Can You Keep a Secret?

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chapter 10: The gift

Alex had just fallen asleep and Vanessa had stayed put until dr. Clouse walked in. Alex had woken up and asked for the Dr., but the Dr. was busy. The nurse looked at both Alex and Vanessa and then she replied, “this gift is for you.” Alex asked, “who is it from?” The nurse had answered, “it’s from me.” Alex had asked, “what for?” The nurse had answered, “because” but before she could resume speaking Alex had blacked out again.

Vanessa had run to the nurses station replying, “help, help!!” Vanessa gave a pause and sobbed. “Alex had just blacked out.” A nurse responded, “calm down mam.” Vanessa calmed down, “Ok what do you have to do?” The nurse answers her, “we will open a salt packet to see if he wakes up if not we will go with plan b and do cpr.”

Vanessa replied asking, “what if cpr does not work?” The nurse answers, “we don’t know yet we have not thought that far of our options.” After the nurse and Janessa had stopped talking Alex had woken up in fear. “Wh- Where am I” Janessa answers back, “you are in the hospital.” Alex looks at Vanessa and responds, “why.” Vanessa starts to explain until Dr Clouse walked in.

"Alex I got bad news." Dr. Clouse said. "What is it Dr.?" Alex asked scared of the outcome which he had this gut feeling something was bad. "I'm afraid we are going to have to send you home from the hospital with crutches." Alex laughed, "HaHaHa your funny id rather stay here." Dr. Clouse was confused for a quick second then he said, "Your right leg is broken from that bar and your left leg is sprained so you have about a week or two on that left leg of yours then another 6 months to a year." Alex looked down at his leg then said "6 months to a year i can't be out of work for that long we need to do something about this i need my job."

"I know Alex that is the best thing we can do and i know you don't want pain medications from the last arm injury."

"Yeah ok i'll stay out of work for 6 months too a year, dr. Clouse my fmla only works for 2 months what should i do?"

"You are covered Alex your job just called me and told me you will get paid from home until you are able to work again."

"Alright dr. Clouse i'll try and stay off my right leg even though it will be hard."

Dr. Clouse walked out and the nurse walked back in. "Here's your gift." The nurse said with a smile. It was a medium sized yellow box that had a pink and blue ribbon. Alex unwrapped the ribbon and grabbed the lid to take it off. In the box it was his favorite animal, a stuffed lion.

"Thanks Jenny!!" ALex said with a surprise it was his birthday he had just turned 24, and he looked over too Vanessa and smiled. "Your welcome Alex you deserve it, Ill go get the discharge papers ready for you." Jenny said with a smile. Jenny walked out and Jessie walked in laughing then he asked, "Ha Ha Hows the legs moron?" Alex answered him pissed off, "just healing and you!!"

"Your mother died in jail she got stabbed in her main artery in the neck by me i told the officer to tell you she had brain cancer."


"HA can you believe it the whore is finally gone"

Jenny walked in then asked, "Here's your papers Alex do you need this man out of here?" Alex said, "No not right now Jenny but thanks." Jenny said, "Your welcome." Then she walked out to see another patient.

"Who's that pretty young lady next to you?" Jessie asked with pride thinking he can pull another victim into his trap. "Not interested in you that's for damn sure you perverted son of a bitch."

Jessie got upset then said, "Okay fine I will go grab someone else." Alex walked up to Jessie and asked, "How is life on the other side?"

"It's okay, have you seen your mother in the coffin she looks great in it!!"

"ALRIGHT THAT'S THE LAST STRAW!!!!" Alex said with the most pissed off face he's ever given to his father. Alex got up and whacked his crutches upside both his fathers head and hit his gut.

"UHH" Jessie said as he hit the floor then he just ran for his life to the abandoned house where he had been staying at. As soon as Jessie ran out the door Vaness helped Alex out the door to his car and drove him home.

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