Bloody Halloween

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Soul-Eater Demon





‘After all my love, your soul is mine.’


Tick tock on the clock, was being heard agonizingly loud and clear whilst Allen wondered if his home’s front door was unlocked or locked. He sat on the edge of his room’s bed so, that he could find an opportunity to dash out of his room and then out of his house, but the problem was that the demon wasn’t even blinking neither she was sparing a stare on him as if she knew what he was thinking to do if she averts her eyes from him. She continued to stare at Allen from her position that was relaxed against the back of the closed wooden door of the bedroom’s washroom. Which meant she was close yet she was a bit far, since the room was a bit small.

Allen knew that his attempt to escape her presence would be futile because she was a demon for God’s sake! So, Allen calmed himself before convincing himself internally that he wouldn’t be killed if he took the chance of asking the demon a few questions. ‘What harm could that do?’ Allen thought. Despite convincing himself that he would be okay; he couldn’t stop the fear from possessing his body in vigorous waves that couldn’t help, but to continue to make his body shudder so hard that he was convinced that his body’s several bones would be broken by the end of the night.

Well for Allen; few broken bones was acceptable than dying from the hands of a demon before even he could see his parents again, confess to his grandmother that he had been feeding all of her egg puddings that she used to make only for him; to the brown street cat that was always present in his home at every hour of the day, waiting to be just fed by Allen as if he was the only human alive in the world to feed her every single time she would ‘meow’ at him and to finally confess to Emery that he had feelings for her which he wanted to make stronger in future by becoming her boyfriend.

Well, now everything seemed obscured.

Howbeit, for now he had to shut down his internal crisis and ask the demon lady a few questions. So, with the last ounce of hope that he won’t die; Allen let go of a shaky sigh before turning his teary eyes from his fiddling fingers, to the demon who was lost looking at him. Allen trembled out of fear and trepidation as he asked while stuttering, “Umm... c-can I... can I ask y-y-you s-something?”

The moment those words were out, the raspberry-haired demon made an eye contact with the trembling boy despite knowing that she would make him more petrified from her intimidating narrowed scarlet eyes. Which really happened. “Of course, my dear. What is it that you wish to know?” Circe asked with her deep and husky voice that sent waves of shivers in the blue-eyed boy’s spine.

“Will... you-you k-k-kill me?” Allen asked whilst still looking into the glowing scarlet eyes of the demon. Silence fell over them for a minute before the demon sighed in frustration and walked towards the boy, and kneeled down in front of him. Allen’s dull blue eyes followed the movements of the raspberry-haired demon, a bit cautiously.

Both of them looked into each other’s eyes thus, leading to Allen fear her more now that they were much closer than before. Though the demon appeared to be pretty gorgeous; now that all of the blood was gone from her face along with that bone-chilling smirk. She looked just like a normal girl with ethereal beauty with an abnormal skin color, since it was even paler than a dead’s body.

“C-Circe?” Allen stuttered out her name softly thus, leading to the raspberry-haired demon get drunk easily on to the soft voice of the brunette, since his voice calling her name sounded as a melody to her ears. She didn’t know why, but everything seemed very nostalgic around the brunette boy.

Maybe it was the strings of their bond that they shared... because even Allen’s just soft features were making her lost into ecstasy of her wild fantasies.

Pulling herself out of her own world that existed in the first place just because of the cute brunette with blue eyes and black framed glasses on the bridge of his nose; was all he needed to make him look so innocent, and cute. Circe’s narrowed and stern eyes softened a bit as she watched the young boy fiddling anxiously with his fingers that were just being slightly revealed because of hoodie paws covering them.

For the first time in her life; she felt a connection so strong that she never felt it before with any of her bonders in past. That’s because they were all greedy, players, dirty-minded, lost souls, revengeful and deadly sinners. Whereas, Allen had none of those abominable qualities in him as his soul was really pure and innocent.

She knew that Allen was in this situation because of his stupid friends or more likely brats, but now to think of it; an evil, murderous demon like her can’t live with him because both of them were made of very different souls. What kept the demon alive was the blood lust whereas, what kept a human like Allen alive was his innocent humanity.

His soul was the first soul that she really wanted to protect and keep safe from all of the evil things in the world... willingly.

“My dear, your soul is bonded with mine. Which means your life and protection is my first priority from now onwards. I won’t hurt you and will command your all desires. Nothing can touch or harm you in this world and I’ll make sure of it till you allow me to take your soul. After all my love, your soul is mine.” Circe smirked slightly as she saw the brunette gasp out of what he just learned.

Lost at words; Allen didn’t know what to do because he really didn’t want a demon on his side. Though he was a hesitant to voice out his thoughts even when his heart told him that how cruel this demon would turn out to be; she won’t ever lay a finger of pain on him.

By the help of the little courage that came alive in him; Allen hopefully asked, “I know we are b-bounded, but I really don’t want anything from you other than just my old boring life back. Can’t you... l-leave me a-alone? I-I don’t want to keep you restrained. You’re a free bird. D-do whatever you like, but-but don’t meddle with my li-life.”

The demon grumbled lowly out of irritation thus, startling the young boy who thought that he might have said, something offensive. Which he clearly had, but was still immature to notice immediately.

“Fine if that’s what you really want. However, whenever I’ll sense that you’re in danger, I’ll be there to interfere and you can’t stop me because that’s the whole reason of our bond, and pact that we share. And keeping you safe is for my own benefit. Also, whatsoever I do... won’t be your business to interfere in too even when you don’t like it. That’s because I’m not a keen demon who listens to the one who is bonded with me. Interfere once in my business and you’ll badly regret it, my love. Understood?” Circe demanded in a deep husky voice with her growing deadliest demeanor that made the whole room turn cold and stifle for the human boy.

Allen nodded promptly before gulping out of fear. Howbeit, the curious part of the brunette didn’t fear anything in the world so, it made Allen voice out his curiosity by asking, “May I k-know... what b-business?”

After hearing out that question; Circe smirked darkly while her sharp fangs came out slightly before answering whilst licking her lower lip sensually, “Eating souls my dear. After all, I’m a soul-eater demon.”

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