Can You Keep a Secret?

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Chapter 5: The instructions

Jessie started writing a list of things done before the raping could begin. The list read:

Rope is in the back of the van

Buy extra mattresses

Buy more ammo for double barrel shotgun on the wall in the closet upstairs incase they run

After James read the list that Jessie had written for him, Heaven tapped on James’s right shoulder, “You’re not really going to get those, are you sir?” As James looked over he noticed who she was. James could have gotten the things needed for Jessie but he didn’t.

Of course James knew who she was and even though he had shown it to Jessie, Jessie had asked James “Well what do you think?” James had answered Jessie with a very stern but shaky voice, “W- Well you want to know what I think.” Before James could finish speaking Jessie had answered him with a bold voice. “YEAH I DO!!!” James resumes speaking with a bold stern voice.

“WHAT I THINK IS BOTH YOU AND THIS THING IS SO FUCKED UP!!” As James walked towards the basement door he said, “what you are doing is fucked up.” Before James left He said with a calm voice, “Come on Heaven.” He gave a pause, “Well all of the girls let’s go get y’all home.” As James and all the girls Jessie had kidnapped were leaving Jessie had grabbed his youngest.

The girl Jessie had grabbed was between the ages of 10 to 14. She screamed as Jessie was trying to hold her down to try to rape her. Before Jessie could even bend her over to touch her, James had run back in the basement in time to try and hit Jessie with the butt of his .50 pistol. But before James had hit Jessie, Jessie had quickly let go of her and quickly grabbed the .50 pistol and ripped it out of Jame’s hand.

Jessie looked at the Heavens legs and said, “Oh Heaven!!” Heaven quickly turned around to look back at Jessie, as she turned facing him, Alex had both aimed and pulled the trigger twice, one shot to both of his knees. Jessie let go of Heaven and she fell and hit her head on the cement floor, as she hit her head she had been knocked out cold. Once Heaven had hit the floor James had knocked out Jessie with a few punches to the face and a roundhouse kick to the gut. Jessie had flung and hit his back on the cement wall. That had given James enough time to pick up Heaven and carry her over his shoulder.

Therefore while putting Heaven in his van James said, “Somebody fix her head quick before she bleeds to death while I go take care Jessie.” Outside of the basement appeared Jessie crawling on his hands and knees. At this point James turned around, and ran up to Jessie he realized he had to call the cops. As James was trying to quickly figure out what to do the police had arrived.

James went to pick up Jessie, before James had walked up to Jessie the sheriff that had arrived responded to the scene and said, “I can take it from here.” James said, “Ok I’m going to take the victims to their homes.” the sheriff had asked, “Do you know who these kids are?” James had answered the officer with a serious but calm look on his face.

“I know there parents sir, after I drop them off I will give you all of the information that I know.” The sheriff had answered James with a laugh, “Well you need my card.” Once both James and the sheriff had finished the conversation, the sheriff had given James his card. James and the Sheriff shook hands and got in their cars and drove off. James had started driving and said, “Time to drop all 25 of you girls home.” Heaven woke up, “Where are we?” mia answered her very abrasively, “We are in James van going to our homes.”

“That’s right.” James said with a big smile on his face. On the other hand the sheriff had told Jessie, “I thought I could trust you.” As the sheriff had finished speaking Jessie had laughed very hysterically on his way to his prison cell. As Jessie was walking towards his prison cell laughing an inmate had punched him in the face and as the inmate punched him he had cried. All the inmates had yelled back, “OH SHUT THE HELL UP!!” the guard had looked away making it look as if nothing had even happened. Jessie had gotten up, walked to his cell and layed down to sleep, but Big Bubba had walked in. Big Bubba had said to Jessie, “I heard you like younger girls.” Before Jessie could start to speak Big Bubba had said with a smile on his face, “Let’s play.” Big Bubba was six foot seven and three hundred and 50 pounds.

As Big Bubba tried to have sex with Jessie, Jessie had tried to choke Big Bubba. Big Bubba told Jessie, “That’s not how we play around here.” So then Big Bubba had raped Jessie and then two hours later Big Bubba had told Jessie as he was balling his eyes out from being raped, “see you tomorrow morning at eight.” All the inmates looked at Jessie and laughed. During Jessie’s first week back that is all they would talk about. Meanwhile, Alex was starting college at Sonoma State, he had gotten a call from James.

It’s been a couple years, it is now September 11th 1944. Alex was going to college for two years now and he is in his third semester of college at Sonoma State. He went to his classes never skipped until Jessie had a court case on all the victims he had kidnapped and raped. Alex was in his dorm room doing his homework and listening to music until his phone rang. Alex paused his music, looked at his phone and noticed it was a private number.

So he shrugged his shoulders and thought to himself, “If this was really important they would leave a message.” Alex had resumed his music then resumed working.

His phone had rung again once more. Alex answered the phone, “Hello!” The Sonoma County Superior court had asked, “Is this Alex cheval?” Alex answered back asking, “Yeah this is Alex who am I speaking with?” The Sonoma County Court had answered, “you are speaking with the Sonoma County Superior Court!?” Alex asked “I’m guessing you guys are wondering when I am free?”

As Alex made an appointment to see his father in court, His other phone rang. So Alex had finished his conversation with the Sonoma Superior Court and answered the other phone. Alex asked, “Hello who am i speaking with?” As Alex was about to hang up with a nervous whisper she asked, “I- Is this Alex Cheval?” Before Alex could start to answer he had heard an officer tell her, “Wrap it up Linda!!” Alex had heard her name then hung up.

Alex had yelled, “OH HELL NO!!” In the meantime, Alex’s teacher Mr. Stern was outside the door. Alex was sitting on his bed crying, As Alex was crying there was a knock on the door. He got up, wiped his nose, and wiped his eyes. Then he opened up the door, “What is wrong?” Mr. Stern had asked Alex with a concerned look on his face.

Alex answered him, “Oh nothing.” Mr. Stern looked at Alex and asked, “Do you have a pen and paper anywhere?” Alex answered him very nervously, “Yeah right here.” Before Mr. Stern got up out of the chair and left, Alex asked him, “Why did you give me your phone number?” Mr Stern answered him, “please call me Robert!!” Alex asked him, ``Well Robert you still haven’t answered my question.” Mr. Stern had answered him, “Only for if you need anything!!” Alex told Mr. Stern, “That is creepy, don’t do this” Robert gave Alex the craziest look and said, “Ok I won’t do it.”

As Robert left Alex’s dorm, Alex was scratching his head only because he had noticed a bag of marijuana outside his door. Mrs Ashton had knocked on his door. With the best greeting he can give for the teacher he doesn’t like he says, “Come In!!” Mrs Ashton walked in, “Is this bag of marijuana yours?” Alex answered her, “No mam that is not mine I can’t smoke.” Mrs Ashton walks out of the room, shuts the door and confiscates Alex’s friend James. By the time Mrs Ashton shut Alex’s door, Alex quickly texted his best friend and said, “Mrs Ashton is on her way to your room, you have to deny the bag man.”

After Alex hung up the call James was confused at first then he realised he had given the bag to Alex. Mrs Ashton knocked on James’ door. James had asked, “Who is it?” Mrs Ashton said, “It’s Mrs Ashton may I come in!!” James answers back, “Yes you may come in!!” Mrs. Ashton asked him “Where were you at the time of 8:30 tonight?” “It is 8:30 mam.” James answered her very confused trying to figure out why he was there.

Mr. Ashton said, “What I meant to say was 2:30 I apologize.” James said, “It’s ok I was in math doing the work they gave me.” James gave Mrs. Ashton a very confused look, “What are you trying to accuse me of?” The next morning Angela and Chloe had gotten home, Angela had opened the door, the note read:

Mom, If you see this I’m out to go find Chloe, I will be back as soon as possible. I have made dinner, I put your plate in the microwave so you can eat it when you feel up to it, also dad has been arrested again.

Ps, Mom I know what you and dad have done for the last 20 years of my life and the 16 years of Chloes and You bet your ass I’m going to tell Chloe everything about you both I don’t care even if it kills me.

After the note was read Angela stared at the note with fear. “Mom what did you do?” Angela replied, “I don’t know” Angela responded even though she did know but she doesn’t want to tell Chloe because if she told her she knew she would lose her too. “Mom, are we a mob family?” Chloe asked. Angela replied back with a laugh, “No we aren’t why?” “Well” Chloe responded, “Well what?” YOU WERE NOT SUPPOSED TO SEE WHAT WENT ON!!!” As Angela screamed.

“Go to your room” Angela said as calmly as she could get. Before she had started to yell, Chloe cried and ran upstairs. But before Chloe slammed the door all Chloe could get out of her mouth was “I can’t wait for what Alex has to say” Angela went to the microwave, heated up the food and went to turn on the tv but as soon as she grabbed the remote there was a knock on the door. It was the same type of knock but in a different form of sound. “It’s probably the damn kids.”

“Angela” Jessie yelled. Angela looked out the window and saw Jessie. So Angela opened up the window. Jessie climbed in, and Angela looked at him with the pissed off look she gave Jessie when he got arrested the first time. “What did you tell Alex?” Angela asked, “Nothing why?” Jessie replied. “Well, somehow Alex knows about what we do” Angela responded back with an angry look on her face. Before Jessie could get any words out of his mouth to answer her back Alex had walked in the door.

“Mom, Dad where’s Chloe? I have to speak with her?” Alex asks as nice as he could before he yelled at Angela. “Chloe is upstairs, why do you ask?” Angela responded with the scared look in her eyes as she’s covered in blood from when she shot Chloes boyfriend because of the argument they had before she shot him.

Alex goes upstairs and knocks on Chloe’s door but before he could knock he hears Chloe scream. “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH” Alex kicks open the door but as soon as the door opens he sees his best friend James dragging her out the window. All Alex could do is call his parents upstairs but before he called his parents he ran to the window.

As soon as he had gotten to the window James was gone. “What’s wrong with our family?” Alex had asked himself. Alex rushed down the stairs and opened the door but before he could stick one foot out the door he saw james's white Armstrong Siddeley Tempest drive past the house. So Alex got in his car and started it up and started to hit the gas. When he noticed Chloe climbing out of the back of James’s truck, Alex had sped up the car and hit the back and he waved for Chloe to jump.

Chloe jumped and hit the hood of Alex’s red Aero Minor, Alex rolled down the car window so that Chloe could get in. As soon as Chloe had gotten in, Alex had asked “what happened?” Chloe had Responded “I don-” before she could finish, Chloe got shot. So Alex yelled “WHY JAMES, WHY?” James responded, “Because if I can’t have her” as he snuffed his nose and wiped it. “Then nobody can” as Alex went to put the key to start the car. Chloe’s final words before she died was “I called him over”

Once Chloe had died, James pulled the gun up to his head and before he could pull the trigger he got down on his knees and said, “I don’t deserve to live” with the tears coming out of his eyes. Alex got out of his car and went to James. Alex said “I know you did not mean to shoot Chloe, but hey everything will be ok i can get you help” James responds back “What if I don’t want help?” “What if” but before he could finish the sheriff had come by to see what was going on. But before the sheriff could see.

James got up, got in his car, shut the door and drove off. Before the sheriff had asked him what happened Alex had thought to himself “Why did Chloe call James over?” Alex had thought to himself again “Why did James” but before he could finish his thought he had got asked by the officer ``Will you follow me to the police station?” Alex had responded “yes sir.” as Alex got to the police station explaining what had happened, Angela and Jessie got arrested.

After Alex had given them all the information he knew, he drove home and thought about what just happened and realised he had finally done it. He had gone to bed but by the next day his phone rang he had gotten the job offer. “My dream has come true, I’m finally a Psychiatrist.”

Alex had gotten asked “Can you start Monday?” Alex responded, “yes i can”

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