Hollowed Nightmare

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Chapter 9

Oliver and the rest could hear an explosion coming from a far distance away as they continued on their path through the passageways. Casey who started in front was no in the back of the pack as she kept up with them. She missed her phone and her social media sites the most as well as the boys that she thought wanted her. Getting mostly what she wanted most of the time from her parents had a spoiled attitude and a high ego to boot. She thought that men revolved around her and she didn’t care about feelings or how many guys she was with at the time.

Some people would call her a slut while other would call her worse than that especially the women. While some men felt deep hatred towards her for the feeling of being used or the feeling that she actually meant something to that person. Sometimes people say the worse things about people but to believe it would be harder as she cared for herself more than the guy she was with. Would she sacrifice people to preserve herself she never thought about it since she was never in danger? Would Kailey do the same to keep herself alive or would Laura, David, Jason or Oliver do such a thing to keep themselves alive?

The thoughts piled in Casey’s head as she kept following them down the dark passageway. Unknown of where they were going but had a bad feeling that whatever was ahead would probably mean death. She decided to turn off to the right away from the group as she felt danger ahead. What is the worse that could happen? She thought to herself. This place was like a maze and they were walking for what seemed like an hour. She decided to take a little break by herself before venturing off to find a way out on her own.

She started walking down a different path as them as she eventually comes to her first obstacle as there were giant spider webs in front of her. She stopped and looked at them for a second before deciding that this path was the wrong choice as she walked back. Once she got back to the place she walked away from the group she noticed that she was alone since they didn’t stop for her. She wasn’t expecting to have them wait but it would have been nice to see Jason’s face. She thought to herself as she kept walking down another different path a few steps away. Wondering which way the group went as she had hoped to find the way out first.

Antonio left the group and he probably is perfectly fine so why wouldn’t she be okay on her own. She followed the path down further until she could hear the hissing of what sounded like snakes which was another one of her fears. She looked backwards thinking that she should walk back but could not see anything from the way she came. It was as if something was messing with the surroundings near her so she couldn’t go back again. She slowly started walking further in hopes that there wasn’t really snakes up ahead.

Casey continues down the brick tunnel as she smells something in the air almost fruity like. Just as she had gotten a little further she came to a small cavern and at the bottom of the cavern were snakes of many kinds. She freezes for a second in fear of the snakes she can see but also looked for a way around to the other side where there was a tunnel. She noticed a rope bridge that hung above the cavern that didn’t look the sturdiest in the world. The cavern was about twenty feet in diameter as well as ten feet deep.

She walked slowly over to the bridge so she didn’t fall into the pit of snakes and shook the bridge to see if it was sturdy enough. The bridge survived the test she did as she took a deep breath before stepping foot onto the bridge in hopes that it didn’t break on her. Slowly she takes her steps across the bridge as she holds on tightly to the ropes. She takes another step as the plank she stepped on breaks and falls down into the pit hitting the snakes. She catches herself as her foot goes through the bridge for a second giving herself a mini heart attack. The snakes sounding to be a little agitated now as it was hit with the wood.

She gets back up on her feet as she steps over the hole and onto the next plank. Just as she was about to step to the next plank she could feel the rope move slightly as she looked back and could see the rope was coming undone slowly. She knew she had to hurry or else she would fall into the pit so she tried to move quickly and cautiously to avoid falling as she moves along the bridge. She was almost there until one of the sides came undone making the bridge very unstable now. She grabbed a hold of the rope to catch herself as she tried to get her footing. The snakes below hissing and rattling as she moved across the bridge in hopes to make it to the other side.

Casey found her balance and quickly got to the other side as the last rope untied and the bridge collapsed to her side hitting the wall down below. She takes a sigh of relief before remembering that she couldn’t go back now since the bridge was out. Her choice had better been good since there was no turning back now. She continued down the tunnel as the air felt stale the further in she went until she came to a metal door. She opens it up with a creak as she walks in and looks around.

The room was filled with boxes but also a glass wall that could not see from the other side. Just as she was about to inch closer a light shined on the other side to reveal a woman she hasn’t seen before chained to the wall with a cloth covering her midsection and legs a little bit. A figure approaches Casey as she is looking at this woman in shock and doesn’t even notice the figure standing next to her now as he talks in her ear. “Hello Casey.”

She stumbles to the ground as she jumped to the side from being frightened by the figure. She looks at the figure more closely and notices that it was Antonio who was alive and well. “Antonio, you scared me how did you find me?” She asked curious and stunned at the same time.

Antonio looks at her and laughs. “I know where everyone is in this elaborate maze of mine since I am the one that made those workers build it. I mean there is a way out for someone who can escape but I like to play with my prey.” Antonio said as he looked at her with an evil grin.

“What are you talking about? You made these tunnels? Did you fill that last room with snakes too? Why would you even do that?” She asked perplexed.

“Oh Casey you really are the slow one aren’t you, I mean I have heard blondes are dumb but this is taking the cake as you humans would say.” Antonio said sounding more confusing to her.

“To us humans? Are you trying to say that you are not human?” She asked confused even more.

Antonio continues to stare at her. “There is a smart question for you. Antonio as you see here is gone. I am now residing in his body as my own. Poor Antonio screaming and clawing away from me until his final breath.” He said laughing demonically.

She continues to stay on the ground as she is now panicking. “What have you done with Antonio?!”

Antonio waves his index finger into the air. “Stop asking so many questions would you. I am here to have some fun and I plan to watch you squirm as you decide this woman’s fate. If you can get passed this room and the few rooms to follow then maybe just maybe you might leave here alive. Times a wasting for you though so good luck.” He said laughing before turning around and walking away towards the other door which he vanishes into.

Fear now sinking in as she came face to face with a demon. She thought to herself what does he mean the woman’s fate was in her hand? She could just leave through the door and leave her there. She got up from the ground slowly and moved over to see the glass wall as she looked at the woman. The woman was bound by her hands and feet with her covered by cloth and her eyes closed. Casey looked around for a second to see if she could find anything to help her but she didn’t know what she was looking for.

The lady was real pretty from what she could see and she was a jealous type that thought she had to be prettier. She thought that no one is going to miss her if she couldn’t help her so why should she. She walked towards the door that Antonio went to and touched the handle before looking back at her. She shrugs her shoulders and opens the door to the next room which was filled with glass cases.

As the door closes on her she could hear the woman from the other room screaming in pain as she looked around the room. The screaming had settled moments later as it became quiet in the room she was in. She looks inside the glass cases and could see spiders in the cases as she jumped back in fear. A shiver ran down her spine as she was in a room full of spiders in cases. Finding the door to the next room was easy as if there was a light shining on it as she tried to open the door it didn’t budge. Locked and now she had to find the key since going back wasn’t an option since he did say an exit was ahead.

She looked around the room scouring every inch to find a key to the door but then a voice whispered as if in her mind. “The key you seek is in one of the cases, good luck.” As the voice echoed out of her mind. Her heart pounding as she was told that she would have to search the cases for the key. Spiders being one of her worse fears as she walks slowly towards the closest one she saw next to the door.

There was a hole in the top of the case so she could stick her hand in it as she fought herself to do it in order to get out. Inching closer to the spiders in the case as she reached in and felt around the case. Feeling the small hairs of the spider legs crawling onto her hand as they covered her hand. Lucky for her she found the key on the first try as she quickly retracted her hand out of the case and flailed her hand as she tried to get her composure. She sticks the key into the slot and turns it and with a click it unlocks.

She opens the door and notices a tunnel with a faint light at the end. She gets excited as she runs down the hallway not looking at everything until she falls down by tripping on what she thought was a root. Unfortunately it was not a root at all but a creature of her nightmares as she looked up to see a foot long spider crawl out of a hole in the wall. She panics as she crawls backwards to try and get away from the spider. It stopped in its tracks for a second to check its surroundings before moving after her again.

She got up on her feet and kept running towards the light hope to outrun the spider as the light got closer as she ran. She turned her head to look back to notice that there wasn’t just one spider but many now chasing her down the hallway. She could see the exit up ahead as she kept running as if her life depended on it as she goes through the light and is instantly frozen in fear she is not face to face with not a couple but hundreds of spiders and snakes all in a cages. She looked around the room quickly as to hope to get around the cages but is struck with fear as she couldn’t find a way out. A voice ringing in her head again as it tried to tell her something. “You were never going to get out of here alive, I knew you would leave that woman to die and that doomed you.” The voice said laughing as it disappeared again.

Just then she felt a hand push her from behind as she felt down into a small crevice that she didn’t see and was trapped there. She sees Antonio standing up above her looking down on her. “Don’t worry you will always have company down here.” He said as he started unlocked the cages one by one letting the spiders of many kinds and snakes drop to the ground. She could hear the hissing and the shuffling of the many legs moving across the ground.

He tried to climb out of the crevice but there was nothing to catch herself on so she couldn’t get a single step out of there. One by one the spiders started to crawl down the crevice and she could see them as fear set in. She screamed in horror as she tried with all her might to get out of the hole that will soon be her grave. Snaked fell down into the hole on top of her as they hissed and moved around her wrapping her body up. The fear getting to her as her heart started to beat faster and faster as she couldn’t get away from them.

She screamed and flailed as she tried desperately to get them off her but her life was cut short as a snake wrapped itself around her neck. The snake slowly tightening its grip around her neck as she tried to breath. The snake then moving up and looking at her as it smells the air with its tongue. It looked at her really quick before it snapped at her face biting into her eyeball. She grabbed the snake as screamed in pain as the snake had a tight grip on her eye as she pulled the snake and her eye out.

Blood dripping from where her eye used to be as the snake swallowed her eye and struck again biting her nose injecting her with poison. As soon as the snake bit her again she could feel more bites going across her body as she noticed not one but many black widows crawling on her skin as they bit her skin. The venom taking affect almost immediately as her heart started to beat slowly until it gave out due to the toxins in her blood. The other snakes fell down into the hole and started attacking her as if it was their dinner time as the other eye was soon pulled from her socket.

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