Can You Keep a Secret?

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Chapter 7: Phobias

The next day Alex's alarm clock went off "Beep, Beep,Beep." Alex opened and wiped his eyes and said "It's 6 o'clock already!" Alex got up went in the shower walked out the door, locked the door behind him then pulled out his keys to unlock his car and drove to his office.

Once Alex got to his office he both walked up to and asked her a question, “I know we just met and you’re my client and all but will you be friends with me?” Vanessa replies back, “yes, yes i will” “In fact that is why I came down here because i know who you are since we were kids”

“Really?” Alex responds back. “Where did we go to school, highschool to be exact?” Alex had asked to see if both Vanessa and him go back since they were kids.. Vanessa responds “here in Sonoma, Sonoma Valley High!!” “Don’t you remember silly we had the same math class and the same teacher Mrs. Vulpis. ”

As Alex tried to remember very hard, a spider came down and scared Vanessa so much that she ended up in his arms. “Umm” Alex said very awkwardly. “Oh sorry” Vanessa said apologizing in a very nervous way brushing her hair to the side. “Do you need a ride?” Alex asked. “No I don’t but thank you for asking” Vanessa said with a stressed look on her face before she got in her car and drove home. But before she starts to drive home, Vanessa rolls down her car window and says, “See you next week” Alex replies, “See you next week.”

Alex gets in his car and drives home. He unlocks his door and makes dinner. After dinner he changes and goes to bed. Once he lays down, He wakes up and checks his clock. It reads 3:00 am. He goes to call his counselor but his phone does not ring. He tries again. No answer, he hears a voice in his basement. "GET OUT!!" The voice sounds like Chloe, Alex walks towards the noise then it stops.

He hears the noise again, "GET OUT!!" The voice gets louder and louder, and his heart beats louder and faster. The louder the voice is the faster his heart beats. The voice keeps repeating in a demonic voice “GET OUT.” The voice repeats again “GET OUT.” Alex turns around and goes to run, he sees Chloe chasing after him with a knife. Alex trips over a wire in the living room with axes swinging in the kitchen and before she stabs him he wakes up.

He looks over it’s 9:00 am then check the calendar it reads: saturday November 10th Saturday, “Well, time to get up and go see dad” Alex gets in his car and leaves for the police station. He signs the clipboard pulls a number, and waits to be called until his father walks out and says, “Son I need to tell you something about your long lost cousin.” Before he resumed, Alex replied, “I already know, he is a serial killer just like you and mom.”

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