My Pretty Little Thing

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Book Two of the Haunted Diversity Series. I looked at her red eyes, her wide grin, with tears rolling down my face, I wrote the words she used to seal my fate. "My pretty little thing, I have found you". ***** Ivy is a girl trying to get used to her family's constant relocation due to her father's job. She stumbled upon a book her first night in their new house, a book that is better left burnt. Unknowingly, she awakes a demon that is hell-bent on making her soul hers. Going through countless terrifying events, would she be able to survive this nightmare or get lost in it alongside those that tried to help her?. Read and find out!. Edits and designs are made by me. The image used is copyrighted to its rightful owner.

Horror / Mystery
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SEPTEMBER 20, 2014.


That's all I could hear. The only sound that has birth itself and drove away all other sounds. It envelopes me and encircled round my world, trapping me in it. The room is dark, only a thin streak of moonlight creeped through the little space between the curtains. Everything is quiet,no noise, no chirping of the crickets...just silence. The silence is deafening, it hurts my eardrums.

The silence dragged on, trying to make me lose my mind in its deathly grasp. My heartbeat increased, blood rushing to my ears as adrenaline pumped into my blood. Every fiber of my being knows what is going to happen tonight. There was no turning back. All I could think of is the three words that keeps creeping into my mind, trying to tear down the walls I built around it.

She is coming.

My hands are trembling and I kept losing grip on the pen but I know I had to write, even if it's the last entry I'll ever be able to make. She'll make sure of that. The front door creaked open. I could hear the creaking from my room. Heavy footsteps dragged on the stairs, slowly in a dramatic way. There was no escape for me now, I have come to accept my fate.

The door to my room got kicked by her, creating a dent in the door as splinters flew across the room.

She is here.

My hands started trembling and shaking again of their own accord as I tried to stop it. I need to write this last words. She had cursed me alongside this book from the first day I mistakenly called her into this world.


The door of the closet I was hiding in creaked open slowly, her intoxicating scent reaching my nostrils before her gaze fell on me.

I know the words that would come out of her mouth next. The words that had sealed my fate, not giving me a chance to save myself. Words once said, would never leave you until you are just an empty shell, until you die completely.

I looked at her red eyes, her wide grin, with tears rolling down my face, I wrote the words she said to seal my fate.

"My pretty little thing, I have found you".

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