Can You Keep a Secret?

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chapter 12: Brown Tape #8

It is now December 3rd of 1948. Two years had passed and Alex walked downstairs to the kitchen. He then walked to the counter and turned on the coffee pot. As Alex had gotten to his room to relax before he had officially woken up he heard, "BEEP-BEEP-BEEP!!" Alex started to walk downstairs he could smell the coffee freshly brewed.

As Alex had gotten to the bottom of the stairs he had thought to himself with a smile, "Coffee's done." As he stretched he heard, "BEEP-BEEP-BEEP!!" Alex walked to the coffee pot and shut it off. Zapper was upstairs sleeping until he heard Alex up and walking around downstairs. Zapper knew what day it was, Alex did too. When Alex poured a cup of coffee he yelled, "ZAPPER!!" Zapper ran downstairs and barked, "RUFF-RUFF." Alex pulled out Zappers blue leash and put it on Zappers black and red collar.
Alex put his winter coat on and unhooks Zapper. He then ran upstairs while Zapper followed. "I almost forgot the button where did I stick it?" Alex had asked himself. "a-ha." Alex thought to himself again. As Alex found the button in his dresser drawer.
Alex stuck the button in his pocket since he remembered he had to do some work on the tapes. Alex looked out the window and saw the snow on the ground. Alex started to put the booties on Zappers paws. Zapper did mind them on his paws even though he did not like them. He knew he had to have them on in order to go outside. Zapper wagged his tail and walked to the door when Alex said,"Wait boy I got to go get my coat on." Alex then grabbed his winter coat and took zapper around the block to go to the bathroom and a walk.
Alex and Zapper went back inside. Alex looked at the clock then back at Zapper. As Zapper looked up at Alex he wagged his tail again. Alex walked over to the kitchen counter to give Zapper a treat when he felt the whole house shake as if an airplane had taken off. Alex opened the door and watched a helicopter fly close to his house.
He then saw someone on his roof and yelled, "GET OFF MY HOUSE ROOF!!" As he got down it was Jessie he has escaped prison.
"OH NO YOU DON'T!!" Alex said with a stern look. The helicopter had landed and Jessie had been put in the cuffs and taken away. Alex walks back inside and shuts the door. Alex looked at the clock on the wall. The clock read: 9:05 am.
Alex laid on his stomach on the floor looking for the brown box of tapes. Alex got up off his stomach and pulled his phone off the charger. "Ding-Ding-Ding!!" His phone went off with notifications. As Alex's phone was going off, he turned on the flashlight from his phone and lied on his stomach again.
He moved his phone to the left. Alex had thought to himself, "Dammit maybe it's to the right?" As Alex was moving his body to look he had thought to himself again, 'Doing this for both Zapper and Chloe but maybe our mother even though she might be a serial killer." Alex looked and looked and no luck. Until Zapper nudged the box from the other side of Alex's room since he was looking from the front of the bed.
He pet Zapper and said, "Good boy who wants a treat!!" As Alex gave Zapper a treat from his bedroom, he then carried the box downstairs Zapper barked. "Ruff-Ruff!!" As Zapper barked and wagged his tail he followed Alex in the kitchen for a treat and went on the couch to lay down.
Alex opened the box and pressed the button for Zebber to come and help. Alex pressed the button and Zebber appeared. "AHH you are going to listen to the tapes goody goody!!" Zebber said with a smile and clapped his hands with enjoyment. Alex asked Zebber, "Before I start these tapes how do i know you will bring Chloe back?" Zebber answered him and said, "look at this." He pulled out a mirror showing Chloe in an incubator at his home in Zorgo. Alex looked at both the mirror and Zebber with exception and said, "Alright let's begin this journey and won't stop til the end.
Alex pulled out the Walkman that was given to him from Randy. He pulled out the Brown Tape that read:
Brianna Zancudo
Alex looked at Zebber and said, "I need Brianna Zancudo stat. I do not know who or what she looks like but i need her more than ever." Zebber looked at Alex and ran to his ship to look at his gps. Zebber looked and looked until his gps went off "Bing-Bing-Bing-Bing!!" Zebber pressed a blue button to the left and all he heard was the usual, "Beep-Beep-Boop"
Brianna has been spotted running on west 4th and Citrus. Brianna then looked in the sky and noticed a spaceship shooting a net at her. Zebber knew she would run so he pulled her with the gravitational ray from his ship. Brianna screamed as she was pulled, "AAAHHHHH!!" As Zebber was making sure she was secure he teleported her from his ship to Alex.
"You Brianna?" Alex asked with both confusion and concern. Yeah i'm fine." As Brianna went for the door Alex said, "Wait I need you for these tapes that have been delivered."
"What do you mean you need me?"
"Well we need you your name is on the tape there are 8 others."
"Can't you just throw them away?"
I'm afraid not, because if i do something bad will happen and we as in me and Zebber along with you Doesn't know what will happen."
"Why not risk it rumor has it you're a risk taker!!"
"The rumor may be true but we aren't risking this one because we are afraid something will happen we don't know what, so I ask you are you in or are you out?"
"I'm in this tape and you are as well?"
Alex answered her, "My names Alex Cheval my sister has been shot and Zebber Forelong here is doing this with me also." Zebber then looked at him and nodded. Before Brianna could speak Alex added, "Zebber goes and gets these people on the tapes and I play them to try and reveal who is doing this.
Brianna then sat on the couch with Alex and Zebber. Alex put in the tape and started to listen and take notes. The tape played.
Welcome to my little game of fun. Before i get back to explaining this tape ha sounded like a male voice almost impersonating a female voice. Or was it the other way around? And now back to the scheduled program:
Now you read the name and here is the reasoning. If I may be correct, a certain someone or Victim is the voice of these tapes wearing a blue shirt in the future.
Alex stopped the tape. As Alex had stopped the tape, Zebber Brianna and Alex all looked at each other. Alex started to think, "Maybe it's Brianna or maybe it is Zebber."
Alex then resumed the tape and they all started to listen. The tape played again.
And right now I want you this victim to take a trip down memory lane with me. Shall we? The voice laughed with a smile.
Now I want you to picture you tied up and I the mysterious person was about to hurt you when you had this person hurt me with a pistol. this woman had shot my knee caps even though i was going to make you please me on sexual needs and i then would release you.
Brianna was my first sex slave and my favorite out of all. I would touch her and feel her up but then she called the police and I was put in cuffs because of you.
Now here is the little game I want you to play, A tractor trailer will be driving by in 10 minutes i want you to run in front of the car and get hit. I don't care how you do it I need you to feel my pain from this and if you succeed I will get closer to who I am. and why I'm doing this once this tape ends both my revenge and your death sentence starts.
As the tape finished Alex Brianna and Zebber noticed it was a male voice but can't match up who. Zebber then grabbed the tape and put it in a voice recognition scanner. The scanner read:
No recognition.
He then cleaned the tape and put it back in to scan. The scanner read again:
No Recognition
As Zebber walked back to the house He noticed Brianna taking one for the team. Brianna said as her final words as the tractor trailer was coming, "Good lu-" She had been hit and killed. Alex had witnessed this from his porch he fell to his knees and cried as if he knew her.
Zapper walked to Alex and nudged his arm and snuggled him showing Alex it will be ok. Alex looked at Zapper and smiled a bit and said with a sniff, "I'll be ok boy don't worry." As Zapper barked and wagged his tail Zebber looked at alex and said, "I tried to put this tape in the voice recognition scanner i have on my ship."
"Any luck?'
"Nope no luck but maybe at least most of these tapes the voice will be recognized."
"Hopefully Zebber I just hope so i want to find this disgusting person who did this."
"Yeah well you get some rest ok."
"I mean I can't say that I will i'll try."
Zebber started to walk to his ship and said, "goodnight and see you when you press the button again." Alex waved and said, "goodnight Zebber." Alex walked inside, closed the door and locked it. Alex started to put the tape back in the box and shut it when he looked at the clock and said with a yawn, "Damn it's midnight already I got work in the morning.
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