Can You Keep a Secret?

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Chapter 14: Purple Tape #6

It has been a couple months and it is now January of 1957. “Two people have died Zebber.”

“Yes two people have have died but-” Zebber had been cut off by Alex. “But what?”

“Well the voice recognition scanner is fixed and I know why the scanner could not have read the tape."

"Why couldn't it read the tape?"

"The IP address was not recognized."

"What do you mean?"

"Well the IP address is on a planet I have not both yet discovered and moved to."

Alex then pulled out the brown box once again and pulled out the next tape and it read:

Chloe Cheval

This time both Alex and Zebber paused, then just stared at each other. This time the tape was purple. Alex pulled out his Walkman once again and put the tape in then it played:

Alright look I had to put a name on the tape so it doesn't have an odd number. Hahaha, just kidding. Alright no punishments this time i'm just going to talk. I am the distant future of somebody in the room. I know, I know your are probably wondering who.

I can't tell you my name just yet. All I am going to say is that do not scan these with your voice recognition scanner Zebber. I know who you are and I am your worst enemy. All though of course if my calculations may be correct Zebber has Chloe on his ship ready to go to his planet Zorgo to keep her as a maid. I am your worst enemy.

Alex paused the tape and there was a knock on the door. Alex and Zebber looked at each other. Alex said come in" Jessie ran inside shut the door and hid.

"I know Alex you don't like me."

"No I don't Jessie."

"Why do you call me by my real name same to your mother?"

"I call you guys by your real name because you are a rapist and mom's helping with that."

Alex pulls out the list. "See Jessie." Jessie took the list in confusion. "Did you get any meat out for supper tonight?"

"No and on top of that, where does the path in the basement lead too?"

"What path?" Jessie said very nervously.

"The path that is in the basement, the only path Jessie"

"Oh ok, that leads to the abandoned house next door." As Jessie pulled out his 9 mm pistol he stole off of James. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Look before I begin This is where Jessie my father which you all know his secret, he's a serial killer. This is going to get a little messy. Let's just say that Jessie took the wrong turn.

Now time to get back to the story. as the officers should be arriving just about now. Both officers James Mercuda and Henry Francesco had just arrived at the scene. Officer Mercuda walked up to one officer and asked, "What do we got for details?" The officer had answered him, "Well Jessie had escaped prison for the 20th time now and uh-" Officer Mercuda looked at this officer with rage.

"You can't keep him in prison."

"We apologize sir."

"Well let's get him back to prison alive."

As both officers had just finished conversation Jessie opened the door and pulled the trigger 5 times. One bullet went to officer Mercudas head. The second bullet went too Bill. The officer that James Mercuda was talking to. The 3rd bullet went to Officer Henry Francesco in the head as he was getting out of his car.

The 4th and 5th bullet went to two officers in the head driving a helicopter in the sky. As each officer died the helicopter had then fallen and exploded. As the helicopter exploded a few officers had died from the explosion. Before Jessie could even shut the door, an officer had shot Jessie in the head. After the shootout with Jessie and the Police men, there was blood everywhere.

Alex walked out the door and saw a cracked windshield with blood on the inside of the vehicle. he then saw the officers bodies which are now dead and a fire right outside with the helicopter which exploded earlier.

As the police officers were pulling out one officer called the morgue to make sure he did not have anything else wrong with him. The officer told the morgue what had happened and both the morgue and the officer had spoke about what just happened. After the conversation, the morgue sent out two people to get Jessie. As the morgue arrived they called his time of death and placed him on a stretcher in the back of there vehicle and drove off. Alex then walked to the kitchen and grabbed his portable carpet cleaner.

Alex cleaned his carpet then waited until the officer left and the morgue driver had left before calling Zebber. As the morgue driver had left and the police officer had drove off. Alex then pulled out the box and pressed the button.

Zebber teleported in to Alex's house. and pulled the box out from underneath the table and Zapper had wagged his tail and shot out a lightning bolt. Zebber then said, "There is something about Zapper that is quite unexplained." Alex then looked at Zebber with confusion.

"What are you talking about Zebber?"

"Well Zapper has shot a lightning bolt at the sky so I reccomend not taking him to get his shots."

"Why Zebber what's wrong with him does he need surgery or something I have the money to afford it."

"Yeah he needs surgery on his leg as of right now your mother Angela has been afraid of the dog because he is capable of killing any human being at this point."

"He's a dog Zebber although i'm taking him for surgery to get his leg fixed and then he's getting hi shots and that's final."

"OK, you have been warned."

As both Zebber and Alex had finished up the discussion about Zapper, Alex pulled out the next tape. This time it was Purple with the number 6 on the back. Alex read the tape aloud it had a name on it. It read:

Chloe Cheval

Before Alex played the tape he looked at Zebber and asked, "Chloe is dead right?"

"Wrong Chloe is in sedation on oxygen kept alive so just play the damn tape alright."

"OK Zebber, don't be so rude next time."

"Well I want these tapes done so i can save your sister hopefully."


Alex then put the tape in the Walkman and the tape played:

I know Chloe is dead both your faces are priceless and just about now you will catch your mother Angela getting the heads out of the freezer, animal heads to be exact. Well Vanessa should be coming over to help with these tapes. She knows because I have scheduled this to happen. You will see her right after this tape plays, or during. Zebber is going to die when she comes in.

Too be honest i'm also an Alien Zebber turned me into one. I am also your worst nightmare Zebber. You will see me later, I will be coming either before or after Vanessa arrives or during.

MWAHAHAHA!! Alright enough of the laughter even though that was too good. Now this tape will end and you will be either seeing me before or after Vanessa arrives. You have been warned so don't be surprised.

The tape ended, and Vanessa walked inside. Alex looked at Vanessa as her head was spinning 360 degrees, and her arms weren't human they were long slimy tentacles with 8 suction cups on each tentacle. Vanessa then said "It is I Your worst nightmare. Zebber looked at her with confusion.

Zebber then asked her, "Are you the voice behind the tapes?"

"What tapes?"

"Never mind I will teleport you back to planet Zorgo and you will see your husband."

"WAIT, WAIT, WAIT!!!" Vanessa said as Zebber had almost teleported her to his planet. "I'm human." Vanessa said with a smile. Thirty minutes had gone by and nobody had walked inside the house. Was this a prank tape? Was it not a tape too worry about?

Alex then shrugged his shoulder waved Zebber goodbye and walked back in his bedroom. He then looked at the clock and it read:

7:30 pm

"What a short tape." Alex had thought to himself as he walked in the kitchen to make dinner for himself and Vanessa before she went home. Alex opened the fridge and looked on the top shelf and found steak so he pulled out the steak and walked over to the cupboard and pulled out two plates and set the plates on the small round kitchen table.

The kitchen table was dark brown, was built in a circular shape, had four legs, and was enough for four people. He then walked over to the right and opened a drawer he pulled out two knives, and two forks. Alex then got everything he needed for the dinner he was making. As Vanessa was waiting Alex had finished making dinner and served Vanessa then himself.

Vanessa took a bite of the steak and said, "Wow I never knew how much you can cook."

"I definitely did not know i can cook."

"Well you can!!"

"Thanks for the compliment Vanessa."

"Your welcome Alex, I have to leave for work."

"Need a ride?"

"No quick question though."

"What's that."

"How's the leg?"

"It's healed but you should get to work haha."

"OK, Bye!!"


Alex and Vanessa both waved at each other as Vanessa walked out the door and left. Zapper barked at Alex letting him know that it's time for bed. Alex looked at the clock by the television near the fire place and the clock read:

10:16 pm

Alex grabbed the box and the button and took them both upstairs and placed them in his bedroom by his bed. Zapper jumped on the bed and lied down and fell asleep. Alex then lied down tried to fall asleep but couldn't. Alex finally thought to himself before falling asleep and said, "We seem to be getting closer and closer but no answer." He Then fell asleep and slept all through the night.

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