Bloody Halloween

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‘Storm has materialized after calm.’


Perhaps scared was an understatement because Allen was beyond petrified about what was going to happen. He chewed on his lower rosy and soft lip whilst bringing his left exposed arm out with his fingers stretched out so, that Adalyn could easily graze the silver knife across his soft, milky, and white palm. This way, tender skin would be opened smoothly before blood flows out and falls down on the old paper with French words messily adorning it.

As the knife continued to open his skin smoothly; he bit on his lower lip a bit too harshly that it led to slight bleeding because of the immense pain that he felt at that time. Allen didn’t know what to do since no one told him about what to chant plus, no one asked him to chant anything as they just made him sit in the middle with the three candles that were kept beside him, near the page on which his blood was falling, continuously.

He continued to sit there with his blood falling down in the form of droplets as he continued to squeeze his palm in air so, that he would get over this swiftly. Allen felt a bit light headed, but didn’t complain since the other five teens were chanting something that he couldn’t understand a bit. He was about to close his eyes in order to rest his anxious pounding heart that beated so hard that he was afraid that it would jump out of his chest; before strong and harsh winds blowed on their faces thus, leading to candles lose their light the moment they flew up in air, and blew away from them.

It was ghostly bone-chilling.

Something didn’t feel right, but something told Allen that whatever nonsense they were doing... was no longer needed. So, Allen nervously looked around the teens who opened their eyes the moment they stopped their chanting and looked around themselves. The teens hoped to find another presence among them, but to their dismay; it never happened.

“What the hell! I really wanted to have a demon to do my house chores and to help me bully around the party tomorrow. Guess it didn’t work!” Adalyn growled out in frustration before others just shrugged as they were too tired to look around and argue on what has gone wrong in the middle of the process.

“Hey, guys it’s getting pretty late. I promised my mom that I would be home before midnight, and only seven minutes are left in midnight. Plus, my drive is of thirty minutes so, I’ll see you guys’ tomorrow. Bye.” Matt said that while gathering his bag and mobile before he exited the graveyard while everyone returned him a small ‘bye’ exhaustingly. Allen sighed in frustration when he realized that he can’t leave the place unless or until the other four doesn’t decide to leave.

“Let’s head home for now and then tomorrow if we got time; we’ll try to figure out the mistake we did while performing the ritual.” Drake stated on which Anna nodded before yawning out whilst stretching her arms above her head. Jake and Adalyn nodded in approval before packing their things up. “Hey, guys aren’t we going to treat Allen’s pretty deep wound? I mean look; it’s still bleeding.” Anna whispered out with sleep clearly evident in her forest green eyes.

All of them looked at Allen who was putting his mobile in his back pocket of his grey jeans before slipping down the rolled-up sleeve of his black hoodie as he didn’t even glance at them despite hearing Anna’s question out clearly.

That’s because he knew that no matter how much they end up wanting to help him out of pity, but still... they won’t. They were very prideful and with huge egos, and small minds. So, there was no chance of wasting his time with them when it was almost midnight and he had to meet up with Emery in morning for helping her out to decorate the halls of school the next day for Halloween party that started at 6:30 pm, in evening.

“No, let him suffer as he might have done something to ruin our ritual so, I would suggest that we let him be. Besides he can take care of it himself.” Adalyn gritted out with her narrowed silver eyes that were trained on the back of brunette who just silently walked out of the graveyard with his head hung low.

Allen walked back to his house that was just fifteen minutes away from the graveyard. All of them lived not so far away from the graveyard; it was only Matt who lived so far. Allen sighed as he tiredly opened the door of his house and walked in. He promptly climbed the stairs and went into his room. He took his mobile out and threw it on the bed before walking into the washroom to get the first aid kit.

When he walked into the washroom, he turned on the light and saw his reflection into the rectangular shaped mirror before turning the handle upwards at right so, that hot water would start pouring out in the white colored sink. Allen watched as he put his pale and cold palm under the warm running water that made him winch out of pain before he took out the first aid kit out of the small dark grey cabinet attached beside the mirror on the white-tiled wall. When he kept the kit on the grey and white countertop, then he focused his eyes again on washing his bleeding hand which just couldn’t stop bleeding out.

Even though his palm was still bleeding; he took his hand out of the running water before glancing at the mirror and halting in his steps abruptly. He kept on looking in the mirror as what he was looking at that moment seemed too... sinister to be true. Allen’s heart pounded so hard as if there was no tomorrow and it had to beat for the last time.

Infernal smirk spread on to the red lips of the bloody and pale woman dressed in all black with bright raspberry red, and opened long, straight hair; standing behind him. Widening of that satanic smirk was the last straw for the weak hearted teen. Allen screamed so loud that his own ears would have been exploded if that figure didn’t appear so suddenly, in front of him and turned him around to put her pale palms with black claws on his lips to shut him up.

Allen stared with his wide ocean blue eyes into the glowing scarlet eyes that made his spine straighten and soul shudder out of fear so badly that he thought maybe he was having a nightmare or it could be that he was hallucinating.

If only Allen could envision that the storm has materialized after calm.

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