Can You Keep a Secret?

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Chapter 15: Pink Tape #5

Before I begin speaking about my life this far, I have some information which may or may not throw you off. All I am going to say is that the voice is someone you would never expect. Angela had a fake badge in the beginning in which I will explain shortly.

I’m so excited because you finally get to hear about the incident of Zapper and his shots. I found out that Zapper is an immortal dog or has that been told. Now time for both the explanations of both Zapper and Angela. then I will explain what happened with the next tape.

Alex looked at the wall and found a list. But before he grabbed the list off the wall, he read a note at the bottom it read:

Brianna Zancudo: dead

Randy Hummer: dead

Jessie Cheval: dead

Chloe Cheval: dead

officers: Henry Francesco, James Mercuda and Bill Fandango Dead at the scene

As Alex had finished there was a knock on the door He had folded up the list and put it in his left pants pocket and went to open the door. Zebber had knocked and Alex opened the door and said, “What’s up Zebber there is no time for any tapes right now I am taking Zapper to get his shots.”

“Do not take Zapper save the building and people to make it easier on yourself.”

“I’m taking Zapper and that’s final.”

“OK but don’t ask me for any help.”

“Zapper will be fine.”

“Woof Woof!!” Zapper barked with excitement and wagged his tail. Alex put zappers leash on him and opened the door to walk outside. As Alex and Zapper walked out the door Zebber said, “Good luck Alex you’re gonna need it, if the FBI is on their way run back home and I will take care of the situation.”

Alex said very confused, “OK.” He then shut the door behind him and walked to the car and opened the door for Zapper to get inside the car. “Come on boy.” Alex said with a smile. “Woof Woof!!” Zapper had barked again. Alex pulled his car keys out of his pocket and drove to the veterinarian that Zapper is seeing for the first time in a year.

he then drove 20 miles out and saw a sign on the window and the sign read:

Opening in 2 hours.

He looked at the clock and it read:

9:00 am

Alex looked at his phone and started to call places to try and get Zapper in As soon as possible. While Alex called places a couple hours went by and the building had opened. “Ready boy?” Alex said with a smile. “Woof Woof!!” Zapper barked with excitement.

he then opened the car door and lead Zapper outside of the car first then he walked out. As both Alex and Zapper started walking, Alex shut the car door behind him and Zapper wagged his tail. Alex and Zapper walked to the building and the building was called:








After Alex read the name of the building he and Zapper approached the door. Alex and Zapper looked down at the most cleanliest white tiled floor along with different rooms.Alex then walked up to the front desk signing Zapper into his appointment. Alex walked to the right of the desk and saw a number card machine. He pulled a number 12 and saw people going in and out of rooms. a dr. walked out and said, “Zapper.” Alex waved his hand then said, “right here.”

“Alright follow me.”

“Alright and you are?”

“I am Dr. Tobias Greenfield.”

“I am Alex Cheval the owner of zapper he’s getting his shots today.”

“Alright I certainly can do that but first let me ask you a few questions ok?”


“Has Zapper gotten any shots last year? If so how did he do on the anesthesia.”

“Zapper did well there was just one complication he had gotten hit by a car so he needed stitches.”

“OK how old is Zapper in dog years?”

“Zapper is 21 in dog years.”


“Whats that Dr. Greenfield?”

“It’s just that I am amazed that he has out lived his breed by a long shot.”

“Oh okay phew I thought you were going to say something is wrong with him.”

“No, No Zapper is a mighty fine breed Alex.”

“When can you do the surgery Dr.?”

“Right now actually let me get ready in the room nearby and i will come and get Zapper in a jiffy he is in great hands.”

"“I mean I hope so.”

Dr. Greenfield walked out of the room and Alex was calming Zapper down. Zapper started to shake and alex was trying to calm him down until Dr. Greenfield walked in the room and said, He looks nervous, you can walk Zapper in so that he has reassurance that you won’t be leaving his side.”

Alex then walked Zapper inside the surgeons room and pet Zapper. As Alex calmed Zapper down he then walked out to the waiting room and sat down. Dr. Greenfield picked up zapper and set him on the medical table and put a mask on Zapper, then started the anesthesia. As the anesthesia has kicked in zapper closed his eyes and he got cut open.

Twenty minutes went by and Zapper was getting looked at when they noticed something strange in his stomach. There was a nuclear reactor and some alienated device. Dr. Greenfield noticed these inside Zapper grabbed his tweezers and tried to take them out. As dr. Greenfield was trying to do so Zapper had woken up Jumped of the table and bit Dr. Greenfields arm off in the quickness of a flash before his eyes.

As the Alarm went off there was an announcement that had been heard throughout the building. The announcement said:

Shockers alert keep your animals safe rabid dog on the loose. I repeat keep your animals safe rabid dog on the loose.

Zapper then walked on his hind legs and opened the door with his paw. There were staff outside of the door getting ready to put zapper down. When a couple staff walked up to Zapper trying to calm him down showing a friendly approach he then tilted his head. As Zapper tilted his head the woman at the front desk had called the FBI. Alex noticed this, He then ran down the hall way pushing over 30 staff members.

Zapper then bit all of their arms off in the blink of an eye. Alex then picked up Zapper ran to the car and sped off. A federal FBI van noticed this and looked at Alex very suspiciously. Alex then sped home locked his doors and shut the blinds.

The FBI arrived at the scene and noticed many staff members with no arms so the FBI officers called enough ambulances and sent them to the hospital then asked the questions they needed for this case. The 3 officers on the case asked many staff members what had happened and they all said the same story.

"There was a husky that was getting his shots then bit their arms off in the blink of an eye."

Alex then looked at Zebber and said, "Damn I was not expecting that."

"Well I did not want you too find out now did I."

"No I'll get the box of tapes and play the next tape."

"OK I will take care of this situation."

"OK my apologies."

Alex then pulled out the brown box once more along with the next tape. and this time it was the color pink it read:

Pink tape #5, Heaven Smith, 2nd rape victim

Alex pulled out his Walkman once again and put the tape in. The tape was about to play but it did not play the right way. it played backwards but while it played backwards it gave a message.

This message is for Alex Cheval, you know who I am and do not try and find me.

The tape stopped rewound itself and played regular but like it was like the others. Who made these tapes? Could it be Zebber in the prospect of possibilities? Or could it be Vanessa, or Angela or even maybe Chloe? The tape played:

I know Who probably has these tapes and I am going to lean on a little secret I am not from earth I see the future and I might or might not be on the same planet. So do not look for me if you do get these tapes done.

I don't want to be found. The ground here is very green with the soil levels being very stable for farming. Alex if your hearing this, it may be a long lost family member trying to get a hold of you. Nah just kidding we aren't related. I bet you started to tear up hahaha. Well I know all of you well enough you better be saving Chloe from the coma because in exactly 3 months, 4 days, 2,300 minutes and 5,924,122 seconds Chloe will be running out of oxygen.

That is all in this tape. stop the tape I have nothing to say besides talking about my next victim or should i call all of you my participants in these tapes. Ah that sounds about right don't it. Participants my treat is you all dead for what you did to me. in about 10 minutes after this tape ends there will be a knock on the door. It is after all Heavens turn to play the little game I have set up.

Congrats Alex you found the list earlier on from these tapes. Or should I say lists. Mwahahaha there is no point in hiding it but time to move on Alex and let me talk about why your definitely part of this.

Alex Cheval and Heaven Smith, High school sweethearts but yet distant secret lovers. Alex you forced her to cut an animals head off for you to help with your mothers addiction back in the 8th grade. You also forced her to keep your secret so that you and your mother would not go to jail.

Heaven is not only my second rape victim. I mean sure you may have changed your ways a bit but I know you still think about it but I want you to have Heaven do one thing and one thing only. You see that shot gun right behind you. Load the shotgun and hand it to her and tell her to kill herself.

Hell you can even put her mouth on the barrel. I mean it would be a great way to die to be honest with you. I know you like choices so choose that or water board her to death or until she confesses that you made her cut the animals heads off.

Alright last call choose wisely you have exactly 10 minutes until she both gets here and for you too choose of course. Remember Shotgun or water boarding method the choice is yours.

The tape had stopped and in exactly 10 minutes he quickly chose in his head the water boarding method only until she confesses. Before Alex could get the method ready for heaven there was a knock on the door. It was Heaven Smith she walked right inside no questions asked and confessed.

"Alex I confess please don't water board me."

"How did-"

She winked then whispered, "I know who it is but you have to do something for me." Zebber then interrupted. "NO SPILL!!"

"Alex you have to not water board me she's trying to get in your head."

"Who is it?"

"Oops i said too much." Heaven had run out the door before Alex and Zebber could get their answer for who it is. "So it's a she." Zebber thought to himself. Alex had thought to himself, "Could this be a different person that we have not seen yet?" Zebber then looked at the time and said, "goodnight Alex I am going home for the night."

"Goodnight Zebber."

Zebber then opened the door while Alex looked over and noticed while Heaven ran she did not notice the bus. The bus hit Heaven and she went flying. Zebber then shut the door and teleported to his ship once again. When Zebber left Alex was heading upstairs with Zapper and lied in bed after a long day.

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