Hell land

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Four teens fall into Hell and have to compete in a group of challenges to save their souls .These four immediately become friends and plan to save as many souls as they can .

Horror / Mystery
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The Night

Bianca had been planning her sixteenth birthday for the past five years . The night was here and she was excited for the day tomorrow but she had no idea how long the night would last. Every sixteen years , hell would be back and the night would last longer for a selected number of people while everyone else would have a pretty normal day .She was very famous at school and at the same time she was very intelligent .Her dream was always to get into Yale and even though she wasn't that good with sports .She took part in all academic competitions and did her best in extra circular activities .She was great at dance , arts and ,music as well but no physical activities .She had a lot of friends who surrounded all day but there was not a single best friend .Ever since she joined High school she was trying to make the cheer leading team and this was her year .
Emma knew all about hell and it's night , she was fully prepared for whatever came because her parents had told her all about it when she was only eleven .School wasn't that important to her but her grades were still good enough for a good college . She didn't talk part in any extra circular activities until High school .Her parents told her she had to be strong and athletic at the same time to overcome all challenges whenever required .She hated trying something new but after getting used to the Basketball routine , she actually started liking it .She felt good to be a part of a team wand she felt amazing that she was one of the best players at her school . She even took gymnastics and boxing classes , it was a tight schedule but fun .It felt good to be strong and able to stand up for yourself and your friends . Emma didn't have many friends but her two best friends were always there for her . her parents had told her exactly when the Night would turn Ugly and she was ready .Emma had known that she would be accompanied by a lot of other kids but she had no idea who they were or if they were even from her school .
Russel always liked staying out at night for parties but this year he had no one to accompany him because all his friends were busy studying for the mid terms . Studies always bored him and he didn't pay much attention to it .He played sports and that would get him his scholarship for college .He took all the sports he could and he was also a computer geek .No one could operate the computers like he did and that helped keep his GPA okay .He loved watching fiction stories and movies about fiction . So , he stayed at home and watched his favorite series "The Vampire Diaries''. Mystical creatures always amused him and he wanted to be a part of something fictional that he would imagine all sorts of things .
Cassidy hated everything that he couldn't explain with science . He was good with experiments ever since eh was ten and though everybody hated him for his personality ,it didn't bother him much .Math however was a little difficult to him and he had tutors to help him with the subject .He took part in decathlons across various countries and won many prices, he was the nerd of the school . Everyone bullied him and He always slept early to wake up early but sometimes he would stay up to complete his weird experiments even though it was only till midnight , No way was he staying up after midnight .
Down in hell the contestants for the night had been selected and it was almost time to unite them into the night of hell .Every sixteen years they selected sixty children from different countries around the world and chose one winner who would ultimately be punished . So, this was a game where losing was winning even though it didn't seem like it and all of Hell rejoiced this day because only on this day were they free .
Mist flooded ten rooms that night and off went the bodies to their first challenge of the night , it was horrifying experience . Bianca was so surprised to be standing in a mansion of ghosts surrounded by ten other teens that she had never seen before. Emma was taken by surprise because there was not a single person in the room that was known to her . So she had to save as many of these souls as she could because every challenge meant one person dead or stolen by the dead . Russel wasn't afraid at all because he was fascinated by this fiction and wanted to have all the fun he could while it lasted .Cassidy was terrified and it was almost midnight , his eyes couldn't stay open for another minute after twelve .
It was five minutes to twelve , everybody looked around surprised and totally clueless but Emma was prepping herself for THE NIGHT . Bianca walked to Emma and after understanding the basics of hell , Bianca wanted to help her . Russel looked around the room and spotted Cassidy who was so terrified that he was sweating more than a person after vigorous exercise . He walked over to him and told him this was all a dream and it would be over soon , they talked for the next two minutes after which Cassidy collapsed on spot .Emma rushed over to check on him because she needed to save him or else he would be dead before the king enters , Bianca followed her .
Cassidy had to wake up in the next two minute or he would never wake up ever again , there was only one solution .Emma opened her backpack and took out a dropper , she then put one drop of WAKET in his mouth .After one minute , he woke up and he was startled to see three people looking at him . He sat up and looked around to recall where he was but he couldn't remember much after the mist . Emma explained everything to Russel and Cassidy who couldn't believe most of it .
Cassidy didn't believe it because he was a man of science whereas Russel couldn't believe that this world even existed . The team to save it all had come together with Emma guiding them and even if they weren't friends it felt good to work in a team . The kings walked into the room followed by horrific shouts from the kids which seemed quite amusing to them . They told everyone it was time to party and everyone eased down , drank and danced except the four of them because they knew exactly what was going to come next .
They had to prepare to take the horror that followed this fake party night , Emma was surprised at first because her parents had told her that these people were pretty straightforward and the fear in the minds of teens gave them power .So then would they give them a party to ease the blow to or was it to make them more scared when the time came .She suddenly felt like her parents didn't tell her enough or that things had changed down in hell ever since they left .They had been captured in hell for three years and when they got out , it became their duty to protect the teens on earth but ten years ago it was announced that THE NIGHT would take place in hell instead of Earth .Her parents then started preparing her to help as many people as she could down there and it was a difficult training . The training had been circumstantial and dependent on how the challenge used to be and how the people used to be but what if times had changed .
This was going to be very difficult but at least she had three teens helping her out .She told them that everything she knew about the challenge might not be completely true , so they should prepare for whatever comes next . They all were glad that at least they knew it wasn't all fun and they were more prepared than most teens in the room . Just as they were talking about what all could happen , a boy fell down a trap door screaming so loud that the music no longer filled the room .They were screams from different parts of the room all at once after that , twenty teens went falling down a hole and the room filled with terror yet again .
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