Bloody Halloween

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‘Back from hell.’


Hearts palpitated furiously, breathing got ragged and bone-chilling shivers increased every minute while Allen, and Emery ran out of the locker hallway to get to the classes’ hallway from where the screams of agony were coming from. The moment Allen and Emery reached there; their eyes were widened on the repugnant sight that was displayed in front of them.

Whole hallway seemed as if there has been a bloody massacre that took place earlier. Every inch of the hall was bedecked with enriching splattered blood and intestines along with skulls, and even bloody skeletons. Emery screamed in horror at the sight whilst sobbing whereas, Allen stood grounded to one place as he pondered on to the thought that everything was his fault even when... it wasn’t.

Allen’s gaze was fixed on to the body of some young boy, who laid dead in the poodle of blood with his stomach opened along with intestines and other organs popped out for a gruesome display. In no minute, a stream of tears, stained Allen’s cheeks as he felt very disconsolate and dejected at the sight, he was continuously looking at. Silent tears and the pain in his heart was worsening, but his attention got diverted when Emery called his name thus, leading to his internal suffering dwindle a bit.

“Allen! W-what on Earth is g-going on? Please... just p-please tell me right n-now?” Emery asked while sniffing a bit as she was struggling to stop her sobs and try to concentrate on the reason behind these brutal killings of innocent people, and not to forget that Emery’s only two best friends were sprawled dead in the pond of their own blood. Those two friends who were her childhood friends so, seeing their dead body, mutilated inhumanly made it very hard for her not to break down right there and then.

Allen turned around to look at Emery who was kind of a sobbing mess, but was trying her best to appear to be stronger than she ever could be to face whatever she has to deal with.

Allen wiped his tears away from his cheeks before sighing out. He then took deep breaths to compose himself before replying, “Umm... Emery... I know this m-might sound w-weird, but the girl... who was with me... with red raspberry hair.... umm... she is a demon and Adalyn’s group... was accountable for b-bonding me with that d-demon for fun’s sake so, I-I’m her contractor as... they performed a r-ritual the night before which led to... all of this... b-b-bloody... mess.”

Emery gasped on to the newly found information that was revealed by Allen. The information was itself was so invidious that Emery just felt like screaming out in frustration. Well, that’s because the whole year they’ve bullied both of them. Then she was infuriated at the stupidity of Adalyn’s group and then she had a crush on Allen, and confessing to him was far than reachable when a damn vicious demon was lurking around him who could kill her within the blink of an eye. Furthermore, those stupid jocks were the reason behind that bloody massacre and the barbarous deaths of her best friends.

Though Emery wanted a lot of her questions to be answered at that moment, but she was more engrossed in knowing if Allen was hurt or not plus, what ways could be taken into the consideration for stopping all of the madness that was already began?

“Hey... are you okay? I m-mean you’re not hurt or anything r-right?” Emery asked softly to Allen who was lost looking at the dead bodies of innocent students and teachers. He came to realize that no one was spared on the grounds of the institute so, he wondered that maybe Circe won’t spare the whole world and only he would be left alive in the end. Howbeit, his fatalistic prolonging thoughts were halted the moment Emery’s soft voice and demanded question penetrated in his mind.

Allen looked back at Emery before replying softly, “Umm... no. I’m... alright.” Emery nodded before asking another question with her narrowed eyes, “So... how do we... take care of this mess? Huh? I mean it’s either only you or both of us, who end up cleaning that bully group’s mess in the end, anyways. Countless times I’ve told you Allen... not to indulge with them anymore, but in the end your naivety and your polite nature gets the best of you. I’ve told you even this before that in this world if you showed your politeness and naivety to a wrong person then you gonna get stabbed in your back countless of times till, they one day throw you at the face of catastrophic ramifications. Now tell me... how to solve this problem when Adalyn’s whole group is already dropped dead?”

Emery was enraged beyond even her own imagination. Well, no one could blame her when she was about to die half an hour ago, and one by one countless of innocent lives would be fallen victim to a vile creature who some dull-witted group of bullies released just out of fun. So, she wasn’t feeling any remorse for her anger, but deep down she knew that even Allen was not to be blamed too.

Allen just listened silently whilst biting down on to his lower lip before answering softly, “I’m sorry... you’re right... it’s my fault. C-can you f-forgive me?” Emery’s once narrowed eyes softened before she walked forward and grasped Allen’s chin softly, and lifted his head up to meet his gaze as she answered, “Allen I never said that it was your fault. Emotions got the best of me so, that’s why I released my anger and frustration on you, but know this... that your naivety can’t be blamed here, but sometimes you’ve to hurt people’s feelings in order to save others from falling into their dismay. So, to do that you need to be stronger by your heart and in your will. Can you do that? If not for yourself then at least, for me?”

Allen nodded swiftly, before Emery smiled adoringly as she leaned in and pecked on rosette lips of the brunette boy with ocean blue eyes. Allen blushed on that mere action whilst not understanding the real reason behind Emery’s fervent actions before his curiosity was answered by Emery herself who bashfully explained, “Umm... it’s just in case if we or one of us didn’t survive... consider it... as a... goodbye beforehand. Yeah right, goodbye beforehand. From a long-time I’ve... I liked you, Allen. I still do.”

Allen was surprised on the sudden confession which made him get flushed more before promptly replying, “I-I like y-you too E-emery. Sorry, I-I wasn’t able to c-confess earlier.” Emery smiled whole heartedly before she shook her head and stated, “No, it’s a-alright Allen. I don’t mind. As l-long as you return the feelings. Which you already did. Thanks for-for accepting me.”

Both Emery and Allen smiled tenderly at each other before Emery broke that little peace by asking a more serious question this time, “So, what are we gonna do now? How are we supposed to stop this demon?” Allen gulped before replying, “I don’t know, but I was hoping if we could visit Adalyn’s aunt because she is a Shaman and the spell which was umm... used to bring the demon in this world was taken from her so, she might have an idea about how to stop this bloody apocalypse.”

So, far the idea satisfied Emery so, she nodded in approval before asking, “Do you know where she lives?” Allen nodded and so, Emery stated, “Okay, that’s final then. Let’s go. The sooner the better.” That’s how both Allen and Emery exited the high school or in other words; the bloody slaughter land.

Allen and Emery went to the bloody parking lot of the high school before getting into the white car of Emery and then leaving the school grounds entirely. They drove till they passed a deserted bloodied up park with dead bodies scattered everywhere. It was quite a grisly sight to take in.

Due to being lost several times; as Allen never went to that old woman’s house; finally, Allen and Emery reached Adalyn’s aunt Erica’s house right around five in the evening. They got out of the car before running towards the brown wooden main door of the house. When they reached there; they rang the bell two times before the door was opened by an elderly woman with grey hair.

“Hello, dears! How can I help you? Are you both here for trick or treats?” Both Emery and Allen shared an awkward look before Emery stepped forward and said, “Umm no, thank you. Actually, we are friends with Adalyn and we need to talk with you. Right now.” Emery smiled in the end to which the old woman returned a warm smile before inviting the teens into her warm and cozy home.

Allen and Emery explained everything to Adalyn’s grandmother that they were facing at that moment. However, Allen left the details of being marked by the demon out since he thought that detail wasn’t significant as it could be out of sensual attraction of demon. Oh, how wrong Allen was.

Howbeit, Emery restricted herself and Allen from revealing the death of the old woman’s granddaughter because she wanted her to focus on the matter rather than sobbing her heart out.

They knew it was a cruel thing to do, but their little cruelty could save the world so, they just told the woman that Adalyn and her friends were out alerting people about the adversity that they were going face despite knowing the fact that the carnival and amusement parks were already ruthlessly turned into the acts of demonic massacre. Well, that’s because Allen and Emery passed some of them which were all bloodied up and left deserted because everyone died there.

“My dear, I’ve understood everything, but I’ve been out of the practice since a long time ago. There is a reversal spell. Which will work assuredly, but this ritual that you stupid kids did; requires a lot of energy. If I performed the reversal ritual then it can cause my life too. So, the only way we can stop this; if you both perform the reversal ritual by yourselves. Can you both do that if I guide you into it?” The old woman spoke with such sincerity and determination that Allen, and Emery were convinced that nothing would go wrong so, they both satisfyingly nodded in approval.

The elderly woman nodded too before standing up and leading the devastated teens down in some cold basement that was also being used as a storeroom too. When they reached into the basement, the woman took out an old, rusty black colored book from a cupboard kept in the corner of that spacious basement.

She walked towards the table kept in the middle of the basement with sprawled papers on it. Some being in different languages while some being of daily newspapers. She kept the book on the table and opened it. When she found the page, she was searching for; she turned towards Allen before explaining, “Allen dear, this is the reversal ritual spell in Latin for the spell that was used in French to summon the soul-eater demon. You need to read it and then sacrifice a few drops of your blood on to the words of the spell. Since you’re the one whose blood was used in the first place then it has to be you who will reverse the spell by using your blood for ending this spell too. I’ll speak words and you have to repeat after me, clear and loud. Do you understand, my dear?”

Allen nodded before stepping forward near the table, but as he was about to hold the knife that was kept on the side of the book, on the table; Allen asked in curiosity, “Umm... what will happen to the demon?” The old lady immediately replied by saying, “Dear, she would be banished from the Earth. Since the blood pack would be reversed; she will go back to the hell from where she came from.” Allen once again nodded in understanding.

As the old woman chanted the words which were then repeated by Allen himself while Emery just watched them until her gaze softened in concern when Allen grazed the silver knife across his palm thus, dropping the blood droplets on the words of the spell.

As the spell completed; the old lady suddenly, shut the book before giving a warm smile to the tensed-up teens who relaxed after knowing that everything was back to normal.

Allen and Emery rushed to upwards, but before they could say, their goodbyes to the kind woman; they turned on the news channel, on the television and were so relieved to hear the reporter announcing, the sudden disappearance of the vile creature who was spreading bloodshed earlier, in their town.

Both Allen and Emery sighed before sharing a quick peck thus, leaving them with toothy grins and rosette cheeks. They were about to embrace, but halted in steps when the old lady came up and made their way towards them with a huge warm smile. They returned the smile and thanked her a lot.

Allen looked at Emery who gave him an empathetic look which made it clear to the said, boy that it wasn’t their place to announce her granddaughter’s death to her because they were just teenagers who had no idea about how the old granny would take in the dreadful news so, they let it go and bid their goodbyes before making their way to their warm, and welcoming homes.

After all, Adalyn’s grandmother would come around that devastating news, in some way on someday.

Allen and Emery exited the house and sat in their car to drive away.

Emery stopped the car in front of Allen’s home first. They embraced each other’s and shared a peck before Allen exited the car. He bid his goodbye before walking away and getting into his home.

When Allen got into his house; he felt as if something was very wrong, but he disposed of that feeling as he was very tired so, having some sleep would definitely get his mind to relax.

It was around nine when Allen walked into his room and took a warm shower before wearing a white full sleeved t-shirt along with blue jeans. He thought of resting first and then if he had some energy then he would study for his entrance exam that was to be conducted in January.

Allen sat on the corner of his bed, near his pillow and thought about Circe whilst gazing at his left bandaged hand. He didn’t know why, but he felt some kind of regret for sending her away just like that so, he ruffled his wet hair before whispering out in his cold and silent room, “I’m sorry Circe. That was the only way I could’ve stopped you from taking away innumerable innocent lives. Sorry again. Hope... you forgive me.”

Allen sighed, but before he could turn off the only source of the light in his room that was coming from the lamp kept on the side table of his bed; a voice was heard.

He looked in the corner from where only darkness could be seen. He waited for another unidentifiable voice and so, when he heard none; he was about to turn away when he halted before doing anything when his eyes got widened when he saw a head with short blond wavy hair; rolling towards him.

When he discerned everything; he got petrified to the extent where his voice was lost and only a broken sob was able to leave his throat. The head and the face were of... Emery Kinkle. Horrified wasn’t even a strong word for how much Allen was feeling affrighted at that moment.

Heart throbbed whilst Allen sobbed to his heart’s content, but got more terror-stricken when he heard that same husky and intimidating voice that ricocheted around the room.

“Hello, Allen. Did you miss me?”

With shaky breath and shuddering body; Allen slowly gazed in front whilst sobbing until his breath hitched when his eyes locked with those same glowing scarlet eyes which dominatingly glared into his wet ocean blue eyes. Those eyes which continued to stand out even when her whole body was drenched in blood from top to bottom. He had his eyes locked with Circe’s eyes. Those eyes which bored into his soul.

The demon was back from the hell.

“H-h-how…-” Allen’s whispers died down into the thin cold air; the moment it came to his epiphany that he never told about his claiming mark to Adalyn’s aunt and that was his huge mistake. Despite feeling some kind of connection with demon; he still chose to conceal a very significant part of the whole truth.

That’s because even if the ritual was reversed; that wouldn’t matter as long as the claimed one lives... and Allen was Circe’s claimed one. Her one and only claimed mate. So, in order to banish her from the Earth forever; Allen would’ve to die.

Allen gasped in comprehension while Circe evilly smirked wider.

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