Can You Keep a Secret?

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Chapter 8: The visit

It is now November 11th, 1943 Alex enters the courtroom. Alex sees his father enter the courtroom and sits down. “All rise.” The judge enters, “Alright, you may all sit down.” James walks in and whispers, “where is your father?” Alex responds, “he’s the accused the one on the right.” James responds, ``What did he do?” Alex replies, “I’ll tell you after this is over for today”

Alex’s father gets called up. So Jessie stands up, puts his left hand on the book, holds his right hand up and gets asked. “Do you solemnly swear (or affirm) that you will well and truly try this case before you, and a true verdict renders, according to the law, so help you god? (oath to jurors on trial) You have the right to remain silent. Anything you do or say will be recorded against you in the court of law”

Jessie repeats and says, “I do.” Then he sits down. The verdicts lawyer came up to him and asked, “Where were you on october 31st of 1937?” Jessie answers to the best of his ability trying to remember as quickly as he could. “Well, I was in my home comforting my wife who is now dead.”

The verdicts lawyer asks, “Are you sure?” Jessie responds “I’m positive.” The verdicts lawyer responds, “I think Mr. Deangelo thinks otherwise.” Jessie Chevals lawyer responds to the objection!” The judge responds, “overruled” Mr. Deangelo’s lawyer Justin fort Hemsworth responds, “ So help me god!” He asks again “I may ask you one more time, WHERE WERE YOU on October 31st on the date of 1937?” almost yelling. Jessie answers, being honest this time. “Alright, alright” as he sobs in tears. “I killed my best friend and his group of people.”

They run out of time. The judge says this case is in recess until next thursday.” Alex asks James, “Would you like a ride home before I go visit my father in the station?” James replies, sure and you said you would tell me what your father did in 1937 to know why he’s in court?”

As Alex starts the car since we are running out of time I will talk to you about it on the phone.” “Ok?” James responds, “Ok” James gets home waves to him goodbye and tells him, “goodluck next thursday on the 14th” Alex waves back and replies, “thank you.”

Alex starts his car, hits the gas, and takes off and heads towards the police station. When Alex gets to the police station he sees both officers that greeted him a year ago. Alex responds, “Officer Mercuda and Officer Francesco” Officer Francesco replies, “What’s up kid” Alex responds, “I’m here to see my father”

Officer Mercuda replies, “What is your number?” he gives a pause. “Is your number 27?” Alex replies, “Why yes it is why” As Officer Francesco leaves to go home, Officer Mercuda puts his hand on Alex’s shoulder and starts to laugh. Officer Mercuda says, “Well”

He starts to laugh again “You are the only one that has come here, but that’s besides the point right this way to your father” Alex enters through the metal detector and he sees his father. Jessie says “Alex welcome i have missed you”

Alex responds, “Yeah right dad” Alex asked, “Dad why did you kill those people in the past?” Jessie responds, “That doesn’t matter now.” he chuckled a little while he bit his food that just came to his cell. Then Jessie resumes “all that matters is that you’re here now.”

Alex replies, “If you can’t answer my questions then im leaving” Jessie responds, “OK, OK look i killed them because.” then he just laughed. Alex starts to yell, “NO YOU LOOK” the guard replies, “kid calm down or i will have you either leave or be escorted”

Alex responds, “Ok, Ok i’m calm” the guard replies, “Good” Alex asks Jessie, “Why did you kill those people?” Jessie replies, ’ I killed those people because they owed me money.” Jessie asks Alex, Is that all you wanted to know?” Alex responds, “That’s it for now”

Alex leaves, Jessie yells, “WAIT!!” But as he had gotten done Alex had already left and drove his car home. As Alex had walked in the door he had heard the missed messages play. The messages were from his counselor. They said: Hey this is Chris banks your counselor, this is very important give me a call back when you get this message.” Alex picked up the phone and called back. There was no answer so he left him a message saying,“Hey Chris you called please call me back once you get this message.”

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