Bloody Halloween

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Bloody Halloween





’To their dismay... the ‘Bloody Halloween’ was commenced.’


Dead silence was encountered the moment the brunette girl yelled out Allen’s name and caught the attention of both the demon girl, and frazzled Allen. She could have sworn that she was petrified to the core when Circe looked back and glared at her with her intimidating scarlet eyes and bloody figure.

“Who a-are y-you? And what are y-you doing to him?” Emery yelled out as she wasn’t liking the messed-up state of Allen and not to forget the bloody hallway. It was very gross as the stench of blood heavily coated the air thus, making the feeling of stifle arise in everyone’s chest except of the demon who was very glad on the bloody mess that she created an hour ago. It almost made Emery puke out her whole breakfast that she had before coming to high school.

“Allen! A-are you okay?” Emery asked in a panicked voice as she saw how breathless; Allen was who couldn’t even see her. Emery took only one step forward before she was grabbed by her throat suddenly, and was lifted into the air thus, making her grip on to the cold, and pale hands of the red raspberry-haired demon; whose claws were drawing blood from both of the sides of her neck whilst she was gasping and choking for air to go into her lungs.

Allen’s muttered pleas for sparing Emery; were ignored since Circe was very incandescent on the fact that another woman who she wasn’t aware of, was calling her human’s name. Call it an obsession or a possession; she was a Mephistophelian who had her own world along with status and pride. So, another woman calling her claimed human’s name without knowing her relationship with her human; drove her mad to the point where she just wanted to kill the woman.

After all, she was a demon with the hunger of bloodlust and of the possession of what belongs to her.

Regarding her norms and values; Allen belonged to her. Allen was her greatest and prideful possession from all the times she had ever roamed the Earth. After all, every demon was a sucker for a virgin soul.

“You asked, who I am. Then let me clarify for you that I’m the one who will be taking your life away... contently.” Circe gritted out with a clenched jaw in the most menacing tone along with her same deep, intimidating voice which never failed to activate shivers in one’s spine.

“N-no, please! P-p-please C-Circe. Don’t hurt h-her. P-please... I’ll do a-anything. J-just please... s-spare her.” Allen pleaded out before his trembling fingers touched the frame of his glasses kept safely on his right side on the floor so, he grabbed them swiftly before wearing them in order to get his, once lost vision back.

Allen looked up through his glasses and his already teary eyes widened when he saw Emery’s neck bleeding from both sides thus, leading the trail of blood to slide down from her jaw towards the neck, downwards while staining her as white as snow colored high-neck sweater. He stood up on his wobbly legs before taking a few steps forward towards Circe, but halted in his steps abruptly when Circe glared at him with her narrowed eyes with a threatening glint displayed in them. Those eyes that challenged his whole being to go up against her and see what happens, but Allen wasn’t stupid as though he came around the fact a bit late; he was assured that demon won’t ever hurt him.

Though he forgot to perceive the fact that she might not hurt him, but nothing was stopping her from hurting anyone else.

She might hurt him emotionally, but hurting him... physically was simply was out of question. Allen knew that Circe would never kill him because his sixth sense was telling him that she couldn’t even hurt him slightly. So, killing him was far out of her reach for now, at least.

Whilst trembling; Allen stared back into those threating eyes of Circe with his wavering eyes which were pleading to her for not to hurt Emery. ‘I-I know she won’t hurt me. She just can’t. What if I go up against her? What will happen then? How will she make me s-suffer?’ Allen thought while keeping his eye contact with the merciless demon who suddenly, dropped Emery’s body harshly on the bloodied floor of the hallway when it came to her epiphany that Allen was not going to back down from his pleading even when her threatening eyes and aura told him not to plead for her prey’s life.

‘Guess he disposed of my warning without even considering about the consequences he might get to face later, onwards. This means that this woman has a special place in my human’s heart. Guess I have to show him to whom he belongs to and to whom he should never disobey... in his whole life.’ Circe thought whilst smirking which seemed as if her next actions were coated with malignity.

Emery started coughing badly before regaining her last bits of strength. Allen released a shaky breath whilst still maintaining his eye contact with the wrathful demon who out of nowhere she smirked evilly at him. Allen gulped in fear of what could be Circe thinking about at the moment? Since her evil grin was making him get alert of the peril that awaits him.

“Say, Allen? Do you like Halloween?” Circe asked whilst glancing around at the Halloween themed hallway for a moment before again maintaining her eye contact with her human while still smirking evilly to which Allen just nodded because of the consternation that he was feeling. “Hmm... glad to know you like it. However, don’t you ever get bored of this all the same orangey and black themed Halloween?” Circe asked with her furrowed eyebrows to act as if she was innocently asking a random question that was nothing, but immaculate.

Oh, how her actions betrayed her appearance and that evil smirk. She was an atrocious demon who could never appear as ingenuous.

Allen didn’t know where the conversation was going so, he gave one glance towards Emery who was still on her knees while keeping the tissues around her neck along with her befuddled, brown eyes that focused on the peripheral vision that showed her Allen looking at her with empathetic look before he returned his gaze on the smirking demon.

Clearly sensing the mystifying expression of Allen; the demon smirked wider thus, displaying her fangs in show. Circe walked a bit closer to Allen who wanted to step backwards, but his body betrayed his wish to move away.

’Why can’t I move my body? Oh, no! She is coming closer; I need to get away from her, but I can’t move as if... as if she doesn’t want me to move away from her. How can it be possible for her just dominating gaze to ensnare my entire being in one place? Why does her lingering gazes affect me so much whenever they get locked on me or whenever they get locked with my eyes whether... enthrallingly or ferociously? ′ Allen thought whilst biting on his lower lip out of anxiety that he was feeling at that moment because of the fear which was immensely enveloping his entire mind, but all actions halted when Circe came and stood only two steps away from him.

Circe stretched her arm out and caressed Allen’s warm cheek which made him flinch badly, before replying to her own previously asked question, “I’m starting to hate this theme. So, why not have a bit divergent type of Halloween this year... and I’m thinking that you might know my type of Halloween.”

Allen had an idea about what really Circe wanted, but still he was in doubt so, he shook his head slightly to disapprove of what Circe really wanted. Howbeit, the red raspberry-haired girl was already licking her lips in amusement with a sinistrous smirk that fully unconcealed her fangs.

“Oh, come on love; you know my type.” Circe smirked widely before closing the gap in between them to lean in and whisper the next words out in his ear ever so huskily; so, that only Allen could hear them. Those words which broke Allen’s heart in millions of pieces like as of a shattered glass and made his trembling so impregnable like as if he was electrified in his drenched clothes.

“You know very well about my type. Type to make everyone cry. Type to make everyone scream in pain when I’ll thrust out their spines. Type to make everyone beg on their knees with their blood sliding down from their eyes. Type to make everyone cry out their last goodbyes. Type to shorten their lives because it would be their time to die. And my type; deleterious Halloween is called the ‘Bloody Halloween’ for the innocent night.” Circe darkly chortled in the end of her direful sentences thus, making Allen to gulp out in dread before pleading out softly, “N-no, please-” The pleading which was like as if fallen into deaf person’s ears because his plea was disregarded before it could get even a start.

“Shush my love. You would be the only one spared from all those hapless souls that I would consume today till I retire for the day. Consider this pulchritudinous and magnificent night as your... punishment. Punishment for not obeying my commands earlier, today. By now, you would know that I can’t hurt you, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t hurt people around you. Have a bloody splendid night.” Circe growled out the last words before disappearing into the thin air thus, releasing shimmering shadow behind her which stayed in the air till it faded away like a smoke in the air.

Allen fell down on his knees whilst trembling and panting as he continued to think that he would be accountable for so many deaths. Howbeit, he really wanted to save Emery while not knowing; sparing one soul would lead to countless of souls in a day. Allen was gratified by the fact that he saved Emery from being killed, but he was terrorized at the fact that he wasn’t able to voice out his pleas because of being so petrified at that moment.

Besides no matter how much Allen would’ve pleaded; there was no, stopping to the hungry demon who already had her mind set on having a superb bloody feast of the day.

Allen’s prolonging thoughts were cut short when he heard loud and painful screams of many people; emerge through the locker hallway from outside and the classes. Allen was horror-struck before slightly glancing at Emery who had her eyes widened in appall whilst meeting Allen’s eyes who held the same emotion of fear in his gaze which the other did.

To their dismay... the ‘Bloody Halloween’ was commenced.

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