Can You Keep a Secret?

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Chapter 2: Help!!

After both officers had left Alex went to the kitchen to heat up some lasagna which had been left overs for lunch, then went upstairs to check on Chloe. As Alex walked in he had noticed a full garbage bag and the room smelt like dirty old gym socks that have not been washed in months. Alex had plugged his nose and asked "Chloe how long has this been in here?"

"I'll take it out after this ok."

"Alright i'm going downstairs to finish eating hoping to see you down there."

A few hours went by and Alex has noticed Chloe has not been downstairs. Alex finished eating, cleaned his fork and plate then barged inside Chloe's room. As Alex had barged in Chloe looked at Alex and asked, "What do you want doofus?" Alex looked at Chloe with a straight face almost in anger and said, "Next is the video games and wipe the Cheetos off your face please."

Chloe acted as if she could not hear him. Alex and sat on the bed and watched Chloe play the Wii with Cheetos all over her fingers. “What are you playing good?” Chloe answered Alex, "Alright jeez i'll take my trash out and it's Donkey Kong." As Chloe was taking care of the garbage bag in her room Alex said, "and get the febreeze out from underneath the sink ill do the spraying your room smells really bad."

As Chloe was throwing her trash bag away she went and got her brown boots with fur at the top and put them on. Chloe was getting her winter coat on and said, "I'll be back" alex said okay I will spray your room."

As Chloe walked to the door and opened it she said, "OK." then opened the door. Chloe walked through the door and shut it behind her. She grabbed the trash bag and carried the bag all the way to the dumpster on the right side of the house.

While Chloe was taking care of the trash Alex had walked to the bathroom on the left and walked in. As Alex walked inside he looked towards the blue walls to the right and saw the basket where the febreeze was. "Oh yeah i moved it." Alex thought to himself with a laugh.

Alex walked out of the bathroom and went to the kitchen. As Alex walked in the kitchen he saw right in front of him dirty dishes. Alex looked underneath the silver kitchen sink and noticed two febreeze bottles. He started to shake the bottles when Chloe walked inside Alex got up and finished shaking the bottle and asked, "When will you do your turn on doing the dishes I did them a week ago?" Chloe walked to the gray sink and said, "That is the spray bottle for Zapper." She then bent over and grabbed the other bottle and said, "This is the febreeze bottle your looking for."

30 minutes went by and Chloe had just finished doing her turn of the dishes and Alex asked Chloe,"Well I have a question.” Chloe answered Alex with a smile, “What is your question?”

“What were you going to ask me about mom and dad while I blacked out?”

“Ok you’re probably going to think I am going crazy.” Alex answered her back, “I have never thought you were crazy, you can trust me.” Chloe asked him, “Well ok here it is, Is it just me or are our parents crazy?” “Like insane crazy?”

Alex answered her again, “This is what I have wanted to tell you for a while but I could not explain it right.” Alex had a serious look on his face. He grabbed Chloe’s hands and held them. “Our parents are Serial killers.” Chloe’s jaw dropped in shock. “Oh My God. We have to call the police.”

Chloe laughed, "If our parents were serial killers Alex, they would of killed us or hid us from the world or something!!" Alex told her with a straight face "you want my answer as honest as possible right?" Chloe answered him, "You know i do" Alex responded crying, "They are serial killers its hard to explain." Chloe's jaw dropped, "We have to call the police."

She laughed again, "lets not worry about any of this ok Alex you should get some sleep." As Chloe picked up the phone Alex had grabbed the phone and put it down and said, “The police already know about our parents.” Chloe yelled at Alex, "I WAS NOT GOING TO CALL THE COPS I WAS CALLING A FRIEND!!"

While Chloe and Alex slept, Angela was off in her car killing 2 people after robbing a store. Before Angela has arrived at the 24/7 mart, Chloe’s boyfriend Zach was robbing the store. As Stewart was giving out the cash. As Stewart was at gun point from Zach with an AK-47 in his hands, Zach kept repeating “PUT THE CASH IN THE BAG.”

Stewart put cash from the cash register and put cash in the bag, Angela and Chloe arrived. Before Stewart could finish with the cash. Angela pulls out a 9mm pistol and aims at Zach. As Angela pulled the trigger Zach quickly dove over the counter and grabbed Stewart. As the bullet hit Stewart. Zach puts his hands up and as he walks out, Angela says “GET ON THE GROUND” while holding them at gunpoint she quickly pulls out her badge. When Chloe sneaks out to the store she looks over and sees her mother holding her boyfriend at gunpoint.

As Zach was at gunpoint he pulls out his 50 caliber pistol to reload Chloe screams, “Mom?” Angela responds, “It- it’s not what it looks like” Chloe replies, “It sure as hell is what it looks like.”

So Angela pulls the trigger and puts Chloe in the car and drives home. Chloe cries and asks “Why did you do that?” “Why did you kill my boyfriend?” Angela responds back, “Because I had to Chloe!!”

As Chloe went silent, both Chloe and Angela got in the car. Chloe had slammed her door shut as Angela started the car to drive home. As Angela started the car she asked, "Do you understand why I killed him?" Chloe turned and faced the window. Angela tried to break the ice with Chloe and said, "He was about to shoot me and I wouldn't have been able to stop him."

Chloe turned to face Angela and said in a strict voice yelling at her, "YOU COULD HAVE ARRESTED HIM INSTEAD OF SHOOTING HIM!!" Chloe put her hands covering her face. Before Angela said another word to try and comfort Chloe, Chloe said, "Mom let's just go home." Angela said, "Ok!" with a smile and looked at Chloe to try to comfort her.

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