Can You Keep a Secret?

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The protagonist Alex Cheval goes on this adventure with his younger sister Chloe. on this adventure Alex is trying to keep his younger sister as innocent of possible of what he assumes about his parents. which he assumes they are serial killers. Can you keep a secret? and go on this murder mystery adventure?

Horror / Thriller
Daniel Larock
Age Rating:

Chapter 1: The birthday party of death

It is Monday, April 10th 1967 I have gone back a few years but before I explain how I ended up here by the lake with balloons. I will explain my life story, and why I am here telling you this. “It is Sunday night, my parents are probably out drinking again.” Hi, my name is Alexander Cheval and I am about to explain to you about the unknown. I know, I know, it’s crazy to you, but to me it's real. If you are the person who is not as interested in what I am about to explain, turn back now.

All right! You’re still here? So you are still interested and want to know what I am about to explain. But first, can you keep a secret? OK, you can’t tell anybody that my parents are serial killers. There that is the secret if the police come by, DO NOT I repeat DO NOT tell the police. You may think I am crazy, but I am telling you the truth.

It was Sunday night, it was Chloe Cheval’s 18th birthday and Alex was planning on pranking his sister. But at that moment he heard his father had called him to the garage, so he shrugged his shoulders and resumed trying to prank his sister.

“ALEXXXXX!!!!” his father had yelled, but no answer, so his father tried again “ALEXXXXX!!!!” At that point Alex had rushed down the stairs and as he reached the garage door his father had gotten the car started and Alex had jumped in, “Yes dad?” His father replied, “I want you to take care of your sister while I am gone.”

"OK, Jessie." Alex said rudely. “Now go get your mother, I need to talk to her.” Alex’s father had asked Alex with that crazy look in his eyes. His father is 46 years old with dark brown hair and green eyes.

He was a little over 6 foot 2 Along with his wife Angela but she was a little older probably around the age of 52, and a little over 5 feet. Alex had answered his father, “OK crazy fucker.” with complete utterance. "What did you just call me!!" At that point his father was enraged with blood in his eyes showing how much he really has drank the night before. Then Alex had run upstairs to go get his mother. Alex knocked on the door.

No answer so he knocked again, once he knocked her bedroom door had opened. "Angela, Angela." Alex yelled, but no reply. So he looked on the walls and noticed a full plan of something. Alex just does not know what that something is until he walks up towards the list. The list had some names on it.

The list read:

Sex Slaves for both Jessie and sex trafficking.

Alex had stopped reading the list and felt his stomach curl in a knot. So he read the rest of the note and it read:

Chloe, Mia, Emily, Brianna, and heaven

As Alex finished reading the list in disgust he pulled the list off the wall and started to look for his mother. Alex looked around the room and nothing she was not there. As Alex had shut Angela's bedroom door the car had spun its wheels and left. When Alex walked down the stairs towards the door to the basement he noticed there was a lock.

Alex walked to the kitchen and grabbed the keys and walked towards the basement door in the living room by the stairs. As he was walking to the stairs he had thought too himself, "OK so there is a basement that Chloe and I never knew about." Alex thought to his self again, "Time to open the door to see if there are any secrets!!" Alex noticed there were 5 keys on the key chain. He tried one of the 5 keys and the first key worked.

Alex knew Angela was not in the house. He ran to the garage door and as soon as he turned the door knob Angela and Jessie were gone.

“They’re probably out drinking again.” Alex had thought to himself, but before he could turn the door knob to walk back in the house he heard, “Hellllp!”

Alex looked out the window and shrugged his shoulders then he went back to the living room to go to the basement door. As he opened the door he saw a dark path with stones and torches on the wall. The torches were on the wall all along the left wall. He had thought to his self again, "This probably leads to the house next door which is probably abandoned but I am not quite sure, so I will just leave this until further notice." He then locked the door put the keys on the hook in the kitchen and finished up the prank.

Before he could finish the prank, he heard the strange voice again, “HellllP!” The voice sounded like it was coming from the basement. The voice sounded familiar but he could not describe the voice. “This has got to be a girl that I know." Alex couldn't figure out the voice so he shrugged his shoulders walked upstairs to get his camera. As he was getting his camera Chloe walked in the living room and saw both his camera and his prank and yelled, ALEX!!" Alex ran down the stairs and into his prank that he had set up for Chloe.

He ran a little too fast and into his prank. As he ran into his prank Chloe grabbed the camera. She said, This is the most funniest shit I have ever seen." Alex got up all soaked and got paper towels to clean up his mess. As he started cleaning he started talking to Chloe.

Before I resume I will explain this prank that has failed. What I have built was a medium sized tower, with a bucket of bleach, with rope connected to a bucket full of water, on top of the door. Anyway, back to the story. As Alex was talking to Chloe, Angela was two blocks away and the woman started to scream again. Now before I get this far in to my life. I want you to notice what's going on in the background. As Angela was squeezing this girls throat. James is raping another girl in the background.

This girl that is getting choked out in the chair is 5'4, has black hair and hazel eyes. She is wearing a Black mini skirt and a black crop top. Now back to your scheduled program. “Hel-” As she was trying to scream, Angela had her bloody hand wrapped around her throat, while in the other hand she is holding a knife pushing it against her throat. She then started to squeeze. As she squeezed she said with a stern look, “Scream one more time!!"

There was an echo to Angela's voice. Jessie had walked downstairs to see Angela and there victim. "Who's this?" Jessie asked with a smile on his face. Angela had smiled back, "your new sex slave as the other one had run off." As Jessie was reaching over the victim and was lifting her dress, Angela slapped him.

"Not yet we need more sex slaves to play with!!" Jessie went upstairs. Angela walked up the stairs and walked to the front door. "I need to get going to the store before the kids get home, don't leave the house without me home" Angela looked over to James in the back pulling out his penis shoving it inside of her while covering her mouth. Jessie had helped James rape her by holding her body still and tying her arms and legs with chains, along with tape covering her mouth.

Chloe had walked inside and shut the door. Chloe had asked Alex, “Can I ask you something? Even though I don’t trust our parents anymore.” Chloe asked Alex. “Sure you can ask me anything, and don’t trust them either. I have meant to tell you this for a long time, but I will let you go first.” Chloe had responded, “Did anything seem strange to you today with our parents?”

As Alex knew right away she might already know but he responded as he usually does, “No why.” As soon as he had finished he had remembered something, it went through his mind. What he had remembered was the crazy look in his Father’s eyes. After that exact memory passed his sister had kept repeating “Alex, Alex, Alexxxx″ after that he finally had responded “what’s wrong? and i have to tell you something.” Chloe responds “you not answering me, and What is it?” Chloe asked.

"Did you know about the basement having torches on the wall along with a dark path with stones on the ground?" Alex asked in confusion. "No why?"

"Well I was thinking that it goes to the house that might be abandoned but i'm not 100 percent sure yet ill have to walk it at some point."

"OK, but if you do I want to go with you incase anything happens."

"OK Chloe I will make sure i take you with me but it won't be today."


As Alex and Chloe had finished talking, Alex looks at the clock. The clock read 8:45 pm. Alex starts heading to bed upstairs and so does Chloe. Alex and Chloe both hug each other and say their good nights and I love you's, shut the door and turn the lights off and lay down.

"BEEP- BEEP- BEEP-" Alex wakes up and hits the snoozethere was a knock on the door. Alex and Chloe had paused for a minute, before Alex opened the door.

It was the police, in Alex’s mind he had thought to himself, “Why are they here?” “What could they possibly want from us?” There were two policemen at the door, “Good afternoon sir may we come in?” Alex looked at Chloe as she went upstairs. Alex answered with a confused nod, “yeah sure” Both officers greet themselves, “Hello I am Officer James Mercuda” “And I am Officer Henry Francesco” “Why are you officers here?” “Is there something wrong?” Alex had asked both officers with a nervous questionable look on his face.

Officer Mercuda answered Alex, “Yes your father has been arrested” “And our mother” Officer Francesco answered “She’s visiting your father.” “What did our father get arrested for?” Officer Mercuda answered back, “ Your father Jessie Cheval has been arrested for Grand Larceny and a few rape charges.”

“Do we know what store?” Before any officer answered Alex, they gave a pause and looked at each other. Then right before both Officers Mercuda and Francesco could answer Alex asked “Do you know why?”

Chloe comes down, “Why are these officers here” Alex responded “dad has been arrested again for the same shit he has done 5 years ago” “is that all officers?” Both Officers replied “Yes sir and you both have a great night” Alex responds, “You too” as the door shuts the police had taken off. Both Alex and Chloe go to bed but Alex tells Chloe “Hey Chloe?” Chloe responds back “yeah Alex” Alex replies “everything will be alright” “And happy birthday” Chloe responds, “thank you, i hope so”

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