Can You Keep a Secret?

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Chapter 13: Yellow Tape #7

"Beep-Beep-Beep-Beep" Alex goes to the side of his bed and shuts his alarm clock off. He rolls out of bed and sees Chloe heading downstairs. "CHLOE!!" Alex had yelled but no answer. Alex starts running after Chloe. As Alex ran after Chloe he saw James pull out his glock and start to aim. He pulls the trigger and Alex dives for the bullet but before he could even reach the bullet to save Chloe, heAlex said with agonizing pain.

James looked over and winked at Alex. James started to walk away when he tried to yell "GOD DAMMIT JAMES I"M GOING TO KILL YOU!!" James kept walking even though he couldn't hear Alex.

Alex ran at James and bounced right back but this time in the wall. "AAHH, FUCK!!" Alex said in more agonizing pain. James walked up to Alex and cocked his pistol back and shot him twice once to the chest Alex flew back and hit his head . As Alex was going unconscious he got shot in the head.

"BEEP-BEEP-BEEP!!" Alex woke up shut off the alarm then rolled out of bed. Zapper ran up to the bed and jumped on Alex's stomach, "UGH" Alex said in pain. As Alex was getting out of bed well trying to he had thought to himself, "That was the most craziest dream out of all of them other ones that I've had."

Alex walked the brown box downstairs and took Zapper outside for a walk around the block which was now Zappers and his daily routine. Alex pressed the button to call Zebber to come back to help him with next tape.

As Alex walked inside and sat down on the couch there was a knock on the door. "Who is it?" Alex asked hoping it was Zebber. "It Is I Zebber Forelong from planet Zorgo I have been called to help a Alex Cheval." Zebber said with confidence. Alex walked over and opened the door and waved Zebber inside.

Zebber walked in and asked, "Who is the next person Alex?"

"I don't know until i open up the box."

"Well open it."

Alex opened the box and pulled out a yellow tape it read:

Randy Hummer #7

Alex pulled out his walkman and told Zebber, "I now need Randy Hummer go get him please."

"Yes sir!" Without hesitation, Zebber ran to his ship and Angela was by the door ready to escape but little did she know Zebber has telekinetic powers that can put her back in the incubation pod she once was in before.

Zebber opened the door and snapped his fingers. Angela was floating back to her seat. Zebber then said, "Not dealing with you right now. Zebber pressed the button to turn on and start the gps. Zebber started typing in the name Randy Hummer and he popped up.

Randy looked up at the sky and saw a UFO floating above. Zebber put in his coordinates to Randy's next location he was going to try and run to. Randy was going to run to East 3rd and Johnston ave. Zebber used his beam like he did Brianna and had him float to the inside of his ship. Randy ran to the far end of the ship and tried to find an escape route off the ship.

Zebber then teleported Randy to Alex's house. Alex said, "Randy your name is on this tape and you need to listen to it with us. Randy sat down on the couch next to both Alex and Zebber. Alex pulled out the Walkman and put the tape in. The tape began to play:

Let's play a game shall we. Alex stopped the tape and said to the group,"It sounds close to Jessie's voice but I can't tell." Zebber told Alex, "It might be him but I don't know." Alex resumed the tape the voice began to chant, "Randy Randy Mega Grandy!!" The voice Chanted again, "Randy Randy Mega Grandy!!" You still stealing from banks?

little do you know you are wanted by the police and the police are going to be here to arrest your ass bud. I recommend you start running for your life because they are going to shoot you down or choose to get hit by a train that is 5 miles out west choose wisely Randy. you have 30 minutes to choose your time starts after this tape ends.

The tape ended and the group had to decide either have randy try and escape the police or have Randy get hit by a train. Randy said, "Without a doubt i'm choosing the train!!"

"ok let's all get in my car it was nice meeting you."

"It was nice meeting you two both Alex and Zebber."

Alex Zebber and Randy all got in the car and buckled up Alex pulled out his phone and had noticed someone already put a timer for all the tapes on his phone. Alex ignored it, then started to drive.

As Alex was driving 5 miles out west and they have reached the train tracks in Westhills California. As Randy got out, he looked at the tape on the train tracks all set in a Walkman and ready to play. Randy played the tape. The tape played:

Hello Randy i knew you did not want the police on your trail. if you survive this then i will clear the slate of yours by the police. and since Brianna Zancudo has been hit i will reveal more of myself.

The voice changed from a male voice to a females close to Chloe's voice to throw them off their tracks. I am 6'5 and skinny. That is all of the information you may get i will give out more information if Randy gets hit by the train. You have exactly 5 minutes until the train gets to your part of the tracks the time starts after this tape ends. Good luck your gonna need it.

As Zebber, Alex and Randy quickly discussed and tried to figure out how to keep Randy alive Zebber said, "Maybe you can just touch your finger on the train and it will be over."

"No Zebber Randy has to have his body actually hit there is now way he can survive this."

"I am just going to get hit by the train and hope and pray that I survive."

"TOOT-TOOT!!" They all heard the train start to go faster, "CHUGGA-CHUGGA-CHUGGA, CHOO CHOOO!!" Randy quickly hugged Alex and Zebber and started to run towards the tracks with no plan to survive. As he ran he said, "Time to catch the train see ya on the other side."

Alex covered his face with his hands and said, "I can't bare to watch this." Randy reached the tracks and the train had hit Randy so hard he went flying. Alex had uncovered his face and looked for Randy until he heard a scream come from the sky. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!" Alex and Zebber looked over and saw a rock where Randy was going to land when all they heard was, "SPLAT" Randy's guts were all over the ground along with his brain teared to pieces.

alex had dropped to his knees once again but Zapper was not there this time he was gone back home. Alex and Zebber got in the car and buckled up Alex started to drive 5 miles back home to Sonoma. Zebber told Alex, "Zapper is an immortal dog."

"Wait Zapper can't die?"n

"No Alex he can't die, How do you think he outlived his own breeds lifespan?"

"I don't know."

"Zapper has been immortal for years I made him immortal."

"Cool now I own a dog that can't die!"

"Wait Alex i was wrong he can die from a wooden bullet."

"Just like a vampire, Your kidding right?"

"I wish I was but do not tell anyone about him because if someone get's ahold of this information they can kill Zapper"

Alex got home and turned in his driveway and said, "we're home good night Zebber and I definitely will not tell anyone, I will see you tomorrow for the next tape to try and solve this."

Zebber said, "OK goodnight Alex i will see you tomorrow morning after you press the button when you are ready."

Zebber walked to his ship to teleport home. Alex had gotten to bed at the same time as Zebber back at his home planet Zorgo. Alex pet Zapper and went downstairs to refill Zappers food and water dishes. Alex then walked back upstairs.

Alex started to close his eyes when he got a phone call from his boss:

"Alex where were you today?"

"I was at home dog sitting because nobody I know can walk my dog."

"You shouldn't of tried to bend the rules, you know them very well"

"I know sir can I get another chance?"

"I'm afraid i'm going to have to let you go."

"Alright can I get my stuff delivered at least?"

"Yes you may Alex"

The phone call had ended and Alex had tried to dose off but there was something else bothering him. This voice that has been on the tapes has been on his mind. Alex had thought to himself, "It can't be brianna and it can't be Randy I just hope Zebber get's the voice recognizer fixed soon." Alex then dozed off and fell asleep.

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