Can You Keep a Secret?

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Chapter 9: The appointment

Alex called back to schedule an appointment. It is now Thursday the 14th of November, a week after the first court date to see if Jessie either gets locked up for life, or be able to get out of jail and get home. Alex visits his father again. “Dad please don’t try and lie tomorrow like you did last week.” Jessie responds, “OK I won’t”

The weather is freezing and the first Snow had happened. As Alex looked out the window in disbelief he asked, “you promise” Jessie responded, “I promise.” Alex replies, “alright dad, I gotta go to my counseling appointment” “Bye” Jessie responded, “bye” Alex left the police station and entered his counseling office. The counselor comes out and says, “Alex.” Alex replies, “right here.” The counselor Chris responds, “Alrighty right this way.”

Alex enters the room. Chris walks in and replies, “Welcome to Twice The State of mind Therapy.” Alex responds, “Thank you, now I have made an appointment because I have woken up with the strangest nightmare and it scared me.” Chris replies, “Go on.” Alex responds, “Well this nightmare started when I got home after I witnessed my sister’s death.” Chris replies, “describe the nightmare that you had that made you call right away.”

Alex responds, “In the nightmare I had just gotten home and I heard my sisters voice.” Chris asked, “And this is unusual for you.” Alex answers, “Yes, very unusual.” Chris replies, you can keep describing the nightmare if you feel comfortable.” Alex responds, “I walk towards the noise, i could not recognize the voice at first, but i had heard it again, It was my sister’s voice!!” Alex said very scared and traumatized from witnessing his sisters death. Chris asked, “and how could you possibly know it was your sisters voice?” Alex answered Chris with a stern and bold voice, “LOOK IF YOU LIVED WITH A PERSON LONG ENOUGH THEN YOU WOULD KNOW THEIR VOICE.” Chris replies, “you have to Calm down a bit Alex, but you may resume describing the nightmare, again if you feel comfortable.” Alex nods his head then resumes, “Then her voice I could be wrong but, It turned to this demonic voice it said, GET OUT.”

“Then this voice has repeated itself but louder GET OUT my heart was beating faster and faster as the louder it got.” Chris asks, did you try drinking warm milk to try and fall back asleep?” Alex answered, “No i haven’t because after this nightmare ended i woke up at 9:00 this morning, then I just stayed up” Chris replies, “you may resume.”

Alex resumes, “I forgot to mention that when i had walked in the door it was 3:00 am after I had looked at the alarm clock.” Chris responds, “Ok go on.” He said with the confused look on his face while trying to figure out what to do with Alex to try and help.

Alex resumes again, “After the demonic voice kept repeating, get out I turn and try to run to the door.” Chris asks, ``Would you like to stop here and wait until next week to finish?” as he has noticed the fear in Alex’s eyes while Alex was describing the nightmare. Alex answers with fear trying to calm down, ”Nu-No I have to finish this nightmare to get this off my chest.”

Chris replies, “I figured I would ask but go on.” Alex resumes, “I trip over a wire, then my sister’s name was Chloe by the way. But she chases after me with a knife while axes were swinging in my kitchen.” Chris asks, “What happens next?” Aex answers, “She goes to stab me but before she did.” he gave a pause.

Then he finishes describing the nightmare. “I woke up.” Chris responds with advice, ”tonight try a warm cup of milk and see how it goes if you get another nightmare call me.” Chris handed Alex his card with his phone number on it. Ales replies, “Ok I will thank you.”

Alex looks at the clock it was 3:00 pm, he walks out of the building and goes to the parking lot. As soon as he reaches his car he sees Vanessa. Alex yelled, “Vanessa!!” Alex was yelling and waving while jumping up and down. Vanessa looks over and waves, Alex waved her over. Vanessa starts walking over while she checks the time. Janessa thought to herself, “what does Alex want?” With a laugh.

She checked the time again, and she thought “I have enough time.” she shrugged her shoulders and walked over. Vanessa replies, “What’s up!” with a big smile on her face. Alex responds, “I figured I would say hi and see what’s going on.” Vanessa replies, “guess what.” as she is still smiling while jumping up and down with joy. Alex responds, “what.” Vanessa replies, “I got the job eeeeeee!!!” Alex replies, “congrats see I knew you could do it.” As he compliments her with joy. While Alex was talking to Vanessa he blacked out.

He was seeing these humongous, scaley, slimey, green eyed, black Mamba slithering at him. He was imagining three at once. They circled around him over, and over again. Until one of the snakes had bitten him he started dying because all that venomin one bite had shot right up to his brain.

Alex woke up but this time he had woken up in a hospital bed in the emergency room with Vanessa right next to him. Alex started to speak but in a stuttery voice he said,“Wha-Wha-What the hell happened!!” Alex replied with fear, as the Dr. walked in. “Hi my name is Dr. Clouse.” Both Alex and Vanessa shake his hand.

Dr. House replies, “If you need anything you have that nurse button on your remote” he replied with a smile. “If you need me I will be out there seeing other patients.” Dr. Clouse walks out of the room, and shuts the door. Alex asks Vanessa, “What the hell happened?” Vanessa answers, “You waved me over in the parking lot, then we were talking about my new job as a chemist and all of a sudden you passed out.”

Alex turns on the news. He sees footage of a plane had crashed after taking off. He noticed where and who it was. He had heard on the news, “Wladyslaw Sikorski has just crashed after taking off right over in poland. that’s your news here on Global 4.” Alex changes the channel and it repeats the same sentence he had heard.

Except this time they are explaining what had happened. “Welcome to channel 2 news this is just in, Władysław Sikorski has just died at the age of 62 right in Poland.” Alex looked in shock when a dead body was rolled away in a hospital bed outside his room. Alex looked back at the tv and he heard, “It is now July fourth 1943, Sikorski was just taking off in his liberator transport plane in his military base in Gibraltar Poland after his tour in Britain when all of a sudden he has crashed”

Alex starts to fall asleep while Vanessa starts to talk to Alex, he passed out. Vanessa turns off the television and turns on the radio. As soon as she turns on the radio she hears, “this is just in we have gotten a call back and so we have been told that there were more people on that plane.”

He gives a pause. Then he replies, “The people on that transport plane were 5 people both men and women.” He gives another pause. Then he responds, “There were.” he starts to list them. “There was.” As he coughs, “excuse me there was the pilot, four of his aids whom we can not mention and himself Wladyslaw Sikorski.”

Then before he goes to a break on playing music he replies, “This is the breaking news on The Golden age station on 102.9 and this is John Siquinski.” Then Vanessa played her favorite song Pistol Packin Mama by her favorite singer Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters.

When she starts playing the song she sings along. Alex woke up and heard her amazing voice say, "Oh, lay that pistol down, babe Lay that pistol down, Pistol packing mama, Lay that pistol down" As soon as Vanessa had finished singing the song, she noticed Alex with his camera.

“Will you put that damn camera away.” Vanessa replied so nervously as she blushed. As Alex was about to tell her a joke but the ct scan technician walked in. He asked, “Is this Alex Chevals room?” Alex answers him. “Yes it is,.” “I’m guessing you are here to take me down to get my cat scan done to see why I have blacked out” Alex has asked with confusion.

He answers, “Yes i am” then he asks with a happy but serious calm look on his face. He asked, “Are you ready to go?” Alex answers, “Sort of I have one more question” Alex looks at Vanessa then back at the technician, then back at Vanessa. Alex asks, “What is your name?” with enough confidence hoping he could guess right.

The technician answers, “Why don’t you guess if you guess right, I will pay your hospital bill.” Alex replies with confidence, “I get a total of four no five guesses.” The technician laughed and said “ok you get five guesses but if you lose you have to pay this hospital bill deal”

Alex replies, “deal.” they shake hands, Alex starts to guess. “John?” the technician replies back, “nope, would you like a hint?” He has asked to try and help Alex even though he was thinking of paying Alex’s bill to help Alex out. Alex thought for a moment, Then a few minutes went by. Alex guessed again, “Joseph?”

However, he was close. The technician replys, “Not even close, try again.” as he has said with confidence that Alex could get his name right. Alex had thought for a moment then replied, “I know, this is my third guess but” As Alex was about to speak Vanessa replied, “Alex you should know who this is” Vanessa told Alex with confidence. Alex guesses, “William yes I got it!”

“WOAH, way off the map of names here.” Alex, Vanessa and the technician laugh. Alex had thought a moment or two and tried again. “Robert, this has got to be it!!” Alex replied with less confidence as he had. The technician laughed and responded, “think a little harder, you can do it I believe in you.” After the technician had said that, Alex had thought to himself. “I have been told that before by James.”

Alex had thought to himself again and asked, “This could not be James Martin Opplus, is that it?” Alex guesses again, “James!” with the most confidence he has had in 5 years The technician replied, “Yup my name’s James and i know I have left you when I shot your sister.” Alex got in the wheelchair, and while Alex was getting wheeled down he asked “Why did my sister call you over?” James answered and replied, “she wanted to study.”

Alex and James enter the room of the cat scan machine and Alex lays down and stays still. He falls asleep. Soon after the cat scan is done, James takes Alex back up to his room and replies, “Look.” He had given a pause, “I thought we had been passed this from a while ago.” Alex replied back in anger, “No you look psychopath I don’t know why you shot my sister, but all I know” Alex gave a pause. “ALL I KNOW IS THAT YOU SHOT MY SISTER AND TRIED TO KIDNAP HER!!”

James replied very sincere as almost as if he was about to cry, “But you don’t have to put the blame on me.” James had yelled back, “I WANT YOU TO LEAVE RIGHT NOW, GET OUT!!” Alex replies, “Alright I will get out.” before Alex left the room he replied, “don’t come crawling to me if you are in danger” he leaves and slams the door.

After the hospital visit, Alex looked over to Vanessa and asked, “you ok?” Vanessa answers back with a smile, “I’ll be fine Al but thanks for asking.” Alex asked again hoping for sure she’s ok, “Are you sure you are ok?” Vanessa answers Alex back, “no im not ok I am a bit worried about what is going to happen right now.” Alex looks over at Vanessa and replies, “I will be ok.” As Alex had tried to cheer Vanessa up, a police man came walking in the door. It was Officer Mercuda he replied, “your father Jessie cheval is free.” Before Alex could say anything Officer Mercuda had left. Alex had cried with fear, "NOOO!!"

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