Bloody Halloween

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The Ritual





‘Something… secretive.’


Winds were howling around whilst the fallen new and dead elms were drifting around the ground thus, indicating that the night was getting colder. Allen sighed out of frustration as he was freezing to death in what he was wearing. Whereas, others were wearing high-necks and leather jackets, and not to forget that warm, and long royal blue fur coat that Matt was wearing.

Allen glanced at everyone when he saw Matt using his phone silently while Drake and Anna were taking selfies together. Whereas, Adalyn and Jake were discussing over something whilst holding on to an old page with unpredictable language sprawled on it. Before Allen could look around again and can get lost into his thoughts about how miserable his day has been so far; his name was called out by none other than Adalyn herself.

“Okay listen everyone! Allen I won’t be repeating myself so, listen with your full attention. After all you have to play a vital role in what we’ll be doing right now. Got it?” Adalyn asked with her narrowed eyes on which Allen nodded hastily. Adalyn spread an old rectangular shaped paper on the ground in middle of them with unknown language inked down on it; before explaining out, “So, guys... you all know my family’s background revolves around shamans who you could say, were the ones who purify the place so, no ghost or any kind of evil force could get in. Well, no one practices it anymore in my family, but my aunt Erica still does sometimes and so, guys I was going through her stuff when I visited to her house few weeks ago, and I came across something very interesting. Something… secretive.”

Adalyn smirked as she pointed towards the old paper with words written in a language Allen could not understand, but he knew from a close look that the writings used on the paper were of French. As everyone looked clearly on the page with a mystifying expression which did not went unnoticed by Adalyn so, she continued explaining, “Well if you all see I was waiting to try this out for Halloween and make it more interesting rather than just partying here and there, like always. Let’s consider this small ritual as an innocent game with cooler outcomes. Besides, Halloween has gotten boring for me so, I thought we should try something new.”

Drake, Jake, Adalyn and Anna shared a playful smirk that indicated that they were so ready to try out this game. Even when they clearly knew that it wasn’t like their ordinary game. They were being ignorant and only for fun. Matt shared a glance with Allen as both gulped since they didn’t want to participate in this so-called innocent game. Adalyn then took a silver knife out and placed it on the paper before looking up and meeting everyone’s eager eyes yet one’s gaze was blank while the other was showing pure fear.

Adalyn tucked her open hair behind her ear before continuing, “Now, what I’ve to tell you all is that these words are written in French and these words will open a gateway for a demon to join us. Well, that’s stupid I know, but believe me... this unrealistic shit really works and I’m sure of it because I have seen a very old video in my grandma’s storage that revolved around this spell, and if it didn’t work then this clearly means one of us didn’t chant the right pronunciation of words or maybe left out some. This will work because I’ve found enough details that prove that this spell will work. So, tell me wanna try this out? Or we should call it a night? Your choice, folks! Choose wisely.”

Silence fell over teens for few seconds before Drake asked, “Won’t that demon would be... evil? I don’t know, maybe it could get dangerous.” As soon as those words came out; Allen sighed in relief when he came to realize that not only did, he had brain cells, but Drake had few of them too. To clear out Drake’s bewilderment; Jake answered by responding, “No. That’s because calling a demon over, can only be done by a blood pact. Which means one of us would’ve to sacrifice their few drops of blood. So, this would never lead to any danger when obviously, we won’t order the demon to kill any one of us. Right?”

On this new information everyone beamingly nodded before Anna and Drake yelled out in excitement together, “Let’s do this, then!” Everyone chortled in excitement while Drake and Anna shared a peck with each other before turning towards others. Everyone was moving the glasses and left-over snacks out of their circle, but while doing that Matt voiced out a question on which everyone halted from what they were doing. “Who will sacrifice the blood for this ritual?” Matt asked with a blank expression.

Adalyn and Jake smirked evilly together before Jake replied, “Obviously, Allen. After all, he agreed to accept our favor over joining them for the Halloween party tomorrow in high school.” On hearing this; Allen’s heart dropped into his stomach as he looked up at everyone with a horrifying expression. When Drake noticed Allen’s expression of abhorrence; he smirked before asking, “Why? Have a problem with that nerd?”

Oh, Allen had a big problem with that since every fiber in him was yelling at him to run away because these teens were crazy. Also, he knew that if something went wrong; he would be left alone to clean up their mess like always. Howbeit, can he really clean up their mess this time? He really didn’t have any idea.

When he didn’t answer; everyone glared at him and so, he just swiftly nodded to distract them from him for the time being.

If he would’ve disagreed then he would clearly have been beaten up before they would’ve taken his blood forcibly because they had parents to freak out over their bruises while Allen’s parents were never home as they lived in China for business purposes. Whereas, he lived in Virginia near his grandmother’s house. So, it was safe to bruise him since he had no friends other than just one childhood friend who was no other than a defenseless nerd like him. Emery Kinkle.

Now Allen could only think of one thing because it disturbed him immensely, ‘Would the ritual work? Will they ever regret performing this ritual?’

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