Can You Keep a Secret?

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chapter 3: mystery of the abandoned home nextdoor

Angela hit the the gas pedal and both Chloe and Angela had heard was, "Meow, Meow." Chloe looks to the back of the car, then looks out the window, then back at Angela during the ride home. But Before the ride home Angela hit the gas pedal. Angela opens her door and says, "Hang on Ill be right back."

Angela had opened the trunk with her car key and opened it. As Angela saw the cat she slowly grabbed the machete and cut the cats head off. "500th head for the basement, 2 heads over my record!!" Angela said excitedly while wiping her hands on her bloody hands on her pants.

Angela got back in the car and started to drive when Chloe had looked down to Angela's pants and asked, "Where did the blood come from?" Angela quickly looked over to Chloe with fear in her eyes and said, "From having to kill your boyfriend Hun." Chloe and had stopped at the closest store. As Angela had walked in over the speaker she heard, “We are closing in 2 hours.” Angela and Chloe had looked at each other then resumed shopping.

In the middle of grabbing some boxes of cereal both Chloe and Angela had heard over the speaker, “finish up your shopping because the Health Inspector is coming in 3 hours here at your Sonoma Walgreens.” By the time the man on the speaker had gotten done explaining about the reason why the Health Inspector was coming to their local Walgreens, 2 hours had passed and the store had been closed.

As Chloe and Angela got home and started putting away the groceries, there was a knock on the door. Chloe opened the door, “May i help you sir?” The Detective asked for Angela. As Angela got to the door the Detective walked inside the doorway.

“I am detective Joshua Smith here to ask you some questions.” Angela answered Detective Smith, “Go right ahead.” As Detective Smith was starting to ask his first question he pulled out his Walkman and started to record. As the Walkman was recording he said, “This is Detective Smith, and this is Angela Cheval and she is here with us to answer a few questions about the abandoned house next door.” Detective Smith pulled a few papers out of his bag.

“Okay question 1 what year did your husband get together?”

“Jessie and I got together in June of 1942”

“How long were you and Jessie Cheval married for?”

“Are you asking for until now?”

“Yes mam how long before you signed the divorce papers which i will ask on that after you end up telling me the answer to that.”

“Well that would be 25 years.”

“And if I may be correct of what I have been told you signed the divorce papers last week?”

“You are correct, I just need the signature from Jessie then I need him at the courthouse by the right date and time.”

“The jailhouse will speak to him about that”

“Ok, so what is the next question sir?”

“I have 3 more questions for you mam.”

“Ok ask away.”

Before Detective Smith asked the next question he spoke into the Walkman, “These last 3 questions are about the abandoned house next door to the Chevals.” Detective Smith resumed his questions.

“Ok so, when did you all move in your home?”

“We moved in a month after we met.”

“We met, since my parents save up enough money for me to own this home.”

The Health Inspector parked in the parking lot all of a sudden the Health Inspector had brought it to everyone’s attention as he was holding a bottle of Jameson whiskey in his hand and he said, “I am inspector Jim.” He took a sip as the bottle was half empty. He resumed, “I am here to inspect this store.” Stephen the manager of Walgreens told Jim with a stern and serious look, “I want you to leave before I call the police to both arrest you and assist you.”

Jim had told Stephen, “I am not drunk.” Jim hiccuped and then resumed speaking, “I am sober now nobody is on board with health inspections but me.”

Before Jim could finish speaking Stephen had asked as nice as he could before yelling at Jim, “may I see your license?” Jim got in his car, buckled his seat belt, opened a bottle of liquor and drove off.

At that moment the police arrived. One officer walked to Stephen and pulled out a small notebook. Angela looked at the car, then looked at Chloe, then with fear Angela said, “We have got to go.”

“But mom I have not grabbed what I need for my project.” As Chloe whined, Angela told Chloe “you are very lucky I know this store like the back of my hand.”

Chloe had asked Angela, “mom how do you know thi-” Before Chloe could finish Angela told her with a serious but scared look on her face, “Look we will grab the stuff.” Angela had given a pause then resumed, “Then you and me both get the hell out of here got it!”

Chloe had asked Angela, “Got it! But don’t you have to sneak me in then I get in the car and we leave to go home?” Angela told Chloe, “We will take this one step at a time.” As Angela was teaching Chloe how to rob Walgreens. Jessie had raped a 17 year old brunette girl.

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