The Fault in Our Eyes and the Blood in Her Revenge

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Demon outcast Moonstone lived a life of absolute misery. From being abused by her fellow demons to getting death threats from those in power, she wanted nothing more than to leave this cruel punishment called life. Right before she had the chance too, a surprise comes knocking on her door. Will this finally be the happiness that she wanted, or will this all come down in flames?

Horror / Fantasy
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Moonstone stood in horror as she saw her one and only love die right in front of her. Her lover's twisted face as they scream and groan in horror and agony as their limbs are ripped apart from their body. Moonstone never in her life saw such grotesque and bloody punishment. And she can't do anything but stand there and watch with wide eyes as her soulmate leaves this cruel universe slowly and painfully. Every time she tries to move, the stakes that are embedded in her legs inch even further into her own body, causing her to screech out in pain and shy back into her initial position. She didn't want this. She didn't want this cruel life that the divine beings gave her. All she wanted was eternal paradise. All she wanted was to be happy...
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