The Hitman

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Imagine you are being followed, feel weird, feel something wrong, then BANG. Something happened but you don’t know what, you look around. And in the bushes you barely see a face with a gun. You run back inside. But the question is, who is it?

Nick Lima
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Chapter 1 The Start

Imagine if you feel like you are being watched, you feel like that you are being followed, well that is what happened with Conner. “Mom! Can I go ride my bike?” Conner asked. “Of course” said mom. Conner went out for a bike ride, when he was gone, his mother contacted a hitman.”hello?” Said the mother, “Hi, do you need a hitman?” Asked the random voice. “Yes! My child is so annoying, I want you to KILL him” said the mother. “Ok... how do you want the kill to plan out?” Asked the random voice. “Very secret, maybe a gun?” Said the mother. “That’s fine” said the random voice, “but the bill will be $25,000.” “$25,000, that is outrageous!” Said the mother. “Listen, do you want your son gone?” The random voice said. “Ok fine... do you have PayPal?” Said the mother. “Who doesn’t?” Said the random voice. “Ok, it’s transferring to your account.” Said the mother. “Ok, now, this call must be secret, and if the police find out, we never spoke.” Said the random voice. “Ok” said the mother. *Call ended* A hour later Conner is back from the bike ride
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