Bloody Halloween

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Blood Pool





‘Every death that took place was extraordinarily done very promptly and messily in blood.’


The next day on 31st October, which was Saturday, the Halloween day. It was colder than yesterday, but nothing bothered Allen more than two huge punctures on the joint where his shoulder and neck met. He woke up at that morning with slight drowsiness because of his aching muscles that were in slight pain due to mostly exhaustion from the previous night.

Allen was getting ready for the day whilst wondering, ’Did Circe tucked me in my bed? If I remember it clearly... I passed out after she made these not so, but in the same time; huge holes in my acromioclavicular joint.

Well, since I haven’t seen her in my whole house then I’m guessing that maybe she... have left for good.’ Allen couldn’t stop thinking about cruel yet pretty demon girl from previous night; who left him in the mantle of his comforter on his bed right after he passed out in her arms in the middle of the process of ‘claiming him as hers’.

It sounded funny to Allen that such a vile creature was also able to show such kindness towards him rather than leaving him on the freezing floor. After all, what he has heard so far in his life was that creatures like Circe don’t show concerns about any human. Since they are heartless. Now, Allen wondered if that was really the case or not? Allen sighed out of exhaustion as he fixed his brunette bangs in front of the mirror. He gave himself a final look into the mirror before wearing his black and white jean sneakers that went well with his black jeans, and pure white hoodie.

Allen walked out of his room and went down the stairs whilst glancing at his surroundings which cleared for him that there was still no sign of the raspberry red-haired demon. He unconsciously wondered where Circe went after sharing a quite complexed night with him. He was waiting for her to show up as he really wanted answers despite ignoring his sixth sense which was telling him that something was really wrong or maybe something bad was about to happen, later.

Allen exited his house before walking towards his high school whilst still thinking about Circe even when he would shudder every now and then as he continued to prolong his thoughts about a certain soul-eater demon. After reaching to high school in a windy weather that made cold turn even harsher than before. Allen looked around for Emery in the halls of the prestigious institute.

As he walked in the locker hallway whilst looking around for his long-time crush who was nowhere to be found and so, he decided to pass the hall and then look for the brunette girl in the classrooms where she might be present in one of them for decorating the classroom into the Halloween concept for the party in evening. Every student was supposed to be present there to help decorating the school in Halloween concept in anyway.

While Allen walked towards the exit of the hall, he discerned that the hall was decorated into the orange and black colors that always has been considered as the theme of Halloween yet it was quiet, and deserted at the same time. Well, that was due to the lack of students attending that day, who were either in classrooms or in the garden; setting up the skeletons and pumpkins with orange, and red fairy lights.

Howbeit, before Allen could exit the hall; he was dragged backwards with the hood of his hoodie and was pushed into the lockers harshly. A gasp left through his mouth when pain shot up into his spine with a burning sensation. Allen looked up swiftly even when his head throbbed since it also got hit on the locker behind him. When he looked up; he saw Drake smirking at him with the same usual glare he always gives him. That glare which always has been the clear attestation of warning that Allen was not safe anymore.

“Hi, nerd... looking peppy as ever. Hope you don’t mind if I share some of your happiness, right?” Drake gritted out with his dark brown eyes narrowed on him. Allen gulped whilst thinking that Drake was going to bully him randomly or was it something that he did which triggered him to lash out his anger on him? If it was the second thought then Allen was clueless of what he could have done for the gorilla to flare smoke out of his nostrils, early in the morning.

Allen gulped while pushing away his overly dramatic thoughts about Drake before he asked, “W-what do you want?” Drake was about to speak, but before he could let out any words; Anna, Jake and Adalyn joined them. “You trash! You were the reason behind the failure of our ritual. You were supposed to chant with us, but your dumb ass didn’t chant the spell with us or maybe your chanting lacked validity. Oh, I’m so furious at you, nerdy freak!” Adalyn spoke in indignation even when it wasn’t entirely Allen’s fault as they didn’t ask him to chant in the first place, but at the same time... he could’ve just asked them.

Being a polite and sensitive one; Allen just gulped whilst feeling anxiousness, fear, and tension rise up in him since he knew a secret while others didn’t. He didn’t know what to do at the moment since he feared; if he revealed the identity of Circe then he might get into danger for doing such a thing. So, the only thing he could do, was to conceal the secret until the right time comes.

Well, the right time never came.

“I’m sorry A-Adalyn... maybe next time-” Allen’s sentence was cut in between as Adalyn continued the sentence by saying, in a harsh and rude tone, “So, there was going to be a next time too? Okay! Then let’s bring that next time on today.” Allen gulped whilst thinking, ‘Holy crap! What did I just supply?!’ After realizing that he was now again in deep waters; Allen nervously shook his head whilst squirming out of the harsh yet vigorous grasp that was kept on his shoulders by the thick, strong, and veiny hands of Drake.

“Allen, stop making this hard for us than it already has gotten. So, shut up and be a good lad like you are.” Adalyn growled lowly before nodding towards Drake who grabbed his wrist firmly and tried to drag him to somewhere, Allen really didn’t want to follow. However, Drake stopped his force on Allen, who was not letting the handle of the locker go as he didn’t want to perform the ritual when he already was bonded with a demon and so, he didn’t wanted anymore demons to be bonded to him.

Drake gasped before turning towards others and announcing, “Guys! He doesn’t have that knife wound from yesterday, night.” All three furrowed into immense perplexity while Adalyn walked towards Allen and grabbed his both hands harshly before examining them whereas, Allen’s heart pounded against his chest so hard that his breathing became irregular. His heartbeat was very erratic and terrified.

“Wow! Hey nerd, aren’t you hiding something from us? The wound on your hand would have taken at least a month to be healed yet an eternity afterwards, a scar would’ve been still left. So, tell me Allen... where is that demon?” Adalyn demanded the answer out with her jaw clenched and narrowed eyes while Allen gulped before he moved back to exit the hall, but his chances of escape were put to an end when Jake grabbed his hood from backside, and punched him into his stomach.

Then another punch was delivered by Drake who punched him in his ribs thus, leading to irregular breathing of the brunette boy; who found it hard to open his blue eyes due to immense pain that surged through his stomach and chest which constricted his breathing, badly.

Allen panted in pain and agony, but his sixth sense told him firmly that he was not supposed to reveal the raspberry red-haired demon, to them. So, he was not going to do so. That’s because his sixth sense was never wrong in past... ever.

Allen fell down on his knees while holding on to his stomach, while Adalyn spoke with a menacing tone, “Hey, nerd ass! If you didn’t tell us the whereabouts of that demon then you’ll regret ever getting born in the first place.”

Allen shook his head while being on his knees. He wanted to tell them that he didn’t knew where the demon was as it was already the truth, but the four bullies took it as a sign of refusal to cooperate with them. So, because of misunderstanding, even when there would’ve been no misunderstanding; Drake would still have advanced forward to punch Allen on his jaw.

However, before he could take such a pejorative action; Drake’s hand was grabbed vigorously by someone with freezing touch, before his fingers were cracked till they were broken inhumanly. Drake screamed in affliction whilst looking straight into the scarlet narrowed eyes of... Circe, who had her infamous yet evil smirk displayed on. Allen’s breath hitched as he looked up at Circe standing tall with her perilous demeanor in front of him whilst holding on to the broken fingers of Drake’s fist, who was trying to get free from her hold. If only he knew that he can’t get free unless or until... the demon doesn’t allow him to.

“Why are you screaming and whimpering like a rat? When you were mercilessly inflicting pain on what is mine, a few seconds ago. It sounds a bit erroneous, seeing a predator crying his balls out. Are you really a predator, Drake? If you are then bloody act like one!” Circe dominatingly insulted the boy who was now at her mercy and when she didn’t get any reply; she smirked more widely before grabbing the blonde boy’s jaw and separating his head mercilessly from his body thus, leading to blood splashing on to the white tiled floor, her face, clothes, and hair. The way Drake was beheaded, was enough for everyone to see blood pool forming.

Anna screamed after witnessing such a brutal scene that just got unfolded, that scene which made her lose the love of her life. She screamed and cried out for help whilst not knowing that no one could hear her out when the demon has already hypnotized them all to not to interfere into the hell that was being loose on the disparaging bullies that vituperatively touched what was hers.

Circe was one of the most vigorous and malignant demon out of all other demons. She had a high level and high respect in the hell because she was one of those few demons who were immortal, and had a power that was close to in a match with Satan’s powers.

After being done with Drake; Circe disappeared into the thin air before suddenly, appearing in front of the screaming girl. The demon grabbed Anna from her neck that made her nerve wrecking screams die out instantly. A voice of snapping few bones were heard throughout the dead silent hall and that’s when the remaining teenagers realized that Anna’s neck was broken within a blink of an eye before the demon promptly took her heart out while pushing the body away which fell down thus, leading to a pool of blood painting the white floor.

Suddenly, the demon disappeared again into the air before appearing right in front of Jake and pulling his right arm out of his body which soon became the blood fall as the immense amount of blood flowed out of the place where there was an arm attached once. Jake screamed in pain, but his pain was short lived when he was beheaded before anyone could even blink. Every death that took place was extraordinarily done very promptly and messily in blood.

Allen stopped breathing the moment his brain told him out of the severe panic mood that he would be the next. So, every time he tried to stop the demon; the words won’t form and it felt like he never had a tongue to use. Then he also knew that he would die like those teens that were just alive a while ago, but now it made him sure that he wouldn’t survive sooner or later and so, because of that thought; Allen’s senses, brain, and muscles completely got shut down since they knew that there was no way to escape his death. Howbeit, his hopelessness was also the cause of all deaths as some could have been spared if he believed in himself and most importantly... into the bond, and reached out for the demon to stop.

After being done with three bodies; Circe licked her bloody clawed fingers while advancing towards Adalyn who was stood frozen with her wide teary eyes on to her surroundings that screamed only bloody crimson hues. The hall was near to be blood bathed. She gripped her phone before finding some of the courage in herself for screaming out at the demon, “Go away you monster! Take your trash with you! Just go a-away... p-p-please!”

Circe smirked sinisterly when she saw how the raven-haired girl with red highlights, broke down into the river of tears in the end of her last words. Suddenly, Circe appeared in front of Adalyn who gasped, but didn’t move backwards as she was anticipating to be torn apart like her friends. Circe leaned towards Adalyn’s ear before growling out menacingly into a whisper, “Who’s the trash now?” The moment that question was out; Adalyn’s heart was ripped out of her chest.

The body fell backwards before Circe threw the heart away, somewhere in the hall’s corner. Blood flowed out of Adalyn’s body because her heart was ripped out in a way that a hole was left behind in her chest. Oh, how the pool of blood made the hall turn out so serene for the atrocious demon.

Circe smirked evilly after she was done chuckling darkly whilst licking her fingers before she turned around and held her eye contact with the trembling boy who gulped out of fear the moment his teary eyes made eye contact with Circe’s intimidating, and glowing scarlet iris.

Allen’s legs were wobbly and so, he was sure that he won’t be able to run away from the dread he was about to face. With remaining ounce of courage that was left in him; he used it to move backwards till his back crashed not so painfully into the lockers behind him.

Circe’s body was bathed into the blood, but she didn’t care about that at the moment when she was there for someone so, beautiful inside and out. Her marked one, her bond-mate and her fragile human. Allen was hers and so, no one could ever hurt him.

She kept the eye contact, but her eyes were a bit softened when she saw how her marked one was trembling badly when that much shaking wasn’t good for his ribs that were bruised. She knew. She knew all too well about what has happened to her marked one before she arrived and it made her beyond furious to think about how Allen went through such pain even when he had her by his side.

Circe appeared on her knees, right in front of the trembling boy who flinched out of trepidation. Allen trembled and panted more badly when cold lips touched the helix of his ear while whispering huskily yet dominatingly, “How’s my little one?”

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