Can You Keep a Secret?

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Chapter 4: The rescue

The 17 year old girl was tied up in a chair with tape on her mouth. As Jessie got close she started to scream. Jessie yelled, “Do not make a sound got it!!” She nodded,“Mm hmm.” Jessie lifted up her skirt and started to rub her inner thigh. Before Jessie touched more of her, James walked up behind Jessie pulled out his .50 pistol and whacked him in the back of the head.

As Jessie fell, James had untied her out of the chair. James looked at her and asked, “what is your name?” She looked up and answered James back, “My names Mia.” James walked out the door and ran. He ran next door to the Chevals. James knocked on the door.

Chloe answered the door, “Hey James what’s up?” James answered Chloe as he looked sad, “Not good wheres Alex?” Chloe looked over too Alex sitting on the couch. Chloe yelled, “ALEX!!” Alex had jumped to his feet looked over to Chloe talking to James at the door. "So James, here is my bitchy brother see ya round." Chloe said sarcastically.

Alex asked James, "Whats up James?" as he waved James inside. James answered Alex with a concerned look on his face, "Your father had this girl beneath her chair and wants more girls to rape." James asked Alex, "What do I do?"

"Where so we can call the cops?"

"Next door that's where your dad is staying."

"Alright do not tell Chloe she will get more worried than me."


Alex picked up the phone to dial, "Are you sure?" James answered Alex, "YES!! that's where the screaming you heard was coming from it's Mia from high school Jessie had her but she ran home after I set her free."

There was a knock on the door. Alex walks over to the door, he looks through the small hole on the door it was detective Joshua. He opens the door, "your back my mother is not here if that's what you're wondering. " Detective Joshua said with a stern look on his face then leaned over, "I'm looking for you Alex."

He pulls out his Walkman. Alex starts to speak, "Stop right there and ask your questions without the Walkman." The detective pulled out a piece paper and a pen. Detective Joshua told Alex, "I got three questions to ask you." Alex told him with a stern look, "Look i got shit to do you've come earlier than when you were supposed to be here so just ask them."

"Question one, do you know about the missing girls that all of a sudden are missing?"

"Yes my father has them."

"Question two, do you know where they are?"

"Well they are in the abandoned house next door."

"Final question, do you know about an estimate of how many girls Jessie has raped?"

"About 2,500 girls, but two pregnant who had their children aborted names I don't know."

"Is that all detective?" Alex asked with a serious look on his face. Detective Joshua answered him and asked, "Yes that's all, do you have any questions for me?" Ales answered him, "yes I do." Before the detective could speak. James looked over and nodded at Alex to tell him it's ok to ask the question. Alex cleared his throat "Ahem Ahem!!" Alex resumed asking his question, "Can I call the cops on m y father or do i call you since he was about to rape a female?"

James answered his question, "Because of this case, you have to call me so your father can't deny any allegations or his arrestation will be longer." Alex asked the detective, "So he can get arrested from you not the cops since the cops can't do anything?" James answered him again, "Well with a warrant of course but I have more facts than the cops can be able to get and write down on this case." Alex asked the detective one last question before he left. "So the cops can't do much with a warrant you have more power than the cops?"

James answered the question for the detective, "you are correct Alex." the detective asked both James and Alex as he grabbed his papers putting them in order back in his suitcase, "anymore questions?" James and Alex both said, "nope!!" James opened the door and the detective said, "Have a good night folks!" Both Alex and James said, "You too!!" James shut the door and talked to Alex about what is going on so far. Alex was hoping his parents would get arrested.

As Detective Joshua was walking home from his last clients house, Jessie was raping a 12 year old brunette. James walked back inside the basement and hit Jessie with the ladder next to him and took him out by his left side.

James bent down to hit hit him in the back of the head with his .50 pistol. Jessie had fell back. The victim walked up to James and said, "Thank you by the way."

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