Can You Keep a Secret?

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Chapter 6: The crush of steel

A year had passed, it is now 1947. His phone rings it’s officer James Mercuda. “Is this Alex Cheval?”

“Yes, it is who am I speaking with?”

“This is officer James Mercuda, we have some bad news”

He gave a pause. He said, “Alex your mother Angela has died.” Alex starts to cry. "How- how did she die? and what about my father?” he had asked.

“He has a court case coming up in november because of what he did, and your mother she died of brain cancer.”

“When is his court case? and she never was really around to tell me”

“His court case is november 11th”

“Ok thank you, when is her burial”

“Your welcome and its tomorrow.”

A couple of months flew by. It is now october 11th it is cold and chilly. The bars are closed, he gets ready for work. Once he leaves the house to his car this woman talks to him. He knew who she was, she was the woman from a hit tv show Gigolo Tron. He knew her from movies too like the King of the Naked Mole Rats. But she began to speak “Hey” Alex replied back with, “hey whats up”

She asks him “Are you a psychiatrist?” Alex responds, “Yes I am why you need one?” he replies. “Yes I do when can I get in?” Alex says, “I am on my way to my office now.” she responds, “ok great!” Alex asks, “Are you Vanessa Vergottini?”

She replies back “Yes I am why?” Alex responds “Only because you are mostly known here in the town of Sonoma!” Alex had also said, “ And welcome to Sonoma”

“Thank you” Vanessa had responded back. As Alex brought Vanessa to his office and they spoke about how she knew him. Both Alex and Vanessa talked about her nightmares.

"Alex?" she asked. "yes Vanessa" Alex answered back. "I've been seeing things in my dreams"


"You cutting your fingers off"

"When did this all happen?"

"Last night"

"Do you have any thoughts of harming yourself or anyone else?"

Before Vanessa answered Alex's question She stared off to the distance and she screamed. "What's wrong?" Alex asked.

"You did not just see that snake on the wall?" She pointed to the wall of her imagination, it was a 5 headed animal with a snake looking body. She could not figure out the heads, Vanessa was petrified.

"No i did not, i'm guessing you see snakes in your nightmares?"

"yes i do every night and i'm scared as all hell."

Before Alex said another word Vanessa asked, "How much time is left in this session?"

"I'm afraids our times up we can see eachother next wednesday if that works."

"Yeah that's good." Vanessa got up and walked out the door, Alex got up to shut the door. But as he got up a thick steel metal bar has flung from the ceiling and took out Alex by the back of his legs. "FUCK!!!" Alex screamed. Alex reached in his pocket and pulled out his phone. "Can anything get much worse my god."

Alex had thought to himself. Alex started to dial, his phone has fallen out of his pocket. Vanessa opened up the door and walked in, she had shut the door then looked over. Vanessa looked at Alex and asked, "Are you ok?" Alex responded "Yes i'm good just some broken bones and a thick steel bar on my legs so yes i'm good."

Vanessa started to pull out her phone. there was a knock on the door. "HE'S IN HERE!!" the Firefighter yelled. 6 Firefighters rushed in Alex's office. all six firefighters start to lift the thick steel bar off his legs. "Are you ready?" One firefighter said. Alex answered him, "Yeah just do it." The firefighters started to count, "One, two, three, lift!!"

As the fire fighters started to lift the bar started to slip through their hands. "Aaaagggghhhh!!" One fire fighter said as he was in agonizing pain. all they could hear was, "CRACK" the other firefighters backs broke.

Alex started to slide out of the way and limped out the door. He screamed, "MEDIC, MEDIC,MEDIC!!!!!" The medic looked at Alex. The medic asked, "What's wrong?" Alex pointed in fear and started to stutter, "Th- th- there stuck!!" The medic ran towards Alex's office. The medic called and asked for three ambulances.

As the ambulances were on their way, Alex limped to his car and fixed his leg, then drove home to go to sleep. As he was driving he thought to himself, "What made the ceiling drop a thick steel bar to swing and hit the back of my legs?" as he got home, he pulled his car in the drive way and parked his car.

Alex walked out of his car and pulled out his keys and put them in the door, he unlocked the door then walked in. Alex shut and door and locked it. He walked upstairs to Chloes bedroom and opened the door to check on her after having a stressful long day. Alex looked at Chloe as she was sleeping happily he then shut her bedroom door.

Alex walked to his bedroom, opened then shut the door so he could change. Alex shut the door and changed into a pair of his striped pajamas then left the door ajar a crack. Alex turned on the heat since it was chilly from being outside. Alex then plopped on his bed. Alex then cried himself to sleep.

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