Bloody Halloween

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The day before Halloween was supposed to be boring, but rather than boring and interesting; the day became annoying for the eighteen years old Allen Brooks, who was taken to graveyard against his will by his friends, just for the stupid games, and to look around the graveyard decorated in Halloween's theme. Later, that night became interesting for the teens except for Allen, when two of the members of the group suggested to perform a small ritual as part of their fun-games for summoning a demon which so, happens to require a few drops of blood by someone's hand for the ritual to commence. Allen was horrified when he was put forward to sacrifice those few drops of blood out of his palm. ‘Would the ritual work? Will they ever regret performing this ritual?’ That's all Allen could ever think of after sacrificing his blood droplets for that supposed to be innocent ritual till the midnight… when everything changed from calm to storm. “You know very well about my type. Type to make everyone cry. Type to make everyone scream in pain when I’ll thrust out their spines. Type to make everyone beg on their knees with their blood sliding down from their eyes. Type to make everyone cry out their last goodbyes. Type to shorten their lives because it would be their time to die. And my type; deleterious Halloween is called the ‘Bloody Halloween’ for the innocent night." - Circe.

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‘A warning.’


On 3oth October, 2020, it was a cold and harsh windy weather that was on Friday. Just the day on which Allen Brooks would lay on his comfy bed with an inspirational book in his one hand along with a cup of hot chocolate in his other hand. This is how the eighteen years old teenager would spend his freezing nights rather than walking with his group of friends who he didn’t even considered as friends; since they were all bully snakes, but allowed Allen to be kind of a part of their group because Allen was the only nerd who does their all presentations and home-works with integrity.

Allen huffed in annoyance for an umpteenth time as he followed the group of teens who were headed towards a graveyard decorated in a Halloween theme, not so far away from Allen’s house, in bone-crushing cold. Allen didn’t want to go, but because of his soft and polite nature; he had no choice, but to be dragged out of his comfort zone when the group of teens showed up on his doorstep just a few minutes ago.

So, Allen followed just in his black hoodie accompanied by grey slim-fit jeans along with black sneakers. Fortunately, he was wearing a white t-shirt under his hoodie too, but it took no part in warming up the teen who was continuously shivering from the freezing weather.

“Hey, Brooks! Hope you won’t scream like a scaredy-cat, you are! The moment we reach the graveyard.” The blonde man spoke out which led to a series of chuckles of amusement from the whole group while leaving out Allen who just ignored the insult as he walked silently behind the group into the spooky and dead silent graveyard.

It was a small graveyard yet they were able to find a place somewhere in the middle of the graveyard. The teens sat in a circle on the cold ground before they took out their snacks along with drinks. Whereas, Allen just silently watched them argue on; who would win the next basketball game in their high school whilst munching on their snacks like hungry gorillas. Well, that was not just the eating part instead to Allen they’ve always been greedy and snaky gorillas from the very beginning.

Allen just fiddled with his cold fingers whilst he glanced silently on to the other five teens, sitting around him. He wondered why they dragged him out with them when he was of no use to them at that night. That’s because whenever the group wanted to have his presence; it would be either out of the intention of getting some work done or just… to make fun of him about how much of a nerd he was and how his squared glasses made him look like a nerdish dork. What can he do? When he hated the idea of wearing lens every day and every time so, he had to keep his glasses on for the whole day because of his very weak, and bad eye sight?

Allen was so lost in his thoughts that he didn’t notice everyone calling his name over and over again. “Allen!” After hearing out his name being yelled in a loud voice; it pulled him out of his thoughts as he blinked his ocean blue eyes under the black frame of his glasses before he answered, “Oh, yeah?”

“How can you be so lost when we’re sitting in a graveyard, talking about several interests and not to forget about the significant discussion that we have been having about the Halloween party that the principal of our high school is hosting tomorrow?” Anna asked with her furrowed blond eyebrows with her emerald green eyes fixed on Allen who felt almost bad for not listening them out.

Allen sighed before replying, “I’m sorry that I wasn’t listening, but Anna… I made it clear yesterday, that I won’t be attending any of the Halloween gatherings since I’m having an entry test for a college in January and I would really like to be involved in studying rather than with partying.”

Anna scoffed on the response of the brunette boy before she turned to look at her boyfriend who just snorted on the response of the nerd. “Seriously dude…. one day without studying won’t damage your brain cells. Besides, that entry test that you’re talking about is in January and you have plenty of time before that, but if that’s what you really want then who am I to stop your nerdish ass.” Drake said, while playing with blonde curls of Anna.

“Anyways guys… let’s not ruin the mood of the night. Since you all know my boyfriend and I’ve brought for you all, some spooky fun which involves a small ritual and since Allen isn’t joining us for the Halloween party tomorrow, then he’ll have to give us a favor in return. Now, Allen why won’t you be an angel like you’ve always been and return a favor in return of not dragging your nerdy ass forcibly in the school’s Halloween party tomorrow?” The girl with raven hair and red highlights asked as she looked with a smirk accompanied by a serious glint in her grey eyes which left no room for the cerulean eyed nerd to argue.

Allen gulped before nodding in approval since he just wanted to get over all of this and get back to his home before midnight. “Okay, cool! Hey, Adalyn get the stuff out from the bag.” The guy who sat with Adalyn said that as he smirked towards Allen with a same serious glint in his brown eyes before ruffling his light brown hair and fixing his eyes back on the raven-haired girl who was searching out for required materials in her dark purple school bag.

Allen didn’t know how to describe it, but he felt as if something was very wrong about the spooky fun that both Adalyn and her boyfriend Jake were talking about. Then the sympathy look that was sent towards him when he glanced at forest green eyed boy with raven hair, who was no other than Matt; who was also, sitting with the two brothers’ side; Jake and Drake.

Allen gulped before distracting himself as he looked around the graveyard that was filled with orange pumpkins with stupid grins made on them at front that made them look horrifying. They were kept everywhere with some yellow fairy lights decorating them. Allen just looked around the graves with pumpkins on their sides with a feeling of fear resting heavy on his chest.

He just hoped that whatever, the part he had in their so-called fun; he won’t get hurt. Since sometimes they could be carelessly harsh with him too, just for the sake of their fun. So, Allen was worried as he couldn’t stop himself from pondering on the thought about how the night would turn out to be?

Allen felt like suffocating into the deep ocean and it spiked his panic more the moment; he received the text message from Matt on his mobile that was firmly held in his left palm stating, “Pray that the ritual doesn’t works.”

After reading the text message more than even three times with his furrowed eyebrows while keeping on the expression of stupefaction; he just couldn’t help, but wonder if Matt was warning him beforehand about something or was, he just playing with his poor heart so, that it could stop beating in his chest?

Allen looked up and gave a mystifying expression to Matt, who was already staring at him with clear pitied expression displayed on his face for him.

Allen swiftly messaged back by asking, “Are you warning me about something?” Matt who swiftly read the text message; answered back in the most alacritous way, “Yes, pray that the ritual doesn’t work because if it did; then you would suffer from pure hell or either you would die before even the hell starts bursting on others.”

Matt’s text message was enough for the young naive boy to continuously pounder on to something which was beyond his imagination. When the fate has already been decided and written.

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