transported to the land of the snowy fang faced lizards

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fight the lizard creatures a dark story of horror from another world we set about in our quest to destroy evil and bring good to the world of the dark stories

Horror / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

Start writing here…The army of red lizards trap our body’s and push up the stairs of the mansion while smoke fills the entire room of torture. Once up the stairs we are taken towards another room of lights while the red lizards slowly crawl behind us.

A large red lizard then opens this black door to reveal a large room of ice and snow inside its terrifying interior. I hold a shocked luitent megs while the creatures begin to push our bodies inside the cold room of horror.

After a few minutes we begin to notice the room getting colder and strange creatures beginning to form in the cold ice of horror. The silver knight begins to notice the creatures are snow lizards with long white fangs of evil dripping down their white scale bodies.

The horses stand in front of me and luitent megs while the silver prince and his army try and fight off the creatures advance. A scared horses sets off the force field of safety while the creatures fangs begin to strike our shocked bodies of torture.

We mange to escape under the force field of safety while the white fanged lizards pull a few silver knights into their web of horror. the silver prince gasps in shock when tow of his knights are stuck on a cold icy wall of horror by the creatures from hell.

A shocking white lizard of horror then begins to open the knights body’s from top to bottom pulling out their intestines while we all turn away in disgust. I shield a shocked liutent megs eyes of torture while the creatures begin to prize open the knight beating heart and liver from their tortured bodies.

The silver prince shouts for the creatures to stop while they begin to slice of the knights heads with their white fangs of torture. All of a sudden another lizard with a large crown of frozen snakes walks into the icy room of horror and looks at our terrified bodies of torture.

At that moment the snowy lizards walk towards a cold icy wall following the larger king lizard with the crown of terror. We look with wide eyes of horror when the wall vanishes and we are inside another world of frozen hills and snowy blue lakes of mystery.

The creatures have vanished and we are left in another world of horrors in the freezing blue snow of torture. I stand and cuddle a shocked luitent megs while the horses, silver prince and his army walk in front looking inot the vast land of blue snow.
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