Can You Keep a Secret?

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chapter 11: The Package

There was a knock on the door. "Who is it?" Alex asked with a smile. He opens the door and asks, "Randy Hummer is that you?" Before Alex could speak another word Randy ran then fell over from the ice on the ground and said, "God Damn it!!"Alex ran to Randy and asked, "Would you like me to call 911?" Randy had gotten up and said, "Nope I got it!" with pride as he used to have back problems until Randy walked to his Fed Up truck.

"I got a package for you and Chloe Cheval." Randy said with a smile. "Well what the hell is in the box Randy?" Alex asked with confusion knowing that he did not order anything. "Follow the note that's in the bottom of the box, if you don't there will be consequences." Randy said.

"Can you explain this to me please?" Alex begged and pleaded. But Randy said, "I'm sorry brother I can't I'm only doing what I have been told." Randy pulled out a Walkman that he had stored In his pocket for his breaks. Randy hugged Alex knowing something is about to happen but he doesn't know what. "Bye bro love ya see ya next month!!" Randy said with a tear in his eye.

"Why can't you see me next month?" Alex asked. "Well technically a month but it all depends on you of when you mailed them that's all i'm going to say, bye bro." Randy said with fear knowing that he has said too much. Alex walked over to the couch and picked up the small brown box and put it on the table.

As randy left Alex went to get off of the couch to his feet when the phone rang. He picked up the phone and said, "Hello!!" the person on the other end said, "Hi is this Alex Michelson Junior?"

"No who's this?" Alex asked. He got no answer he asked again, "Who is this?" The person hung up on the other end of the phone. "I knew it was a spam caller." Alex said with the confidence he knew he had left to get to the box but what he doesn't realize is that he is going to have to do things he might not want to do.

Alex walked to the kitchen and grabbed a knife, he cut open the box slowly and pulled open all 4 flaps on the top of the box. Then he saw the Walkman tapes were named after the people he knew. Alex picked up the 6 Walkman tapes and set them on the table and the note read:

Don't put the tapes in the trash and listen to the directions very carefully in these tapes. Get all 6 people together, but most importantly replay them if needed. I am always watching.

From anonymous.

PS. Your sister Chloe, I made James kill for a reason so technically 5 people you have to find, oh and your mother I killed as well but shes not really dead she's out of jail and is here with me. you try and find your mother you'll be dead ya hear, dead and gone so DON"T TRY AND FIND YOUR MOTHER IF YOU KNOW WHATS BEST FOR YA!!

As Alex finished reading the note Chloe came down the stairs. "Alex!!" Chloe said. She asked, "Alex can i go to a party?" Alex answers Chloe, "You know my answer." Chloe ran upstairs and cried. As Chloe ran upstairs and cried Alex looked at the tapes on the table. He picks up one of the tapes and It reads:

Chloe Cheval tape #1

Alex noticed these tapes were different colors. These tapes were colored:



dark Blue






As Alex picked up another Tape this one read:

Alex Cheval #3

Alex had thought to himself, "Who could this be I did nothing wrong, it's October 31st." As Alex was putting the Tapes in order he heard a scream from Chloe's room upstairs. Alex quickly organized these tapes with the note in the box and closed it. He ran to his Gun cabinet right behind the couch in the living room. Alex ran upstairs and cocked the shotgun as it was fully loaded.

As soon as Alex kicked open Chloe's bed room door he looked around slowly. "BEEP-BEEP-BEEP-BEEP!!" Zapper starts licking Alex's face. "Alright i'm up, I'm up." Alex said with a happy surprise. Zapper wags his big fluffy tail.

Before I go on, Zapper was my favorite kind of dog. He had Red and Brown eyes with big ass fur. Zapper had a life span of about 8 to 14 years because of his breed. Zapper was half lab half husky. He out spanned the life span of his breed by 6 years.

Zapper was a smart dog. The only thing that I found funny about him was that he would do a handstand while he took, I found this hilarious. God I miss him so much.

Now back to your scheduled program.

Alex grabs the blue leash and puts it on Zapper. Alex opened the door then shut and locked it behind him. As Alex was walking Zapper, a large UFO had landed in Alex's backyard as he walked out. Alex walked Zapper inside and rinsed out his water dish and refilled Zappers food and water dishes. Zapper barked "Ruff Ruff!!" Alex had told Zapper, "Stop barking you are fine."

Zapper barked again, "Ruff Ruff." As soon as Zapper had finished barking this big, green 6'4 bloody slimy disgusting Alien with long arms and had human like fingers. The Alien had walked up to the door. Alex opened the door with his crutches and asked, "Can I help you?" The alien looked down at Alex and asked, "Wheres Angela Forelong?"

Alex had answered him, "Angela Forelong I do not know, but Angela Cheval has recently died due to my father Jessie." Alex started to speak when all of a sudden the Alien had walked in and said, "Your Mother is an alien from my planet who is my wife. She decided to have you and Chloe on earth." Then he also said, "I'm afraid your mother is not dead she is back up on my spaceship."

Alex asked the alien, "Who are you?" The alien answered Alex and said, "I am Zebber Forelong from planet Zorgo." Alex had shut the door on Zebber had put his foot in the way and said, "Wait just a moment, I have your mother and friend in my space ship i can help with your package." Alex said with a stutter and said, "Wha- Wha- What package!!"

Zebber went on giving the same instructions Alex had been given in his dream. Zebber had told Alex more instructions. Zebber and said, "listen to these tapes backwards in this order." As Zebber handed Alex the list Zebber said, if you listen to these tapes forwards then everyone I have captured will die." Alex looked over to Zebber and asked, "And if I listen to these tapes backwards?"

Zebber had told Alex as he leaned over and said, "It will full fill my prophecy to heal your younger sister and have her breathing within a week." Before Alex could say a word Zebber said, "I reccomend listening to the tapes backwards." As Zebber teleported to his spaceship Alex had read the note.

The note read:

Play these tapes in this color order. Brown, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Orange, Dark Blue, Green then Red.

Good luck and I will be helping you on this mission on getting these people.

PS. here is a button to call me there so you can tell me the names along the way.

Alex finished reading the note and picked up the button and carried it upstairs. Alex stuck the button in his dresser drawer and went to bed.

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