Bloody Halloween

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‘You are my dear mate. All mine.’


Trying to flee was full on futile. Even moving a finger seemed out of consideration, but why did Allen felt like running away from his death when a few minutes ago, he was such a coward that he didn’t even try to voice out his pleas for saving the innocent lives before they were fallen to the dismay of their deaths even when he was desperate for them to live.

Allen was petrified and befuddled because he wanted to live badly yet... he wanted to die too because he blamed himself for the death of four causalities.

However, his prolonging thoughts came to an abrupt end when he felt a cold palm placed on his clothed and warm chest. The palm moved towards the heart’s side and came to rest on it. Only then he was able to come back to the real world from his own little world created by his pessimistic thoughts; in his mind.

“Breathe. Breathe, Love.” Circe husked out dominatingly near Allen’s ear whilst grazing her black claws gently across his chest and heart in a soothing manner. Allen didn’t know when did he stopped breathing, but he didn’t wanted to continue breathing after he started believing that he was the reason behind the deaths of those innocent teenagers so, his death was enough to pull him out of his misery and agony that was only growing because of his undying guilt.

Despite not wanting to breathe again, Allen couldn’t help, but start to slowly breathe even when his breathing was forced and shuddering. That’s all because his body betrayed him and only on the one dominating command that came out from the red raspberry head girl.

He trembled way too badly while he breathed. When his breathing calmed down a bit; his chin was grasped firmly before being lifted up so, that his teary ocean blue eyes could come in contact with the glowing scarlet eyes that screamed rage. Allen wanted to look away so bad, but again his body betrayed him while his once calmed breathing turned erratic. That’s because he felt very intimidated by those glaring scarlet eyes.

“You’ll live. If you ever tried killing yourself or even hurt yourself a bit... you’ll regret it... badly. You’re mine. Your heart, body, soul and mind. All are mine. If you ever failed to obey my command, then without even a first thought; I’ll drawn your world into the depths of blood... just to see those beautiful tears in your pretty eyes. Remember you are my property now that you’re my marked one. Tu mihi cara mate. Omnia mea {You are my dear mate. All mine}.” Circe growled out every word lowly that every time she spoke; shivers erupted in the already trembling bones of the fragile boy, but the last words of the demon were whispered out softly which had deeper meanings when they were directed towards the sniffing boy to comprehend.

On the last unknown words; Allen’s eyes widened as he realized that Circe just spoke Latin. Even when she was summoned through a French spell. Allen couldn’t stop himself from thinking about the last words of which the meaning wasn’t cleared to him since it was the second time in his life when he heard Latin. Well, first being in some movie, but Allen was very smart to even comprehend that the language that was spoken by the demon was in fact Latin itself.

However, he was clueless about what those certain words meant?

“W-w-what was t-that? The last-last w-words?” Allen stuttered out badly, but Circe was easily able to grasp on to what the breathtaking boy in front of her was asking for. Circe smirked before leaning in and brushing her cold, red tinted lips with shuddering boy’s warm lips before whispering out in her most husky voice, “It’s for you to find out.”

The moment those words were out; Circe crashed her red wine tinted lips on to the pink and soft lips of the boy before inserting her tongue in his mouth dominatingly thus, leading to a heated kiss. The heated make out went on until it was broken by Circe who sensed the struggle for breathing from the boy she grew to see as too endearing. After releasing Allen’s too irresistible lips; Circe went downwards on to the neck, but on the side where her mark was resting on.

Circe couldn’t help, but find Allen very irresistible.

She kissed the mark before licking it that it led to intensifying waves of pleasure to surge through the boy’s body that it made him moan out into ecstasy while his body betrayed his mind and unconsciously bared his neck for the hungry demon, who was all ready to devour him sensually right there at that moment.

“W-why are y-you doing t-this? Why d-did y-you k-k-killed t-them?” Allen whispered out whilst forcing himself to choke his sobs and moans in order to escape the demon if he wasn’t allowed to die anytime soon. He really needed to get away from Circe who came into his life not too long ago and had already put a claim on to his soul. And now, she was playing with his emotions. Wasn’t it enough that his soul got sold without even his consent?

His soul that got sold to a minacious monster.

“They were hurting you, my Love. No one can touch a single hair on your head and it left me too incensed after I saw what they did to you. You’re not here to blame at, my little Love. Never blame yourself for such lowlife rats who were making your life hard. All I did was to take your pain away and I... will continue to do so.” Circe breathed out every word while she kept on kissing the mark that was making Allen go crazy because of the intense rapture that he felt.

Yet he didn’t understand about why he was feeling so pleasured whenever the demon’s lips touched her claiming mark on his neck? He was mystified, but was too petrified to question the red raspberry-haired demon. Circe seemed as beautiful as a red blossoming rose in a cold breeze to him yet at the same time her semblance screamed to everyone that she was too baleful to go up against. More significantly, no one could even dare to look into her sinistrous scarlet eyes.

Yet only Allen could look into her eyes without getting... tortured brutally to his death.

Allen was having a hard time in getting his thoughts altogether because escape was out of picture when Circe was too close to him and making him a flushed-up mess from just kisses, and licks on his neck, and collarbones that were being a bit exposed not too long ago without him even noticing. Allen was confined in some pretty bad situation in which he had no way out.

Panting with teary eyes, moaning every now and then; this was a state that came during the rapture, and stayed even when Allen’s phone rang in his front pocket of his jeans that caught his, and Circe’s attention yet the female demon didn’t show any mercy on to the boy’s once porcelain, and soft skin which was turned into light rosette because of the hungry kisses, and little bites that left soft marks on his skin afterwards.

“Answer it, love.” Circe demanded out intimidatingly. Allen wanted to voice out his concerns for his well-being as he got affrighted when he sensed anger in the demon’s demand, but halted before he could speak when his soft ocean blue eyes came into the contact with Circe’s narrowed scarlet eyes that were glowing intensely at that moment. Those eyes dared Allen to go up against her demand and so, who was Allen to go up against her when he was already at her mercy.

Allen took out his phone out of his front pocket and just straight away attended the call with his trembling fingers, without even looking up at the caller’s ID. Allen brought the phone near his left ear with his hand shaking violently before he heard a girl’s voice saying, “Dude where are you?! It has been one hour and forty minutes, and still there is no sign of you. Allen, are you listening to me? Allen!”

‘Holy crap! I forgot about Emery.’ Allen thought whilst feeling panicked before he replied softly, “Oh-hi, Emery. I-I was just c-coming to yo-ah.” Allen moaned loudly before he could complete his sentence since Circe bit on his exposed collarbone a bit too harshly.

Then Allen was appalled because his chest felt heavy so suddenly, as if he was doing something wrong.

Then he felt and saw dominating aura of the demon’s being released in the form of black shadowy waves that encircled around him. The darkness surrounding him, left him breathless.

Allen’s voice abandoned him, his trembling got worse and his breathing got constricted as he stared with his wide eyes into the demon’s scarlet glowing eyes that were glaring into his blue eyes after Circe moved forward, and looked up at him.

The fragile boy was once again captivated in the presence of the perilous demon that made him feel so small.

With one claw of hers; Circe took off Allen’s glasses which made the boy flinch out of apprehension. The demon moved closer before capturing his soft and already rosette lips into a heated kiss that was all filled with huger, and lust for the boy. Allen couldn’t see, but that was one of his least of his concerns at that moment when he realized that Emery has been still calling out his name on the phone continuously.

Allen didn’t know how to escape from the kiss. He was very naive and timid to even kiss someone ever in his life. As the demon being his first; it was then, when his sensual experiences were started so, his knowledge lacked in sensual actives because of him being too innocent, despite his teenage age.

“Allen! Hey, I’m done with the Halloween preparation so, I’m coming to get you as I think you’ve got into trouble with Adalyn’s group again. So, wait for me. I’ll be just there.” Emery spoke swiftly before ending the call and making her way out of the classroom to look for Allen in halls. She already had best guessed up places in her mind where he would be; since mostly Adalyn’s group bullied him in locker hallway or at the backside of the high school. She just needed to check the locker hallway first before venturing out for his friend.

When the call ended; Allen’s trembling fingers let go of the phone which fell down on the floor beside him. When long claws soothingly went through his soft brunette hair and gripped on them softly; made Allen to end up losing his senses into an unknown yet delighting pleasures that surged through his veins.

It was all too overwhelming for the meek boy.

Allen wanted to resist the temptation of Circe’s lips that kept on kissing his lips; only letting go whenever he would’ve to catch his breath, but after doing so, his lips were being again and again captured as if there was no ending to their heated make out. Allen wanted to reject Emery’s offer for searching him since he was with a wrathful demon at that moment. Circe, who could end up killing her too, but he wasn’t able to voice out his plea for her not to come; when his lips were already sealed with rough, cold and red tinted lips of Circe.

Allen felt like being... doomed... severely.

For Allen, he lost his mind in submission when the clawed fingers gripped his soft hair a bit firmly while Circe’s other clawed hand went under his white hoodie and caressed his warm, and slim waist. The last heated kiss came to an end when Allen was out of breath so, Circe had to let go of his enticing rosette lips. Though a string of saliva kept them connected yet separated.

Flushed cheeks, irregular breathing and with tearful eyes, Allen’s appearance appeared to be very winsome and alluring for the red raspberry-haired demon not to resist so, she leaned in and was about to capture those scrumptious lips again, but halted in her movements when loud steps were followed by a loud feminine voice in the empty locker hallway.

“Oh my god! Allen!”

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