Hollowed Nightmare

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Chapter 8

The sun rises into the window as David gets a face full of rays as it shines in waking him up to the blinding light. He gets out of bed and get ready for the day putting on jeans and a long sleeve shirt for comfort. After he got done getting ready for the day he walked out of his room and down the hallway to wake everyone else up since it was his job today to wake people for the meeting with Doctor Ziva today. He knocks on each room slowly as he is still trying to wake up as he could hear the people groaning from the noise of him knocking on their doors. David yawns as he gets to the last room on his floor before having to wake up Kailey and Laura who slept on the fourth floor.

He knocks on the door and didn’t hear anyone grunt from the room which he didn’t care if he woke up or not but moved on to the next floor. He goes to the fourth floor and wakes up Kailey and Laura with a knock at their door and then moves back down to his room for a few minutes. Once back in the room he makes his bed and tidies up a few things before hearing other doors open as the rest start to get out of their room for breakfast. He opens the door and looks out seeing everyone except Tony who probably was still asleep. He sighs as he walks out to the hallway and to Tony’s room where he knocked on the door again and tried to get his attention.

“Tony get up you lazy ass, breakfast will be starting soon and then we have a meeting with the Doctor afterwards so hurry up.” David said in an Irish accent. Casey walks over to David who knew that it wasn’t David due to that accent. David looks over to Casey for a second to acknowledge her. “Morning, I hope you slept well.” He said looking at her who looked very provocative in the gray t-shirt she was wearing with no bra on.

“Morning.” She said not really into talking to him at the moment.

Mary who was in control of David at the moment knocks on the door again to wake Tony up but yet no noise coming from the other side. “Alright I am coming in.” She said as he turned the knob of the door and opens it slowly hoping he was dressed. She sees a small lump in the bed sheets as he walks in to look closer at it not knowing what it is. Tony wasn’t in the bathroom as the door was still opened and it didn’t feel like it had been used.

She grabs the end of the bedsheet and looks at Casey who followed her inside to be curious. She lifts the sheet quickly to reveal an arm bloody and mangled as if it was sawed off by something. Mary jumped back in shock as Casey fell to her butt in horror as she covered her mouth. Mary slowly walks back to look at the arm and notices that the arm looked familiar from somewhere. “What happened to Tony? Was this his arm severed?” The thoughts filled Mary’s mind as she didn’t know what to say or what to do besides get the hell out of the room and get Oliver or Doctor Ziva.

David runs out of the room and down the hallway to the stairs where he went to the first floor and found Oliver just walking into the hospital front doors. “What seems to be the rush David?” Oliver asked concerned as he was rushed at by David.

Out of breath from not running very much he slowly tried to explain to Oliver. “You… need… to come… with me…. Tony….is gone.” He said trying to catch his breath every second.

Oliver put his hat and gloves down as it was getting colder outside and followed David up to the third floor and to Tony’s room. Oliver rushes in and sees the severed arm laying on the bed in the blood soaked sheets as shock fills his body. Casey who was still on her butt in the room paralyzed with fear looks at Oliver. Oliver looks at her and then to David. “Do anyone of you know where Tony might be?” He asked as the panic in his voice was being heard.

They both shake their heads as they didn’t see Tony since yesterday. Oliver looks at them still before helping Casey up off the floor and getting them out of the room. “Make sure everyone gets to the cafeteria and I will go get Doctor Ziva maybe he knows where Tony is. Make sure to check infirmary as well since I don’t know if Antonio went to his room last night or not.” He rushes down the hallway and down the stairs to the second floor to Doctor Ziva’s office.

He knocks on the door to the office and looks inside the window he had to the office and sees Doctor Ziva sitting in his chair facing the wall and a table. Oliver knocks one more time before turning the knob and walking into the office to talk to him. “Doctor, have you seen Tony? He is not in his room and there is a severed arm in the bed where he should have been.” He asked looking at him as he approached the desk in front of him. He got no response from Doctor Ziva as his questions went unanswered. “Doc, are you awake? I need you to help me find Tony.” He said as he put his hand on Doctor Ziva’s shoulder.

Still no movement from Doctor Ziva as Oliver turned him around in his chair and was instantly horrified by what he was seeing. Ziva was missing his eyes as blood ran down his face and Oliver was looking at two dark empty holes in Doctor Ziva’s head. His mouth wide open as if shocked before he died possibly screaming out in pain as his eyes were ripped from his sockets. Oliver froze in fear for a few moments as he couldn’t keep his composure on himself. “What had happened to him? What happened to Tony? Is anyone in this building safe?” He asked these question in his mind as he was still paralyzed by fear.

He notices an Ouija board sitting on the table that was in front of the doctor as if he was trying to talk to the dead. Just then he could hear laughter unlike any he has heard before it was dark and demonic sounding. He could feel wind pass him by as a cold chill ran down his spine the door to the office slamming shut and then items in the room started to tremble like an earthquake was happening right where he stood. He fell to the ground in horror as he couldn’t believe his eyes as a dark shadowy figure flew around him and then breaking the glass window as he floated quickly away.

Things did not feel safe at all anymore inside the hospital and he knew he had to get to the others before that thing got to them. He swallowed his fear for a second and got up from the floor and quickly opened the door as he ran down the hallway to the stairs and to the cafeteria. As he ran into the cafeteria he could see them trying to eat their food they had gotten as he tried to catch his breath. David saw him run in as he got up and walked over to Oliver. “Where is Doctor Ziva?” He asked curious.

Oliver looks at him for a second before taking a deep breath. “Doctor Ziva is dead and I fear Tony is too. We all need to get out of this building as quick as possible.” He said trying to stay calm in the situation.

David looks at him shocked by what he just heard as he walks back to the table and scarfs the food down before leaving his tray there. “Lead the way.” He said as he stood there waiting.

Oliver looks at the rest and clears his throat. “Everyone we need to get out of this building as quick as possible. Doctor Ziva is dead and I fear Tony is as well since he isn’t here with us! Please follow me and we will all get out of here!” Oliver said as he knew he probably shouldn’t have said the death parts but too late now. They all look at him a bit puzzled by what they just heard before getting up and walking to Oliver. He opens the cafeteria door and books it to the front door before being hit in the back of the head by a binder.

They froze in their tracks as they now came face to face with a dark shadowy figure who disappears as quickly as it appeared. Before Oliver could react the doors to the front started to shake violently as part of the ceiling caved in and blocked the path to the front doors. The entity making sure they couldn’t escape from the prison they had put themselves in. Oliver had an idea as he ran to them and looked at them. “Follow me we are going to the basement. There is a passageway down there and I don’t know where it goes but I bet there is an exit that way.” He said as he showed the way to the basement.

They quickly followed him down the stairs and stopped at the door where the basement was. Oliver opens the door up and quickly gets everyone inside before closing it behind him. Just as he turned around he notices the others in shock as they looked around the room seeing blood everywhere and a workbench in the middle with a circular saw covered in blood. Oliver walks slowly around them to see that Tony had his neck slit opened as well as missing the arm that was in the bed.

Oliver could see Tony’s eyes glazed over as he looked to be in horror and pain before he died. He looked around the room and found a tarp as he threw it over Tony’s dead body. Antonio looks at Tony and then to Oliver before he started walking the room. “Fuck this shit, I am not going to stay here and wait for us to die I am going to find a path out of here!” He said as he quickly rushed off down the tunnel before Oliver could get a word in.

Oliver looks at the rest of them. “We need to stick together if we are going to get out of here alive.” He said trying to lead them as if he was the doctor. Casey walking in front of Oliver as they all started down the passageway in hopes to find an exit to this horror trap. Oliver trying to lead the way the best he could not knowing what is down this passageway but hopes he was right about an exit. He had hoped that Antonio would be safe as well since he didn’t want to be with them.

Antonio ran down the dark passageway in hopes of finding an exit but figured out that it was going to be a lot harder to do than he thought since the passage way seemed like a maze to him. He went down a left passageway then a right only to somehow end up in what looked to be the same place he started before. He kept taking different directions in hope to find something that might mean some kind of progression. He forgot he had a red marker in his pocket as he grabbed that out and put an x on the walls he travels so he knew where he has been. He finally felt like he was getting somewhere as he didn’t see the x’s he was putting on the walls.

He made it to a door as he opens it up quickly to see that it was just an empty room about average size. He walks in cautiously as he looks around the room for anything moving but notices nothing out of the ordinary. On the other side of the room there was a door that he walked to and opened it up to see another passageway leading to somewhere different. He walks through the doorway and down the passageway not caring to close the doors so in hopes someone might find him. He continues walking for a few minutes before coming to a wall and facing choosing either left or right.

He puts an X on the wall and then an x on the left side of the wall as he goes down the left path. Not knowing how big this tunnel really was he hoped that he was going the right way. He turns right and x’s it before continuing down the passageway until he comes to another door. He opens the door and looks in before walking in and notices that it looks like the same room he was just in but this one has many boxes in it. He walks over to the boxes and looks into them seeing a flashlight in one of the boxes as he grabs it and checks to see if it had batteries.

He turns the flashlight on after seeing it had batteries and continues walking before he heard a click come from the ground. He looks down on the ground to see what the click was to see he was standing on a loose brick that had been pushed in when he stepped on it. He froze in fear for a second looking around the room to see if it was a trap before running to the door he noticed in front of him. He burst’s through the door and down the passageway before he heard an explosion from the room he was just in. He stops for a second to catch his breath as he was in shock that he could have blown up.

“Who the hell puts a mine in a god damn tunnel of a hospital? What kind of hospital is this?!” He asked himself before walking further ahead hoping to not step on anything dangerous again. As he is walking down the passageway he hears clicking noises coming from behind him. He turns around for a split second and doesn’t notice anything as the noise stopped for a second. He begins to walk again down the passage as the clicking noise began again as if someone was following him.

Sounded like as if someone or something was using echo location to sense where they were when they walk. Everyone he knew could see so who was it that was trying to scare him. He stops again for a second and turns around this time to confront the person following him. “Whoever is following me can show yourself!” He said as he waited to hear a response or to see someone.

He saw someone alright as it slowly came down the corridor. He didn’t know what he was looking at as this gray skinned creature walked on all four of its limbs the clicking noise getting louder as it walked its way to him. He noticed as it got closer that it was a lot bigger than it first appeared to be as it stood up to down on him as it inched closer to him. He was at least feet shorter than the creature with its long gray arms and legs. He wasn’t the tallest man he knew but to be this short made him fear for his life as he started to run down the hallway away from it.

The clicking noise not disappearing from his range as he tried to distance himself from this cryptid. He keeps running until the clicking noise disappears from his range and finds another door to burst into as he didn’t wait to see what was inside of it. He tried to catch his breath for a moment as he lost the creature in the room he had hoped. Looking around the room he notices the boxes that looked familiar from the other room but flashlights were not inside. He saw dynamite in the boxes and bunch of them as he couldn’t count how many boxes were in the room.

Shocked by what he has seen so far he couldn’t believe he was sleeping anywhere near all this. A mine in the last room and now dynamite that probably could blow up half a city block if not more. He quickly runs out of the room to the next door he saw but was stopped as soon as the door opened as he was now face to face with the shadowy figure he had seen when he was in his room. Frozen in fear as he stood there staring through the figure as it went through his body and to the other side.

Without even paying any attention he moved his legs as fast as he could out the door but was stopped by something as he could see a shadowy line around his ankle as he put the light on his leg. The dark figure had grabbed him as if being lassoed like a bull from a cowboy as the figure pulled on his leg Antonio fell to the ground dropping the flashlight in front of him. He started to panic as he tried to get away but his actions went through the shadow as he couldn’t get free. Slowly he was being dragged back into that room with the figure. He screamed for help but he ran off on his own which he knew wasn’t the best idea in the world but he was afraid.

He tried to grab a hold of the brick walls to help him get away but he wasn’t strong enough as he started to make his fingers bleed as he tried to grab something. The door he entered slammed closed as he was now almost inside the room again with the figure. He flailed his arms in hopes to catch something to stop himself but he fingers were soaking with his blood. He could hear the clicking again as it was coming down the hall he was trying to go down. Fear in the pit of his stomach as he knew he couldn’t escape whatever this was. He screamed again in hopes of someone hearing his pleas for help but it was too late as the door to the room closed as he was pulled in one last time. Only thing you could hear from inside the room was his screams of agony and pain before it was completely silent.

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