Bloody Halloween

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Bonded Soul





‘Now only death can tear us apart, love.’


Dead silence surrounded them as both souls stared into each other’s eyes. Allen couldn’t help, but to silently shed salty beads of tears out of fear, that rolled down his ocean blue eyes and adorned his flushed cheeks whilst he stared with wide eyes into the scarlet iris of the girl whose eyes, and mouth were dripping mahogany colored blood in layers that went downwards; getting stained on to her pale neck.

The raspberry haired girl was dressed into a short Victorian styled black dress that was just above her pale knees along with the black laced stockings with black laced up long shoes that adorned her pale, and slim legs till her knees. While her pale neck was bedecked with a Victorian styled choker with black rubies embellishing it plus, black laced chains with rubies decorating them, wreathed her raspberry head. Also, not to forget her way too long, pointy and sharp, black claw like nails that were hovering over his tear-stained cheeks.

The black claws of the girl that were still kept on the soft rosette lips of shuddering boy; slightly and softly grazed across the trembling boy’s soft porcelain cheek that made a small scratch which started to bleed out, but Allen was too lost on the horrifying sight before him whilst panting, and sweating hard that he didn’t notice the slight swelling spreading slowly on his wet cheek.

When the raspberry haired girl noticed the fragile sight of the human boy, she let her palms down from his lips so, that he could breathe properly whilst she watched how cute and an innocent boy he was. When it came to her epiphany that the boy was doing just fine, she held his wrist softly with her freezing hand; on which Allen flinched, but didn’t resist the touch because of how petrified he was from the girl in front of him.

Allen wanted to scream and ask her so many questions, but he was so afraid that he thought if he voiced out his screaming mind; his head would lose his body because that’s how brutal she seemed to him. Despite not knowing even a single thing about the girl dressed in black, in front of him.

Her satanic semblance was rising a panic inside of him.

The scarlet eyes that captivated the soul of the badly trembling boy while the girl brought his bleeding palm towards her lips and started licking it which unexpectedly didn’t hurt, but only sent waves of pleasure in the boy’s tensed up body. Allen was beyond addled as he blushed slightly on that action of the girl who was skillfully yet was sinfully licking his wound.

When he tried to pull his hand back; the grip of the pale girl on his fragile wrist tightened to extent that it made him flinch out of pain. He averted his ocean eyes from the scarlet eyes and looked down on his hand which was now cleared like if there was no wound in the first place. It was rather stupefying for him and so, he glanced back at the girl in front of him with an anxious gaze which caught the girl’s interest as she read the whole expression, and actions of the brunette, like an open book.

Her lips twitched up in a small smile before her face suddenly, cleared out from blood and went back to being clean, and freezing pale. She was beautiful, but the bloody mess that was adorning her face earlier, made her seem like the most blood-curdling, and sinistrous looking girl alive on the planet Earth, so far.

Though there was not much space between them, but still she moved forward and came to know that Allen was two inches shorter than her when she wore long shoes with pencil heels.

She smirked in amusement before leaning in and licking the trembling boy’s cheek twice a bit thus, leading his cheek become scar-less whereas, bright blush remained behind. She moved away before bringing her claws forward and caressing his flushed cheek delicately whilst husking out, “I’m wondering that... you might not have any clue about who I am and what am I doing here in your house? Right?”

Allen nodded promptly as he was too eager to find out some answers; whilst still not meeting the girl’s scarlet eyes as he kept on looking down on the floor. How could he look into his eyes when she has the power to make petrified for his life? Even when her mere presence was enough to leave him horror-struck.

The raspberry haired girl smirked before licking her lips while thinking about how ravishing the boy looked in front of her that she really wanted to devour him. After all, innocent and virgin souls always had tasted the best and… Allen was one of those rare souls. Since at his age, many teenagers are drowned into the ocean of unpleasant pleasures and even in seven deadly sins.

After two minutes of silence in which the girl was drowned in her own fantasies about the boy whereas, Allen gathered all of his shattered courage to question the girl before him as he stuttered out softly, “U-umm... w-w-who are y-you? H-h-how did you-you get in h-here?”

“Not who? What. Well let me introduce myself, my dear. I am Circe, the demon who you summoned and bonded your soul with, through a blood pact. Now only death can tear us apart, love.” Circe replied in a dominating yet velvety voice on which Allen shivered out of fear whilst answering, “What? I t-think there is a m-misunderstanding because I d-didn’t perform any-any p-pact. N-neither do I k-know about this d-demon stuff. More i-importantly... I never had any idea; if d-demons truly e-existed or n-not.”

Circe smirked darkly before she grasped Allen’s chin softly as she lifted it up to meet his wavering eyes and leaned into graze her lips with soft ones of the brunette whilst answering, “Then how did you get that pretty bad wound in the middle of your palm?” Allen felt so overwhelmed by the closeness of the pretty attractive demon and by the information that the female demon threw at him in the form of a truck.

He panted as his heart pounded because if he spoke then his lips would assuredly touch the demon’s lips thus, leading to it being some sort of peck being shared between them. Well, that’s how close they were while Circe caressed his warm and flushed cheek gently with her black claws.

Oh, how her claws scared the living spirit out of him.

Allen couldn’t move away either because his back was already pressed against the countertop so, he had no chance, but to mumble out few of his words, “I-I... umm... g-got-” Three unintentional and innocent pecks made the boy blush madly while the demon was hungry for more.

Whereas, Allen stopped abruptly before continuing his words when the ritual from before came into his mind. Allen gasped softly and breathily as his breathing got constricted as he remembered the ritual part of the graveyard and that’s when Circe came to realize that the boy with mesmerizing ocean blue eyes, standing in front of her has finally figured out about how they formed a pact.

‘Oh, I can’t wait to have my fun with you my little one.’ Circe thought whilst looking down with an evil smirk along with glowing scarlet eyes that bored into the deep yet nervous ocean blue eyes of the brunette boy whose irregular pounding heart, she could hear out clear and loud.

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