Bloody Halloween

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Mark And Claim





‘Your heart, soul, body and mind... all belongs to me.’


Allen couldn’t believe what he just heard a few seconds ago. His body was frozen on one place, his heart pounded as it’s the end of the world and his breathing got shaky while he kept on looking into those intimidating scarlet eyes of Circe who stared back with an evil smirk. Well, she was too amused by the young boy’s reaction.

Before Circe could even blink; Allen dashed out of the room and down the stairs towards the main door in which unfortunately, got his body, and head hit into. Allen grumbled out of pain, but managed to get his blurry vision a bit clear before he grabbed the keys from the ceramic key bowl; kept on the main door’s side table.

After inserting and hearing a certain click voice which meant that the door has been unlocked; yet he couldn’t open it. No, matter how hard he pulls the handle; the door still won’t budged as if it was stuck from so, many years. ‘Why doesn’t it open?! Why isn’t it opening! Please open! I beg you! Please open!’ Allen screamed in his mind whilst still continuing in pulling the handle thus, leading to his clammy hands slip and getting himself slip as well, because of the slippery floor beneath his feet.

The moment Allen’s bottom came into the contact with the cold and white wooden-tiled floor; he groaned out of pain, but halted groaning in the pain due to his right leg’s ankle, when he came to realize that his glasses went missing from the bridge of his nose and so, he started looking for it whilst touching every part of the cold floor near him with his trembling fingers.

Allen’s eyesight was so bad that everything appeared to be very blurry in his vision. So, if he ends up getting his face slammed into a wall without his glasses or eyesight lenses, then that shouldn’t come out as a surprise for him.

Whilst Allen was looking around almost without his eyes since he couldn’t see anything; he was about to get his head hit in the grey plain wall beside the main door of the house. However, before his head could come in contact with the wall; a rough and cold palm was placed on his forehead to avoid the painful impact while another hand slipped the black framed glasses on his nose thus, leading him to get assess of a clear vision of his surroundings.

When Allen was able to see again, his once risen panic was about to go down, but got stuck in middle when his eyes fell on to the way too familiar figure in front of him. His heartbeat fastened, his forehead started getting a bit sweaty along with his hands that turned clammy again and his trembling got a bit worst. This state was triggered only by Circe’s figure kneeling in front of him with her usual evilly mischievous smirk yet her eyes showed adoration. Howbeit, Allen’s mind was too messed up in figuring out whether the soul-eater demon was looking at him with soft eyes or with bloodlust eyes. Whatever, it was; Allen couldn’t identify.

Allen found a bit of courage in him to move his numbed body backwards to create some space between them after realizing that their foreheads were slightly touching. Circe smirked widely as she flicked her long hair back before mischievously asking, “Aren’t you going to thank me, for providing you with your vision back? Also... I just saved your forehead from getting bashed up into that wall on which your back is resting against, now.”

Allen nodded as his voice got lost somewhere in his throat out of raw fear that he was feeling at that moment. Nonetheless, he replied whilst stuttering. “T-t-thanks. F-for that.” The raspberry-haired girl held back a chortle since it wasn’t the time to be making fun, but then again… the demon was all about fun. Bloody fun.

“I gotta admit that you’re pretty fast. Faster than my own brain even. You know... no matter how fast you are my dear... you’re stuck with me... for the rest of your life. You can’t deny the pact between us and by keeping that in mind... you can’t share any sensual activities with anyone too.” Circe continued to smirk evilly as the boy’s wide eyes and pounding heart amused her.

“W-why? I t-thought y-you would... l-leave.” Allen whispered out whilst the demon moved forward and sat between the spread legs of the brunette. Circe’s scarlet eyes shimmered as they kept narrowed with darkness that danced in them which made wild and chilling shivers run in Allen’s spine before the demon locked her threatening eyes with the petrified boy’s eyes, as she spoke with spine-chilling dominance, “My, my, my pretty baby. Your heart, soul, body and mind... all belongs to me. You’re mine baby boy. As long as this blood pact stands... you’ll only yearn for me and only me. If you deny our bond... it could lead to your death because of the pain that your body will suffer from. Your life is in my hands. You know I can even kill you and be on my way, and it won’t even affect me, but I’ve grounded my mind into a different desire.”

The moment Circe’s words ended; she crawled forward with a lascivious gaze accompanied with an evil smirk and gripped Allen’s grey jeaned thigh with her anomalous black claws thus, making Allen whimper, and squirm in pain. With wild beating heart and irregular breathing because of Allen’s introvert part that was dying from such closeness with a most perilous creature in the world; however, he was still able to ask the question that his curious part was dying to ask the ethereal yet ferocious demon. While stuttering in a whispering voice; Allen asked, “W-w-what’s stopping y-you... from k-k-killing m-me?”

“Your... innocence.” The moment these words were rolled out of Circe’s mouth; the demon crashed her lips on to the soft rosy lips of the brunette boy as she kissed him roughly whilst drawing blood out of Allen’s thigh in which her claws were punctured in. Allen moaned whilst trembling as he felt overwhelmed by many emotions that he couldn’t even point out.

Circe stopped abusing brunette’s soft lips so, that he can breathe as she looked at him with her licentious gaze. Allen panted with his flushed cheeks and eyes closed firmly as he was too scared to open them. Allen’s body shivered in trepidation while Circe licked his jaw as she moved downwards on his neck whilst leaving a trail of pecks and licks before she stopped at the joint where the neck and the shoulder meets.

She licked and pecked every now, and then on that joint while Allen opened his eyes and stuttered out, “W-w-what are y-you... d-doing?” After hearing that broken question out; Circe smirked while giving a lick before she replied, “Preparing you.” Allen was bewildered on that answer so, he was about to ask when Circe moved more forward and grasped his wrist into her both hands before pinning them above his head firmly thus, making Allen try writhing out of the grasp, but couldn’t since demon was a lot vigorous than he could ever think of.

While panting and trembling because of the situation that Allen was put into, was not helping at all since his brain was trying to prepare him for only worst to come next.

Allen stuttered out, “P-preparing me for... f-for what?” Circe looked into the confined boy’s teary blue eyes while replying, “To claim you.” With that said, Circe moved her head downwards and licked on the same joint as before. She gave few more pecks and licks before piercing her sharp fangs into the soft porcelain skin on the place where the neck, and shoulder meets.

Allen moaned out of pain, but later he felt overwhelming pleasure overflowing through his veins thus, making him moan in ecstasy of something he didn’t understand since a lot was happening in such a short period of time for him to process the situation entirely and his mind was even clouded.

What Allen didn’t notice in his hazy state was that; the demon didn’t only drink his blood instead she released her own sweet venom to mark and claim him as hers.

Now, Allen was hers until or unless... death doesn’t really parts Allen away from Circe. That’s because... even though the contractor dies... demons would stay alive.

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