shirt as he rips the shirt off him and throws it as far as he could away from him.

Tony could feel the legs of the millipedes and centipedes move up his legs going around every ounce of him. He tried the door once more as it creaked open slowly making even his skin crawl. He runs through the doorway and closes the door behind him as soon as the door closed though he was in a room unfamiliar to him. Inside was a workbench and on that workbench was power tools and handheld tools for building. He didn’t know where he ended up but might have been a maintenance closet but this was a whole room dedicated to this.

He slowly walks around the room looking for a way out but couldn’t find any but then he could feel it. He could feel his skin crawling as if something was inside him crawling around. “Was it the centipedes that found a way to burrow into his body?” He then remember that he had gotten bit or stung by something when inside that hole in the door. “What was it that he had gotten stung by?” He tried to eliminate the options but came up with nothing as he was now scratching at his skin trying to dig whatever it was out of his arm as it moved up and down the arm.

He could feel as the object would move around in his arm and back to his shoulder. He didn’t know what to do besides try and get it out of him. Was there only one of these things in his body or was there more? The questions popping into his head as quickly as he could find more things crawling into his body. The starting to panic as he kept scratching making his skin bleed as his nails dug into his skin. He couldn’t get whatever it was out of his body as he kept digging and digging. Until he finally lost is and saw something that could help him get rid of these pests once and for all.

The workbench that he saw when he first got into the room had a circular saw sitting on the bench almost as if it was brand new. He furiously rips his pants off and starts to rip the pant legs down the middle as they rip and finally come apart. He grabs one pant leg and wraps it around his arm as a tourniquet in order to stop the blood flow. He looks at the circular saw and picks it up with the opposite hand that isn’t wrapped and takes a deep breath. Nervous as he was to pull the trigger on the saw he couldn’t help but want the pests out of his body as he reluctantly started the saw blade.

The saw blade roared to life as he could hear the humming of the electricity flowing into the machine powering the motor making the blade move. He takes a few more deep breaths as he couldn’t believe he was about to cut his own arm off. He put his arm down on the workbench and puts the blade to his arm as it shreds the skin. Blood flying everywhere covering his face with his own blood as it cuts deeper into his arm. The saw getting to the bone and he screamed in pain and agony as the saw goes through his arm and into his bone.

He could smell and feel the bone as it was being saw in half as it started to smell like burning hair as it kept vibrating his arm until it finally cut all the way through. The pain was excruciating as he didn’t stop until the saw was all the way through his arm and it fell onto the floor. He cried as the pain was so much to handle that he couldn’t contain the tears. He fell to the floor bas he laid in the pool of blood he had made from cutting his own arm off. Just then his other arm started to crawl as if the entity moved from the arm he cut off to the one he had left.

He didn’t know what to do as he didn’t have a hand to cut off this arm so what could he do. He needed something to fix this or someone that would be there to help but he was alone and chopped off his own arm. Just as he was laying there feeling the crawling of insects into his skin the lady he was running away from appeared in the room staring at him. She walked over to him slowly hearing the bones crack in between his screaming of pain as she grabs what looked to be an old fashion razor blade.

She walks up to him while pulling the razor blade out of its pocket and bending over in front of him. He could see her yellow eye staring at him as he couldn’t move from being paralyzed with fear and pain as she reached out to him with the blade in her hand. He begs for mercy as she looks at him. She tilts her head to the side as her eyes widen as she cuts his throat with the blade as the blood starts to shoot out of his jugular vein severing the artery.

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